Class officers

  • NOR
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    Honorary President:

    His Majesty King Harald V of Norway

    8-Metre: Sira NOR-33 (Johan Anker 1938) The 8-Metre Sira was commissioned for King Harald’s father, King Olav, in 1938. The first time King Harald joined his father on board Sira he was only two years old and ever since sailing, competitive sailing, has been at the centre of his life. King Harald is a highly accomplished, three time Olympian sailor (1964, 1968, 1972), and with his famous Fram Team he competed with a string of IOR and IMS yachts and finally, the TP52 Fram XVI. Sira won the Sira Cup in 2007.
  • President of IEMA:

    Julia Ormio

    Chydeniuksentie 1 A 3
    00150 Helsinki
    Finland 50 56.89.811

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    8-Metre: Lara FIN-10 (Sherman Hoyt, 1929) Julia started sailing 8-Metres for more than 30 years. She started on board her father’s Naja (FIN-1) who later bought Lara (FIN-10. ) She is the first second generation IEMA Class Officer, following her father Matti Rajala. Julia was elected executive secretary in 2013. Julia also served as president of the Finish 8-Metre Association. She is currently the sole owner of Lara
  • CAN
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    Executive Secretary:

    Guy jones

    9, Drumsnab Road
    ON M4W3A4
    Canada 416 820 4842

  • Executive Treasurer:

    Seraina Pruente 795356642

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    Seraina is a financial accountant and a former olympic swimmer, fascinated by the beauty of the Eights. She has several years of competitive sailing experience on Hacht 8-Metre gaff rig Sposa, as well as Fife 8-Metre Severn. Currently, she restores her Camatte 6mR Ylliam V from 1941, which eventually grows to an 8mR one day.
  • GBR
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    Executive committee member:

    Terence Brownrigg

    Terence started sailing 8-Metres in the sixties, sailing Froya from Norway to the Clyde. For almost 50 years his name has been connected to the class, and since 1970 he has attended all but two World Championships. He is a highly experienced and respected International Juror and has intimate knowledge of the 8-Metre Class A former commodore of the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, the owner of the 8-Metre World Cup and The Neptune Trophy. It is hard to imagine an 8-Metre Worlds without the presence of Terence. For his tremendous and lasting contributions to IEMA he was elected Honorary Life Member in 2014.
  • Executive Committee:

    Ronald Palm (+1) 315 298 7111

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    8-Metres: Mystery (Pelle Peterson 1980), Venture (Shuman 1938), Quest (Fife 1930) Palm has been racing 8-Metres for over 40 years. His first 8 was Thisbe, he then owned the modern Mystery, followed by the commissioning of Sarissa (Dubois) in 1990 with which he won the Worlds in 1993 and 1996. Ron and his wife Diane also owns the classic Venture and the Fife Quest, originally built for the Canada’s Cup. Ron has competed in more World Championships than any other member and with that he brings along a wealth of experience and knowledge on all aspects of the class.
  • CAN
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    Executive committee:

    Richard Self 905 376.3961

    8-Metres: Raven (T.C. Glenn Coates 1937), Gefion (Dubois 1990) Richard has over 30 years of competitive 8-Metre sailing under his belt. He won the Sira Cup 3x with Venture, 5x with Raven and The 8-Metre World Cup with Gefion. In the past years he has actively campaigned Raven, leading a team that has yet to be beaten.
  • Executive Committee:

    Werner Deuring 5574 58659

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    8-Metre: Severn (William Fife 1930) Werner joined the class in 2012 when he bought the 1924 Olympic gold medalist Bera. Caught on to the class he acquired the Fife 8-Metre Severn in 2014. Werner was elected president of the Lake Constance 8-Metre Association. The class elected him to the IEMA Executive committe in 2014 and he comes in with fresh ideas and a drive to help modernize and organize IEMA.
  • POR
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    Chairman Technical Committee:

    David Vieira (+351) 917 572 271

    David is a naval architect and an esteemed yacht historian, specialized in the period from 1900 to 1945. His knowledge on design and construction is unrivalled. He rebuilt his 8-Metre Emily in 1996 which resulted in the founding of Absolute Restorations and a further string of restored and recreated Metre boats. A classic yacht man in heart and soul and an incredible source of information and knowledge on classic 8-Metres.