Athena K-36

Athena - K36

For sale through Sandeman please contact:
Iain McAllister
Sandeman Yacht Company
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It has been said that the most important of Tore Holm’s designs were to the International Rule, and ATHENA ex ILDERIM might be case in point – with her stunning all varnished hull and designer’s signature rounded forward end of the cabin top; she beat many of the fastest 8’s in the Mediterranean immediately before the Second World War. Perhaps ATHENA’s beauty has seduced her owners ever since as she has regularly raced internationally on the 8-Metre circuit and has benefited from an impressive maintenance regime in her last two ownerships.

If ever there was an International 8-Metre you might want to cruise as well as race – ATHENA might well be the boat – perhaps more weatherly than some in her fleet and with an alloy rig in her inventory – you would have to be tempted!

Having bought the boat in the autumn of 2006, our first racing season was 2007. In that year, we took her to the Clyde to take part in the Centennial World Cup. She later competed at World Cup regattas at Hyeres (2009), Cowes (2012), La Trinite (2014), Hanko (2017) and Cowes, again, in 2019. Fortunes varied, but with an amateur ethos in the crew we have thoroughly enjoyed sailing this beautiful boat against the best in the World. She has also taken part in the Panerai Classic series in the Solent for the last ten years.

ATHENA has been sailing and racing pretty well continuously ever since she was built, but she has nevertheless had two major refits. The first of these was in her home country of Sweden over the period 1985-1989, and the second was shortly after arriving in the UK in 2002. Since 2006, she has been boat-yard maintained, initially by the Metre Shed at Universal Boatyard, Hamble, and latterly by Lallows at Cowes. Both these yards have highly professional and experienced wooden boat building personnel, and she has spent every winter out of the water and under cover.

ATHENA was designed and built as ILDERIM in 1939 to 3rd International Rule for Swedish banker Marcus Wallenberg Jr at Tore Holm's Gamleby yard, Sweden. Wallenburg had been disappointed in his attempt at the 1936 Olympic title: sailing the previous ILDERIM, a politically influenced decision had found him relegated from the Gold Medal position to fourth. Wallenburg subsequently challenged the Germans and Italians for Coppa d’Italia, then the European championship for the 8-Metre class, at Genoa in 1937 and 1938, winning on the second occasion and taking the cup home to Sweden. For the 1939 defence, he commissioned this ILDERIM, again from the board and yard of Tore Holm. She too was successful and won the last challenge for the Cup before the Second World War, beating, among others, such renowned 8mRs as PINUCCIA, SIRA, and GERMANIA III.

In her design, the ever innovative and competitive Holm exploited a then loophole in the rule by raising the deck height at the mast. The initial design actually had no coach house as we know it - simply an extension aft of the raised deck. But in consultation with the IYRU this radical departure from the norm was toned down to the very attractive as-built and instantly recognizable configuration. Her forward crew also find it very comfortable when heeled!

Wallenberg named all his boats ILDERIM: a Turkish word which can be translated as “Thunderbolt”. He retained the name when he sold this one to one of his employees in 1945, and after the war he built other ILDERIMS. She later had a variety of names in her native Sweden including SILVERVINGEN, again ILDERIM, AMIGA and under the ownership of her last Swedish owner, Ingmar Bergman's photographer Bengt Wanselius, AMORITA.

On being brought to the UK in 2002 by Avia Willment she became AMOREVITA, undergoing a major refit at Casse Tete, Hamble Point. When the present owners acquired her in 2006, it was decided to revert to a more classical name, and since the ILDERIM of 1936 had recovered that name, the new name ATHENA was chosen. This reflects the fact that ATHENA was the daughter of Zeus in Greek mythology. Zeus, who owned the Thunderbolt, gave it to his daughter to assist her in conquering the Athenians.

At the Metre Regatta in the Solent in 2007, ATHENA found herself on the same racecourse as PINUCCIA for the first time since 1939, and the result was the same. She forms part of the “Neptune” group of boats within the 8mR class. The Neptune Cup is awarded annually to yachts sailing with rigging and equipment which would have been available when they were built. Ironically, she was the first boat in her class to be built with a full metal rig – in this case steel, which is now barred under the Neptune Cup rules for classic boats, which require wooden rigs.

Athena has competed at World Championships in 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019, travelling all over Europe to do so.

- Part composite
- Carvel mahogany planking
- Pitch pine garboards (1985)
- Galvanised steel frames
- 2 x Oak timbers between each steel pair
- Sawn oak deck beams in way of mast
- Stainless steel ring frame in way of mast
- Composite teak on plywood deck
- Mahogany covering board and king plank

Note on the pitch pine garboard planks:
Pitch pine has greater resistance to freezing than mahogany, a valuable characteristic in brackish Scandinavian waters.

- 2 x Bronze mooring fairleads
- Ensign staff socket
- Stainless steel mooring eye

Pairs of throughdeck fairleads for:
- Spinnaker sheets (with stainless steel sheave access panels)
- Running backstays
- Mainsheet horse (athwartships)

- Traditional bronze rudder head
- Oak tiller with tiller extension
- Slatted helm seats port and starboard quarters of cockpit coaming

- Double cockpit of large dimensions
- Drains to bilge, thus good depth for the occupants
- Laid teak on plywood sole
- Raised mahogany coaming attractively styled
- Helm and main sheet trimmer cockpit aft
- Athwartships bench aft
- Stainless steel helm footrest
- Engine controls under starboard side deck
- Athwartships bridge deck
- 2 x Lewmar self-tailing runner winches
- 1 x Lewmar self-tailing mainsheet winch
- Ash-cheeked mainsheet block
- Wood traditional cleat
- Sheet tail bags under, and under sidedecks
- Bench steps port & starboard of companionway
- Additional cockpit seating stored off boat

- All metal deck gear in bronze
- Blocks are ash, or ash-faced

- Bronze foresail sheet tracks and turning blocks
- Bronze traditional cleats port & starboard
- Bronze nun's cape fairlead port & starboard
- SVJ Bronze primary winch port & starboard
- Stainless steel shroud channels

COACHROOF - All mahogany
- SVJ Bronze primary winch port & starboard of companionway
- Mahogany sliding companionway hatch
- Mahogany washboards
- Forward sliding skylight hatch

- Raised camber forward of coachroof
- Rolled deck edge forward
- Raw teak spinnaker pole stowage chocks
- Raw teak "grabrails" port and starboard
- Large forward sliding mahogany forehatch with bullseye prism
- Stainless steel mooring eye
- Bronze mooring fairleads port & starboard
- Bronze stemhead protection cap


Self-tailing winches are not permitted under Neptune Cup rules, so she is equipped with replacement winch heads which can be interchanged with the self-tailers.

- CQR pattern anchor to class regulations, with a suitable warp.

Down 2 x steps to main cabin
- Main cabin headroom > 6 ft/ 1.83m
- Sideboards port & starboard with fiddles and ample stowage under
- Port sideboard swerves as chart table
- Electric panel, electronic instruments and VHF radio over port sideboard
- Grabrails port & starboard at coachroof sides
- 2 x Full length settee bunks in the main cabin
- 1 x Lewmar self-tailing halyard winch and clutches on pedestal forward
- Mahogany panelled bulkheads forward port and starboard
- WC Compartment to port
- Baby Blake marine toilet (presently stored ashore)
- Small washbasin and flexible fresh-water tank fwd to port
- Brass hand pump for washbasin
- Theo Rye designed stainless steel stiffening structure at chain plates
- Large forepeak for sail and gear stowage
- V-berth forward
- Spirit stove (presently stored ashore)

2 x Complete rigs - sails interchangeable

SPRUCE with bronze fittings
- To Neptune Cup requirements by Lavazza (2003)
- Stainless steel wire standing rigging

- Rolled aluminium alloy - very strong for cruising
- Stainless steel rod rigging


Mainsails (Dacron):
- One-Sails (2017)
- Europe Sails (2003)
- Cruising main (older)

Genoas (Dacron):
- No 1 Medium, Ratsey & Lapthorn (2014)
- No 1 Heavy, Europe Sails (2003)
- No 1 Light (c2003)
- No 2 Medium, One-Sails (2017)
- No 2 Heavy, Europe Sails (c2003)
- No 3 Heavy "Solent Jib", Europe Sails (2003)

- Main downwind One-Sails (2017)
- Reacher, Ratsey Lapthorn (age tbc - in good condition)

- Custom Theo Rye designed removable propulsion
- BETA 3 cyl 25 hp Diesel (access aft of companionway ladder)
- Designed to be easily removable
- Feathering -bladed Maxprop type propeller offset to port
- Full drive train easily removable

Owners' comment:
"The engine drives a propeller offset to port, in an installation designed by Theo Rye and fitted in 2007. The entire engine and its systems can be removed very quickly, and the shaft and screw (feathering) can be removed with a short lift in the same length of time that it takes to wash off the bottom. Her Metre certificate is based on the “engine out” configuration, but her IRC certificate is based on “engine in.”

- 1 x Marine engine battery
- 1 x Marine house battery
- Charging via shore power or engine
- Battery voltage indicator

- Diesel tank capacity > 25 litres

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Windy FIN-8

Windy FIN-8


Carl Hollmström design Windy was built at the Ängholm’s varv in Göteborg, Sweden for H.Reuter. She has been owned later by well-known Scandinavian families, including Naucmanson, Wallenberg and Bonnier. She has been with the current owner for over 20 years, who has used her primarily for racing. Windy went through an extensive refit in 2010 (including underwater hull, rudder, cockpit, stern). She is lightly built, but most of the original interior still exists. She has a Proctor Gold mast and North Sails racing sails. Windy has proven to be a fast boat in the Sira Class: 5th 2002 Worlds, 2nd 2007 Worlds, 12 2013 Worlds.
Windy has been well looked by recognized professionals. The boat is lying in Helsinki.
length: 14,99
width 2,67
waterline 9,0
Sail area 80,283 m2
Price: 120.000 EUR
Jyrki Halonen

Windy.jpgWindy (2).jpg



Lara Fin 10 HOYT 1029


Lara is a beautiful Shermann Hoyt design constructed at Nevin’s boatyard in Long Island, NY in 1929 on mahogany on oak with bronze and teak deck. She is in good condition and ready to race. Lara is geared for racing in the Sira class with an aluminium rig, Harken winches and North Sails kevlar racing sails (main, no 1, 2 and 3 and spinnakers). She can be easily transferred for cruising.

Location: Fredrikstad, Norway (registered in Finland)

LOA (M) 14,24
LWL (M) 9.33
Beam (M) 2.44
Draft (M) 1,99
Disp (T ) 8.5
SA (M2) 78.34

Price:145.000 EUR

For inquiries please contact:
Julia Ormio, julia@ormio.fi or +358505689811.

cover.jpg_MG_5183 - Copy.jpglara spinu.jpglara traikussa.jpgunspecifiedDOA1KKO3.jpg


Yquem II (SUI-2)

YQUEM II (SUI-2) ex-Fleur de LYS - 2002 - Jacques Fauroux design

Modern 8 Metre R, ex Fleur de Lys, 2002 Fauroux design, built in Caparros Yard , Antibes France.

Euro 220,000.00 VAT paid

World Champion 2015 on Lake Geneva, Switzerland
European Champion 2010 Kiel, Germany

Very complete, ready to race to higher level, exceptionnal modern mast 3 layers of spreaders, Harken winches, berth/cradle with removable weels, outboard engin removable in own inside compartment, many sails and accessories including electronics

Yquem II is for sale as is and will attend the 2018, 8 Metre R World Championship
in Langenargen Germany from July 1st to July8th The boat will be visible in
Langenargen starting June 27-28th, otherwise at SNG in Geneva, Switzerland.

Best regards to all

Contact:Jean Fabre Geneva, Switzerland
E-mail: farel@bluewin.ch




Iduna, Anker 1912

built: 1912
Lengte: 14m

current price:
EUR 199,000

This 8-metre Johan Anker is a regeneration of a masterpiece! The typical Johan Anker elegance, fine sailing and a beauty to the eye: Iduna has it all.

Iduna was fully restored between 2007 and 2011 with the best materials available and to the smallest details.





YQUEM, SUI-8, 1984, Petterson

Modern Eight Metre , designed by Pelle Petterson . New keel designed by Peter van Oossanen , ( designer of the famous Australia 11 winged keel ) .

Multiple World Champion , European Champion and North American Champion . Canada’s Cup Finalist 2016.

Complete set of new sails as well as most running rigging in 2016 . New instruments 2016.

Builder: Batbyggarna, Enkoping

LOA (M) 13.56
LWL (M) 9.35
Beam (M) 2.46
Draft (M) 2.00
Disp (T ) 8.45
SA (M2) 74.00

Contact Information :

Guy Jones
Email : Guy@argroupinc.com
Telephone: 416-369-9177 ext. 2022
Fax: 416-3690208

Sale Price : $100,000 U.S. Funds


Elsinore HKG-8

Elsinore, HKG-8, Tore Holm 1930

*** Price update***

Probably the best kept 8MR in the world. The boat has been restored totally in 2001 by David Vieira and since then she is kept in a shed in Swiss with perfect maintenance . in 2009 she underwent to a second refit by Philippe Durr in Geneve and was put back to barewood and completely varnished with 18 coats of the best clear varnish Her varnish is always impeccable and continuosly maintained. From her shed she moves only by truck to reach the racing fields with her container full of sails, spare parts and tools and with a powerfull rubber dinghy which tows her on the racing field. Infact the boat has its diesel engine, a Yamaha diesel 28 HP , which was taken off the boat and stored in its box after perfect maintenance in 2009. In this way the boat is completely original, without engine , beutifull on her original floating line and very fast !

Sails:Voiles :

· 2 mainsails (2001 – 2008)
· 2 light genoa (2001 – 2009)
· 2 medium genoa (2001 – 2009)
· 1 havy genoa (2009 – new)
· 1 génoa Short foot 2001
· 2 Spi VMG (2001-2007)
· 2 Spi Runner (2001- 2009)
· 1 SPI CIM Allpurpose (2009)

New rigging

Electronic and safety :
· 2 maxi Jumbo Tacktik (2007 – 2010)
· Electronic compassTacktik (2007)
· log depthsounder Tacktik (2007)
· 1 navigator GPS GARMIN195 colors
· 6 lifejackets

Price €200.000 or nearest offer

Contact: Philippe Durr & Pierre-Alexandre Nuoffer




Petán, 1927, Fife

Design Year: 1927
Launch year: 1929
Original name: Sogalinda
Actual Boat Name: Petán
LOA: 46 ft
Beam: 8 ft
LWL: 29 ft
Length on Deck: 45 ft
Maximum Draft: 8 ft
Displacement: 23.000 lbs Half Load
Engine/Fuel Type: Perkins 37cv / diesel
Located In: Baiona, Spain
Hull Material: Wood: mahogany, Oak and Teak
Keel: Full keel
Builder: Sagredo Sons (Bilbao- Spain)
Designer: William Fife III
Rig: Marconi Bermudian
Mast material: Aluminum furling
Mast length: 42 ft
Boom Length: 18ft
Sails: Beige dacron furling main and genoa

Current Price: 95.000€

Historical and Technical Comments.
Petán was designed by Willian Fife and built at the Hermanos Sagredo Yard in Bilbao.
Her hull design is thought to be the ultimate First Rule 8m yacht and acknowledged to be hydro dynamically as good as a yacht could be at that time. She does not ride waves, but cuts through them and she produces no wake until near her maximum hull speed.
The distinctive Fife tumblehome is thought to be one of the secrets of her speed.
Petán had the most innovative rig design of all First Rule yachts. She carries a Marconi Bermudan rig. As originally drawn she carries 1,248 sq feet of sail on a 42 ft mast, 35 ft boom.
Built for an Spanish aristocrat called Zubiría marquise, who gave her the distinctive original name Sogalinda, Petan participated in many classic boat regattas in her area, some of them, against Alfonso the 13th, king of Spain.
I have some historical pictures and newspaper references of the boat

Contact details: José Alejandro Regojo.
Phone: +34 654.782.354.
email: 654782354@amena.com

DSC_0120.JPGDSC_0123.JPGDSC_0127.JPGDSC_0125.JPG10257648_655077664547412_2287123920291084232_o.jpgDSC_0010.JPG070825 Regata Petan 035.JPGMain image.JPG10293614_10201550812242240_947096546325824455_o.jpgDSC_0138.JPGIMG_0234.JPGIMG_0233.JPGHPIM0500.JPG



Concerto, Fife, 1937

Concerto (ex. Felma) – “Rule 3” Fife 8 Metre – 1937
Offered for sale in Victoria, BC, Canada

“Concerto” was designed and built by William Fife in Fairlie Scotland. She was launched in 1937 as “Felma”. She is design # 821 making her the very last Fife 8 metre design. Renamed “Concerto” in 1953, she is offered for sale by knowledgeable and responsible owners. “Concerto” is one of only two “Rule 3” Fife metre’s in existence.
The vessel underwent an extensive rebuild in 1994 and features a Yanmar 2GM20 engine, original spruce mast, and a tidy open interior.

Naval Architect: William Fife
Shipyard: William Fife & Sons
Year: 1937/ rebuild 1994
Flag: Canadian
Length on Deck: 48’ 0”
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Asking $125,000 Canadian Dollars

Please contact Brian Huse for further information:
(1) 250 516 4393

DSC01709.JPGDSC01736.JPGDSC01737.JPGDSC01732.JPGDSC01706.JPGDSC01735.JPGDSC01725.JPGDSC01708.JPGDSC01715.JPGDSC01728.JPGDSC01729.JPGDSC01734.JPGConcerto 2.jpgConcerto1.jpg6039275_20170111182211313_1_xlarge_0.jpg6039275_20161205191523516_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190702985_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190439189_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205191600139_1_xlarge_0.jpg6039275_20161205190626362_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190515830_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190550393_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190810492_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190842856_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190735863_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205191009908_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190939033_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20161205190910669_1_xlarge.jpg6039275_20170111183122715_1_xlarge_0.jpg6039275_20161205191037033_1_xlarge.jpg



Emily, 1924, Fife

EMILY - 8 METRE - 1924 - € 190.000

Emily was designed by William Fife III and built at Williams Fife's shipyard in 1924 as an International 8 Metre racing yacht.

After being British Eight Metre champion in 1924 and beating Blue red, she took the silver medal for Great Britain at the Olympics in Le Havre.

In 1998/99 she was rebuilt to original plans by David Vieira's yard.

During her reappearance at the europeans in 1999, Emily was the winner of the concours the Elegance with other eights such as Aria, Bamba and Carron II sailing in the Coupe the Cartier.

Currently she sets sail at Lake Constance / Bodensee

8 metre
Naval Architect: William Fife III
Shipyard: William Fife & Sons
Year: 1924/ rebuild 1999
Flag: German
LOA: 44ft 7in 13.6m
Beam: 8ft 8in 2.6m
Hull Material: Carvel Tola planking on oak frames Silicon bronze fastened to laminated mahogany frames
Engine: Nanni 21 Hp diesel (2009); removable for Regattas
Location: Lake Constance / Bodensee

Asking Price€ 260.000,- VAT paid




Isolde, N8 Tore Holm, 1953

Tore Holm’s most important designs were built to the International Rule – ISOLDE as an 8 Metre cruiser has that natural quality about her when sailing and lines that would turn anyone’s head when seen ashore. Remarkable of course is the beautifully proportioned and curvaceous cabin top with its rounded forward end, virtually a signature of this designer. A string of careful owners leaves ISOLDE in fine original trim and a purity to leave one spellbound.


ISOLDE was built in 1953 at Gamleby Varv, which was Tore Holm, the designer’s own yard, for Teodor Ahrenberg in Sweden. Isolde has had 6 owners documented. Until 1987 when the present owner sailed her to Norway, she spent her sailing days in the Stockholm archipelago with home harbour at “Vikingarnas SS”. In the 1950s she participated in the Stockholm Race Circus at Sandhamn, since 1987 part of the Norwegian Classic Yacht milieu.

ISOLDE has been well kept by all her owners, giving her proper good wooden boat maintenance. During the last 5 years substantial varnishing has been done to upgrade the bright work.

During 2008 – 2009 the interior was also re-varnished, including the hulls inside and under the floors. A new mast step was also made of stainless steel. In 2010 the chain plates were replaced with stainless steel and the head compartment rebuilt.

ISOLDE was last surveyed for Insurance in 2007, qualifying for full cover.


Mahogany close planking on steam bent ash ribs and galvanized steel ribs (every 3rd) and sawn oak frames. Original Oregon pine deck and new mahogany cap rail 1995 / 2009. New rudder and rudder stock were made in stainless steel in 2009. The mahogany cockpit was rebuilt in 1999 with high comings, seating both sides and teak grating sole.


From the mahogany cockpit a sliding roof hatch and companionway steps lead down to the accommodation below. The galley is to port with a Cook Mate stove and sink. To starboard there is a pilot berth aft under the cockpit and a large ice box / fridge with a chest of three drawers separating this area from the saloon.

In the saloon the high back of the benches form the two Pullman berths with bookshelves and lockers above and outboard both sides. All new wool upholstery - mattresses and sofa cushion were installed in 2009.

There are 2 hanging wardrobes, one with access from the saloon, the other forward - by the head (with a holding tank) to starboard. The Ardic water to air heater from the engine is also here, heating both the saloon and the head where wet sailing gear can be hung. Forward again is the forepeak with a stowage bench to port and a berth to starboard and additional stowage right forward.


Rig and spars
- Cutter rig
- Original pine mast totally made over in 2008; varnished with galvanized fittings
- Pine boom (1992) with square aluminium tube for extra strength modified for slab reefing
- Stainless steel standing rigging, partly new in 1990 / 99
- Stainless rigging screws
- 2 x Lewmar bronze winches on the mast and 1 on the boom, new 1998
- Jib pole
- Scissor boom crutch

Sails from Doyle in 1991 – all in serviceable cruising condition
- Main 46 sqm
- Genoa 35 sqm
- Jib 20 sqm
- Smaller Jib, 12sqm also from Doyle from 1988


- Electric Lewmar anchor winch, 1998
- Bruce anchor and 8 mm calibrated anchor chain
- 3 x Lewmar 2 speed ST winches 1998, bronze
- Spray hood
- Boat hook
- Mahogany ladder
- Covers for mahogany coach roof and fore hatch


- Volvo Penta 2003 originally installed 1989 – totally renovated to as new condition 2003
- New propeller and shaft 2003
- Basic 12 V electrical system with switches and battery charger, new 2010
- Epoxy fuel tank deck filled and vented, 2009
- Epoxy water tank, 2009
- All electrical wires (tin / Sn coated) re fitted in 2010
- New Lopolight lanterns in 2010
- Fuel and water hoses changed in 2010
- Shore power installation


- Compass
- Garmin 126 GPS
- Raytheon Tri-data for log, speed and echo sounder
- Raytheon ST60 Wind Instrument
- Raymarine ST 4000+ Tiller Autopilot


- 1x Electric bilge pump
- 1x Manual bilge pump



8mR Suzette K24

8mR Suzette K24, Camper and Nicholsons Ltd, 1930

Builder: Camper and Nicholsons Ltd
Year: May 1930
Type: International 8mR-Yacht
Designed by Charles E. Nicholson
Certified Lloyd’s rule 16 R
Full restoration 1992-1994 Charpentiers réunis (France) and Philippe Durr shipyard (Switzerland) for the last ten years.

L.o.a.: 14.60 m
Beam: 2.50 m
Draft: 2.OO m
Accommodation: new interior sleeps 6
Volvo 29hp diesel
Location: Versois, Switzerland
Steel berth for lorry

The thirties, starting with Shamrock V in 1930, were the years of greatest mastery of Charles E. Nicholson.
The Eight Meter Suzette II with sail number 8 K-24 and her two sisterships were built next. She was restored in accordance to original drawings, specifications and materials; finally back in action again from the summer 1994. The (II) was dropped and she became just Suzette at this time. The mahogany hull is carvel built on new steamed wood frames and the larch pine deck on plywood fastened to pine deck beams. She has a new spruce pine boom and a new larch mast. She will be vintage again, racing for the Neptune Trophy.
She comes with a full set of sails including one Europ Sails main sail, one Star Voile jib, as well as one balloon and one tacking jib from Ratsey and Lapthorn.
With her new wood pine mast and spruce boom, Suzette is in very good condition with finest bronze deck hardware, rig fittings and her original steel rudder. Suzette (Folly II) has played a unique and large role in the development of the 8mR fleet renewal with the Régates royales on Cannes (France) on 1978 with 8 meter ‘France’ and ‘Ayana’ and must be regarded as a Charles E. Nicholson masterpiece. The restoration has been performed by Charpentiers réunis, a very experienced shipyard in France, Cancale. It included interior, frames replacement, hull reinforcement, pine deck on plywood…

Philippe Durr for last 10 years maintain her in his Versois shipyard. He notably realized the “flipotage” (insertion of a sliver of wood between the planks to make it smooth and watertight) and made a new spruce boom.
Main history is known from first owner Col. E.T.Peel, Mrs B.C.Duff who has sailed her on the Riviera in France from 1937.
Suzette has two sister-ships: Vision (of Sebago) world champion on 1994, 1995 and 1998 and Cutty Tou: Sira cup champion on 2004.
She was measured 8.00 by Guy Roland Perrin official measurer for metrics.
Suzette is keen and fully equipped to make her ready for the next generation. She can easily be prepared for the World Championship in Hankø Norway, to be held in August 2017.

· 1 mainsail
· 1 light genoa
· 1 balloon genoa
· 1 tacking jib
· 1 Spi all purpose

New rigging 
Was saved by her current owner during the late 1990's. 

Asking price € 145.000 or best offer

Information: Jean-Jacques Malandain at jj.malandain@gmail.com

La Baule.jpgSuzette deck.JPGSaint Priest 084.jpgSaint Priest 083.jpg


Svanevit GER 13

Builder Tore Holm/ Gamleby SE
Year 1939
Type International Eight Metre Yacht
Design Tore Holm
L.o.d. 14.65 m
L.o.a. 14.65 m
Beam 2.44 m
Draft 1.90 m
Accommodation Sleeps four on two bunks in the salon and two berths in the foreship. Traditional mahogany interior, beautifully crafted. A Baby Blake wc is installed as well.
Engine Yanmar Diesel 27hp
Flag Germany
Location The Netherlands

The 1939 Tore Holm designed Eight Metre SVANEVIT is another extraordinary construction of this outstanding yacht designer and boatbuilder and is now for sale in ready to race condition. With her almost new Sitka Spruce mast and up to date sails, SVANEVIT would be ready to enter any classic yacht race or to participate in the next 8mR Championships. She measures 8.07m and is presented in immaculate state of condition with finest bronze deck hardware and rig fittings. SVANEVIT has played a unique and important role in the development of the 8mR fleet in Northern Europe and must be regarded as a Tore Holm masterpiece.


Svanevit, GER13, Tore Holm, 1939


Ganymede GBR-1

Ganymede is the modern 8-Metre owned by Peter Wilson. She was designed by Juliane Hempel and built at the Aldeburgh Boatyard in 2007. Her hull is built with a selected Sitka spruce core, diagonal outer layers in mahogany and glassed on both sides.

Her keel, wings and trimtab is identical to Hollandia, Howlett design, lead foil and bulb, bronze wings and trim tab.
Spars are Z-Spar, similar section to Proctor but slightly stiffer. Spi pole is carbon. She never had the best of sails to keep up with the top end of the fleet but she has shown plenty of potential, especially with Avia sailing her at Cowes.

Peter Wilson would like to part with her, is desperately keen to keep on sailing his “If” which is the floating love of his life but needs the funds from Ganymede to make that possible.

The asking price is around GBP 100.000,=, she now needs TLC but to my mind it’s a really fair price for a great and potentially winning modern 8-Metre.

She has no sails as these were lost in a fire at the yard (Ganymede was not affected as she was outside)

For more information please contact:

Peter Wilson: aldeburghboatyard@gmail.com
Or phone: (+44) 1728 453523

Ganymede GBR-1, Juliane Hempel, 2007


F-2 8mR Bonnin cruiser 1936

Builder Bonnin (F)
Year 1936
Type sloop
Design Thalma Bertrand
L.o.d. 15.00 m | 49'
L.o.a. 15.00 m | 49'
Beam 2.50 m | 8' 2''
Draft 1.90 m | 6' 2''
Accommodation Spartanic, mostly original. V-berth fwd, 2 settees. 1 quarterberth.
Engine New Volvo - 20 hp.

A very special second rule 8-Metre, originally launched in 1936 in Arcachon for a French lady who raced her extensively. In present ownership since the late 80s, she has been transformed to a fast cruising yacht – however not substantially changing her character. The coach roof has been raised aft, allowing for comfortable accommodation, but apart from this she is still in almost original condition. Over the past decades, substantial structural work was carried out when necessary, so she is now strong and in good shape. A highly interesting cruiser, which could easily be brought back to racing trim without too much fuss.


8mR Bonnin cruiser 1936, F2