Jun 2019

Eight Bells Nicki Clarke

It is with great sadness that I advise members of the eight metre community of the passing of Nicki Clarke , wife of Robin Clarke . Nick and Robin participated and won World Championships and participated in the eights on both sides of the Atlantic . Her wonderful spirit and joy of life will be sadly missed.  In her obituary , below , there is a link to allow members who remember Nicki to pass along their condolences to the family.

MONICA MARY CLARKE December 31, 1938 - May 27, 2019

Monica (Nicki) passed away peacefully at Toronto Western Hospital after a short illness. She is survived by her loving family, including husband of 57 years, Robin Edward Charles Clarke; her four children, Kirsty Brown, Thomas Clarke (Leatrice), Magnus Clarke (Jennifer), Zoë Parish (Matthew); and seven grandchildren, Zander and Casey Brown; Harrison and Cameron Clarke; and Oliver, Jasper, and Honor Parish. Born in London, England, as the only child of predeceased Sydney and Doris Pascoe, she attended Blackheath High School for Girls for ten years, and the City of London College for two years. She worked as a personal secretarial assistant for four years before becoming a full-time family manager and mother. The family, with Kirsty and Tom, emigrated to Canada in 1967, and Magnus and Zoë arrived soon afterwards. Nicki had first met Robin in the belfry at St. John Baptist Church in Eltham, London, where they were both change ringers, and they eventually returned to that exercise, becoming band members of the St. James Cathedral Toronto Guild when the bells were installed in 1996. NIcki enjoyed sailing and was an accomplished crew manager for the extensive racing programmes that the family undertook, as well as being an active crew member, racing regularly in club as well as international races. She provided crew sustenance, which included the renowned "fish pie" (salmon quiche) and lemon pound cake. Often, visiting crews would be billeted at home, with Nicki feeding as many as 10 hungry sailors with breakfast before leaving to race them on the water. She managed the Magistri Admirals Cup crew for their 1979 challenge and Vision's International 8m challenge for the World Cup in Sweden in 1982, as well as competing very successfully in six further World and Sira Cup challenges in North America, Finland and Sweden over the next 10 years. Later she cruised with her husband and many friends in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Baltic ,and the Seychelles. She was involved in the inauguration of the International Optimist Class Association in Canada and attended regattas across North America with her sailing family. She served as the Youth Committee chair at her club, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, for 12 years. Also, serving on the Board of Senior Link, a seniors' services provider, for 15 years gave her the background to establish a spin-off team, Peel Senior Link, as President, where she worked until retirement. She actively worked on several of City of Toronto Councillor Pam McConnell's election campaigns after meeting her on the successful rebuilding campaign for Balmy Beach Public School. She continued to volunteer in the Councillor's City Hall office for many years. Nicki was known for her good humour, infectious laugh, loving, generous personality, extraordinary hospitality and feisty character, but also for not suffering authority gladly. Her family would feel sympathy for any police officer who might have the temerity to apprehend her for any apparent traffic infraction and risk the wrath of her tongue. Her affection was never more noticeable than with her pets, particularly cats, but latterly a succession of Bouvier dogs and her beloved Millie, a Shih Tzu-Bichon cross. The family would like to thank the excellent medical staff at UHN and particularly Toronto Western Hospital, for their kind and responsive care in her final days and would like to suggest that in lieu of flowers, a donation be made to the Toronto University Health Network, or the Toronto Humane Society in her name. A memorial service will be held at St. James Cathedral at Church and King Streets, Toronto on Monday June 17, at 3.00 p.m., reception to follow. Later in the year, a further ceremony will be arranged in London, England, for UK and European friends and family.

Please follow this link to find her obituary:

Jun 2019

Eight Bells Yutaka Kobayashi

Yutaka Kobayashi
12 April 1960 - 16 June 2019
Kobe City Hyogo, Japan

With a gentle breeze from the North West, our friend Yutaka Kobayashi headed out to sea.

Many of you will know Yutaka as the owner of the International 8-Metre “Aun”, the boat which represented Japan since 2005 in so many Int. 8-Metre Championships. 

When it comes to Yutaka and his family, there are so many good memories and so many stories to tell. I remember our first meeting in 1999 at my office to discuss his ideas about joining the class. A man with clear determination, a man with a vision on how to realize his dreams. Yutaka wished to compete for the historic Sira Cup and Neptune Trophy but at that time, there were simply no competitive 8-Metres for sale. Yutaka was the first with the idea to build a brand new classic 8 to the original lines. This idea initially raised some eyebrows within the class, but not for long; when asked if he would support such new constructions, His Majesty King Harald’s reply was: “Support? Ohh no, much more than that, I think it is wonderful and I applaud the idea.” With that the go ahead for “Aun” was a fact, and in her wake some ten other new build projects followed throughout the world.  For that, the Int. 8-Metre Class will forever be in debt to the vision and drive of Yutaka Kobayashi.

“Aun” was a 1940 design by Johan Anker and, meticulously following the original lines and scantlings, she was built by the Absolute yard of David Vieira in Setubal, a masterpiece and a worthy tribute to Mr. Anker.  “Aun” became the home away from home for a Japanese team of family and friends. They travelled to compete at many championships throughout Europe, twice winning the prestigious Neptune Trophy. Always with Mrs. Tokiko Kobayashi at the helm, Yutaka on the bow and their daughter Asako in the pit. Always in style, always humble but fiercely competitive. It was their dream come true. 

Wishing his wife Tokiko-san and daughter Asako-chan the strength to overcome and endure and may Yutaka live on in wonderful memories of their time together.

Yutaka was different and throughout his life he made a difference. What a joy it was to know him, what a privilege it was to have him as a friend.

Sail on dear Yutaka-san, sail on

John Lammerts van Bueren

Yutaka and Asako Kobayashi on board Aun - P1005338 kopie.jpg
May 2019

2019 AGM invitation Published

The invitation for the 2019 AGM in Cowes has been published. please follow this link to find the document.

Apr 2019

8 bells Dr. Luigi Lang

With great sadness we have learned that on April 13th, 2019, Dr. Luigi Lang passed away.

When it comes to classic sailing yachts in Europe, most of us have in some way been touched by his work. When it comes to classic yachts, here is a man who gave more than he took. He gave as that was his way of giving something back to the boats and sport he loved.

Luigi was profoundly influential in creating the classic boat and Metre boat scene as we know it today. A prominent member of Yacht Club Italiano, a founding member of A.I.V.E. (The Italian Classic Yacht Association), a 20 year vice-president of The International Twelve Metre Association, a key member of the 2001 America’s Cup Jubilee Organizing Team, C.I.M. Technical committee member, a respected measurer, judge and jury. He was the creator and custodian of a rating rule which made the world most diverse fleet of sailing yachts race as one. He was the author of multiple books, a meticulous yacht historian, the list goes on and on, in short, he was a classic yacht aficionado in heart and soul.

When it comes to the classic yachting scene as we know it today, there is not a shred of doubt that Dr. Luigi Lang was instrumental and more influential than anybody else in the world. He singlehandedly spent thousands of hours to build a library with drawings and photos documenting the original specifications of each yacht. He worked tirelessly to remove the need for subjective rulings affecting the rating so that others could measure the boats too and reproduce a rating as objectively as possible. At no cost he made his work available to the owners and yards restoring the boats.

His goal was simple: through his work old boats could be saved, would once again be treasured as a true piece of functional art.

Luigi was instrumental in bringing back the oldest trophy in our class, the Coppa d’ Italiadates back to 1898 and in 1909 King Umberto donated this prestigious trophy to the International Eight Metre Class. Racing ceased in 1954 but thanks to the drive and enthusiasm of Luigi it was returned for racing to the Int. 8-Metre Class in the year 2000.

For over 20 years we had the privilege to work with Dr. Lang. At that time, we ran the International Eight Metre Association. We worked closely to create the Rules for thevintage Eights racing for “La Coupe Cartier” and developed a box rule for vintage metreboats racing for the Neptune Trophy. We exchanged ideas and shared experiences, joined each other on committees, worked with the brightest of minds like Olin Stephens and Doug Peterson, men who guided us through the pitfalls of International Rule.

We joined forces to create the first data base and registers for metre boats and helped organize events. We know for sure that what we say here does not fully cover the extent ofLuigi’s contributions and commitment to classic yachts.

So thank you Luigi, thank you for the decades of dedication, hard work and passion for the boats we love. Thank you on behalf of the thousands of metre boat sailors who race the boats in the scene you helped create and protect.

And last but not least, thank you Laura for being by his side and lending us the man you love. We know you will miss him dearly, all we can do is hope that Luigi will live on in the good memories of your time together. We wish you the strength and spirit to endure and recover.

Luigi is no longer with us, but the memories and his work will live on. What a joy it was to work with him, what a privilege it was to have him as a friend.

Sail on dear Luigi, sail on.

John Lammerts van Bueren
Former Executive secretary and president International Eight Metre Association

Fred Meyer
Former President
International Eight Metre Association Former Vice Commodore
Société Nautique de Genève

Luigi Lang - 1998 JLvB.JPG
Dec 2018


As the first maxi's just finished this year's Sydney-Hobart race, I am happy to present Defiance(Digby, 1935). The yacht was ultimately dubbed the ‘Offshore 8,’ and became the only 8 Metre in history to sail in this prestigious offshore event. Defiance placed 3rd overall in the second Sydney to Hobart Race in 1946 and competed in ‘47, ’54, ’55 and ’57.

The following piece comes from this website. Which describes the history of this cool homebuild yacht and the story of her racing history and heritage.


Defiance is Ernest Olney Digby’s first Australian 8 Metre yacht. The formidable Victorian shipwright and champion helmsman designed and built Defiance in the backyard of his home in Williamstown, Melbourne. The boat was launched in 1935. Digby helmed his own creation to victory, rapidly establishing her as the ‘gun’ boat of her day and the pride of Port Phillip Bay.

Defiance under full sail as a gaff cutter in 1935

Defiance was aptly named. Digby defied all class barriers with his new 8 Metre. In a most unusual combination, Digby designed, built and raced his own yacht — at a time when large metre boats were the preserve of the very wealthy and the royalty of Europe, not hardworking shipwrights from ‘struggle town’ in Williamstown, Victoria.

Ernest Olney Digby, or ‘Old Dig’ as he was affectionately known, built a number of champion racing yachts and celebrated vessels over his lifetime, including Moyne, Nancy, Independence, Frances, Victory, Goudie, Tam-O-Shanter and Thorsen.

Getting ahead: Digby’s earlier boat Independence in typically competitive mode

Digby owned and raced Defiance for a decade. He then built a second champion 8 Metre ––named Frances after his wife Mary Ann Frances — that he launched in 1946. His pair of 8 Metres were pure racing weapons, akin to being the Wild Oats of their day.


The 8 Metre Defiance was a masterstroke of ingenuity, determination and imagination. It was also an act of great confidence.

Digby and crew test out new sails on Defiance

To build a racing yacht of nearly 50 feet — 14.78 LOA, 2.27 Beam and 1.95 Depth — in one’s own backyard in the middle of the Great Depression as a father of eight and the usual working man’s load was no small feat.

DIY Yacht: Ernest Digby looking rather pleased with his new 8 Metre yacht

Digby achieved this with the help of three of his sons and apprentice shipwright Harry Clark, and with the patient understanding and support of his gentle wife Mary Ann.

The industrious shipwright built Defiance with meticulous pride and care from carefully selected and collected Australian timbers such as Queensland kauri for planking, celery top pine, blackbutt and huon pine as a feature for the cabin top. Her hanging knees were fashioned from the crooks of trees.

Shipwright’s holiday: Digby’s family pictured at the source of rare Queensland kauri

Every part of Defiance was made to Digby’s rigourous specification, including the lead keel and the bronze keelbolts. What he could not make himself, he had made through his access to skilled tradesman as foreman at the Melbourne Harbour Trust.

Digby pouring the lead keel in the backyard after designing and shaping the mold

Digby’s style was simple and strong, with chamfered edges and quality timbers, robust bronze fittings such as keel bolts and sleek lines. The boatbuilder spared nothing on his own boat. He studied wave motion and had a portrait of his hero William Fife in his study over his desk, taking lessons from others but creating boats of his own unique style.

Although the original plans were lost, Digby’s intentions were true. Sydney-based naval architect Andy Dovell has confirmed what the newspapers of the day pronounced — that the scantlings of his new boat — including freeboard, girth and draft — all fit the 8 Metre rule.

For Dovell, her position sitting perfectly on the displacement line is the surest evidence of her being drawn as an 8m class yacht. Andy notes, “It is difficult and takes considerable effort to design a hull that has the minimum displacement over a range of lengths, matching the angle of the overhangs with the volume gained. Defiance is right on the line.”

The new racing yacht was the source of great pride and caused something of a local sensation when launched in 1935. The unusually pronounced camber of her deck and shallow, self-draining cockpit — unique among 8’s — and possibly her low freeboards — were designed to shuck off a bigger sea state. Certainly no lake boat, Ernie built her strong and long for the conditions of Port Phillip Bay — for choppy waters, stiff breezes and tide.”

Excitement and fascination at the launch

Defiance was launched with great excitement in 1935. The beautiful yacht was a beacon of hope, of singular courage and vision to all.

The new racing weapon Defiance: the subject of fascination at the dock

Approximately 500 8 Metre yachts were built around the world, of which only about 177 have survived. They were built strictly in accordance with the metre rule which was essentially a racing formula that enabled subtly differing boats to race together. Able to be manned by fewer crew, they quickly symbolised sporting freedom, elegance and speed.

British sailor and author Uffa Fox on the 8 Metre, 1934:

The owner can sail his Eight Metre round the coast from regatta to regatta for coastal cruising would give owners the two most sought things in life; health and happiness, for without doubt sailing at sea brings peace to the mind, and the clean salt-laden air health to the body; which are both needed by all in this mechanical age of irritating noise and poisonous fumes. The Eight Metres are very popular, for in the cabin and [sic] owner can live, or simply change his wet clothes after a hard race and eat his lunch in comfort according to his ideas of pleasure. Added to this there is the protection the cabin gives in bad weather, for then it seems to make what otherwise be a boat, a ship.

Eight Metres racing in Cowes

The Digby 8 Metre was enthusiastically met in 1935, reported by the local press as meeting the rule in every way. Designed to win against the A1 boats of the day, she quickly established supremacy, winning seven of her first twelve starts.

The 8 Metre: embodying a new era of yachting — the champion of A1 class. Trophy kindly sourced by the John Spry of Pittwater

Digby himself was a well-liked and admired figure on the waterfront by the time he launched Defiance, known as both shipwright and yachtsman. Sailing his earlier yacht Independence in 1932, the Sporting Globe praised him: “Ernie Digby is one of our best and most popular yachtsmen, and one who is always ready to give a helping hand where needed.”

Ernest Digby busy on the Melbourne waterfront — sporting canvas plimsolls

Sailmaker Colin Anderson, owner of the beautiful Acrospire, remembers Digby as an eight-year-old. “ I knew Ernest. He was like a God to me,” he said. “If you showed an interest he would take you by the hand and encourage you.” His reputation was ‘firm but fair.’

Pictured racing against the Charlie Peel–designed Acrospire owned by Digby’s friend Joe White

In post-Depression Melbourne, getting ahead was the essence of the times and friendly rivalries on the water such as that between Ernest Digby and Melbourne businessman Joe White of the Joe White Maltings company were enduring and fruitful. Interestingly, White’s boats were all named Acrospireafter the shoot from the malt kernel indicating the readiness to brew. The racing boats of these eras, including the Couta boats of Melbourne and the 18 Footers and Rangers of Sydney, all went towards creating the sailing culture that is the hallmark of Australian coastal life.

Metre boats such as the 5.5, 6, 8 and 12s dominated racing for half a century and still surprise today. International 8 Metres familiar to Australians that were either built here or raced here are: Vanessa, Norske, Cariad II, Sandra, Juana, Juanita, Varg (also known as Norn), Erica J, Saskia, Jo Palmer’s Brand V, Marie Louise III, Emily, Pakadoo and Moonbeam. Josephine, a Fife built in the metre boat-style was closer to a 9 Metre, and was the sister ship to a boat called Carina.

Defiance preparing for battle on the bay

Yachts raced for prized trophies such as the Sayonara Cup, although the penultimate big-boat Cup was not held from 1932–51, over the years Digby owned Defiance. In the post-war period, Digby challenged and won the Sayonara Cup with his second 8 Metre Frances — in 1951 and ‘52. In 1953 Digby lost the Cup to Erica J, the Tasmanian-built 8 Metre. According to the rule of the Sayonara Cup, a challenger had to sail on their bottom to the place of the defender. So Digby sailed Frances to Hobart and won it back in 1954.

‘Old Dig’ launching Frances in 1946
A man of many parts: Digby stitching his sails for the Sayonara challenge at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

The Sayonara Cup was then lost to Olympian Bill Northam in an imported 8 metre by Fife called Saskia. Interestingly the champion boat left England with a wooden mast, but prior to competion with Frances had been fitted with a mast made of alloy, a cutting-edge material at that time which was allowed by the Rule but would have been an advantage against a yacht with wooden spars.

The champion helmsman in action

In the famous tussle of 1955 Digby won one race but ultimately lost and the Sayonara Cup transferred to the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. In a heroic final bid, he sailed Frances to Sydney to compete against the alloy-masted Saskia in 1956 but sailed back empty handed; the fabled Sayonara Cup stayed with the RSYS until it was transferred to the dragon classes in later years.

Three famous 8 Metres racing for the Sayonara Cup

Five generations of Digbys made their stamp on Victorian waterways from their first port of call in Port Fairy around 1840. They were ancestrally imbued with the love of water, sailing, boat building and the quiet lust for good timber, doubtless stemming from father Joseph, a fisherman and carpenter who built a Couta boat for himself in 1903 called Elise.

“There was a tradition of boat building and affinity with water,” recalls Digby’s granddaughter Ann Crisp. Her father, Ken, was one of the three sons that worked on Defiance. “Anywhere we were near water — whether river or bay — was where my father wanted to be. He was off to the water’s edge. Mentally he would sail off into the horizon.” Ken went on to build his own racing yacht Moyne and carved out his own distinguished record on the Melbourne waterways, taking out the Royal Geelong Yacht Club’s Australia Day Regatta, a 32-mile passage race from Williamstown to Geelong in 1933–34. In his own boat Topsy D, won the highly competitive 21ft Restricted Class.

The joy of boat building: Digby’s magnificent workmanship as seen on the hull of Frances

Crisp remembers her grandfather’s dedication and enthusiasm, taking her out specifically for a sail and handing her the helm of Frances as a young girl: “He was a tall man who knew what he wanted. He was quite emphatic. He stood erect. He was a very proud man and led in everything. He made himself felt wherever he went. In the house there was a wall of trophies.”

The tug boat Victory, built in 1934 — just prior to Defiance , sporting a graceful, yacht-like counter stern

Digby put his twist on everything he built, from the 18 Footer he built in around 1924 for his 14-year-old son — the sweetly named and inclusive Utu (long before U2) — to a pair of stunning tugboats called Victory and Goudie, both featuring unusual yacht-like counter sterns.

The model of Victory meticulously created from Digby’s plans retrieved from a burning pile in the clear-out of the Melbourne Harbour Trust by a model-maker and shipwright he had inspired as a young man

Digby’s Victory, which was built in 1934 just prior to the launch of Defiance, replacing an earlier tugboat of the same name, was lighter and faster. Both had been celebrated tugs that had been used as supply vessels for gunpowder and a familiar sight on Melbourne waterways during World War I. Digby’s Victory was equally aptly named — against a backdrop of waterfront disputes that rendered a certain amount of shipbuilding forbidden. True to his characteristic determination, the shipwright/foreman of the Melbourne Harbour Trust found a way to get the job done. The wonderful tug is currently owned and being carefully restored by marine engineer and Westug director Marius Fenger of Hobart.

Digby’s exquisite plans for the tugboat Victory
The spirit of shipbuilding in Williamstown captured at the launch of Victory

Each of Digby’s boats was dynamic and useful in its era. A cruising yacht called Tam-O-Shanter was built in 1951, and a pilot boat called Thorsen built in 1960, is still in service as a committee boat for the RYCV today.

It seemed that the passion for boats — building, sailing and championing them — galvanised the whole family. Digby went on to become the Commodore of both the Hobson Bay Yacht Club and the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, his wife Mary Ann appeared on Frances in Lady Skippers’ events, and each son that worked on Defiance distinguished themselves on the waterways. Len Digby was awarded best performance of the summer season for six years in a row, was part of a syndicate that imported the famous 5.5 Metre Yeomanfrom the Aisher family of Cowes racing fame, became Commodore of the RYCV and sailed into his mid 80s. Like his brother Ken, Arthur built and raced and won in a boat built by his own hand — this time in the Australian 21ft Restricted Class in his own 21 Footer named Bunyip.

With his energy and intelligence, Ernie Digby had set the precedent as designer/builder, owner, Commodore and champion helmsman.“Ernie is something of a hero of mine,” says Peter Johns, former Commodore of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club and Queenscliff Cruising Clubs and the current owner of Frances, along with his wife Karen.“He was the original poor man’s rich yachtie.”

Ernest at home on the helm

Ernest was still racing Frances when he was tragically struck down at the age of 78. Cycling to the corner store on a newly gifted bicycle to retrieve a newspaper left behind, he was struck down by a drunken driver — an inestimable loss to Australian sailing and maritime history. He left behind his second wife Lillie May and seven children. His first wife and mother of his childen Mary Frances, having actually passed away from a heart attack at the RYCV. Digby is currently being considered for induction into the Australian National Martime Museum’s new Sailing Hall of Fame.

Happy in situ: Digby on his second 8 Metre Frances

It is said that a Digby goes for a sail the way others go for a walk. Ernest’s son Len was the winner of the George D. Low Trophy for the best performance of the season of any yacht — six seasons in a row by ’59 -’65. He was partly assisted by his son Peter who continued the competitive sailing tradition over four decades. An International Cadet champion in his youth, RYCV Cruising Yachtsman of the Year (2012–13) and effortless solo sailor of a 500–1000 km, weather dependent, each year. Peter is an involved yacht club man who has provided invaluable help in the restoration of Defiance.

It’s in the genes: Peter Digby in his natural habitat on his Clansman Marlie II

The Digby legend lives on in his boats. Defiance has delivered numerous triumphs and delights over eight decades to her six owners since 1935: Ernest O. Digby, Frank A. Bullock, E.A. Harris, Nelson D. Rundle, Alan B. & Dr Ann Hinds and N. G Shrimpton.

Digby — captain and creator — in the zone

Digby had owned and raced Defiance for a decade when she was purchased at the end of 1945 by Sydney sailor Frank Bullock with the Sydney to Hobart, Jervis Bay and Montague Island yacht races in mind.

On the delivery from Melbourne to Sydney, Defiance had tried to break the race record for the shortest journey but she was becalmed off Wollongong, with newspapers reporting concern the crew might starve. Among the crew was a young sailor named Neville Wran.

On arrival in Sydney, Defiance was promptly converted for conditions offshore: her cockpit was reduced to minimise water ingress, and a second hatch and such modernities as a gimbled stove and ice box were added for the long haul.

Defiance featuring in a magazine after her arrival in Sydney

The 8 Metre attracted stellar crew, among them the well-known Sydney yachstmen Georges Brenac (who was reputed to have had his two front teeth knocked out by the boom), the white-singleted Joe Palmer, Mick York, Gordon Ingate and Olympian Dick Sargeant.

Her home was the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in Rushcutters Bay, the home of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race since 1945.

Fred Harris demonstrating a feature to his family in Rushcutters Bay circa 1940’s. Kindly supplied by CYCA archivist and committee member Bradshaw Kellett.

The yacht was ultimately dubbed the ‘Offshore 8,’ and became the only 8 Metre in history to sail in this prestigious offshore event. Defiance placed 3rd overall in the second Sydney to Hobart Race in 1946 and competed in ‘47, ’54, ’55 and ’57.

The skite plate for the second Sydney to Hobart

In the 1947 race, along with a later winner Christina, Defiance hit the starter’s boat. Under the rules of the day Defiance was technically not wrong at the start. She led Christina for most of the way to the fickle Derwent River and came in with a respectable placing but was ultimately disqualified for not reporting the incident. Such is the heartbreak of the ‘Hobart’.

Sydney’s first male model John Nippard demonstrating his nautical style on Defiance in the late 1940s

Then and now, her glamour continues

The allure of the foredeck remains: models shot by leading photographer David Mandelberg

After a successful decade racing Sydney Harbour, Defiance was purchased by the Nelson Rundle of the Rundle family and was raced on Lake Macquarie for a number of years.

She was then bought by the Hinds family and was a much admired sight on Pittwater for many decades. Initially Alan Hinds raced the boat out of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. Ann Hinds was an early female doctor and one of the first full female members of an Australian yacht club — the breakaway Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club who went on to write a beautiful recollection of their years as a family cruising Defiance (published on

The latest custodian of Defiance is Nicole Shrimpton who bought the boat in 2012 with a view to total restoration and a return to racing, inspired by restorations such as the American Elizabeth Meyer’s restoration of the the great 1930’s J yacht Endeavour, Nigel Stoke’s beautiful 45 square-metre Fidelis and Jeremy Arnott’s 6 Metre Fife-designed Sjo Ru.

Taking her for a test run on Pittwater with Colin Beashel in late 2013

The classic lines of the 8 Metre seduce from every angle. Defiance is almost a public service for the joy she brings to the harbour, with each new ferry a fresh crop of admirers. Pittwater’s loss was Sydney Harbour’s gain.

Grace in action: Defiance returns to Sydney Harbour photographed by Martin Van de Vaal

In preparation for her return to racing, Sydney to Hobart racing champion Sean Langman lengthened the mast step, tidied her topsides, improved the rig and added a feathering propeller. The owner of the feisty classic Maluka (a 1932 boat that is the oldest boat to race in recent years) observed she was strong enough to pass the ‘knock down test’.

Sean Langman lovingly stitching some leatherwork for the rigging in late 2012

Defiance underwent restorations in 2014–2016 at Colin Beashel Marine in Elvina Bay Pittwater, with third generation shipwright Colin Beashel, a mild-mannered Olympian sailing legend who was part of the original America’s Cup winning crew.

Expensive heaven: accessible only by water

Bliss is visiting your boat at Beashel’s. Time stands still if just for a moment in beautiful Elvina Bay, accessible only by water, where all focus is on the job at hand. The name Beashel’s is synonomous with boat-building and racing in Sydney, firstly with Alf and then Ken and now Colin. The Beashel Buoy on Sydney Harbour is named Colin’s grandfather Alf Beashel, a founder of the Australian 18 Footers League and clubhouse in Double Bay.

Taking the deck off is an exciting moment. There is no turning back. Brunzeel plywood, French glued and made of the highest quality timber was used for the subdeck.

Off with the new. On with the original
Tools of the trade
At one with his craft: Colin Beashel in the shed at Elvina Bay, Pittwater

Classic boat owners are custodians of these beautiful pieces of history. The French government has gone so far as to decree, France, its famous 8 Metre a national monument. Ernest Digby’s pair of 8 Metres are a vital part of Australian maritime history that one feels driven to preserve.

Classic boat attachment: love beyond reason

Digby’s plans for Defiance have been lost, quite possibly in a bonfire of assorted document followed the merger of the Melbourne Harbour Trustmerging with another government department. Much has had to be pieced together from original photos, comparison of the two 8 Metres and his other boats. Looking for Digby clues has been a hugely enjoyable part of the restoration.

Looking for clues
Discussing the newly restored Huon pine cabin top
Queensland kauri pine detail

Moved by her beauty and historical importance, a ‘brains trust’ of like-minded fellow timber boat lovers and restorers was formed. Each has played a part, with their practical and sophisticated views and support gratefully received.

These include Brits Duncan Walker, an expert on the yachts of William Fife and Rob Gray, a lover and restorer of classics including Clarionet, whose recommendations opinion led to Australian custom made winches by Hutton Arco; formidable sailor Carl Ryves — creator of fine wooden boats from the gorgeous mahogany Riva-style Ryvescraft

to the replica of Ben Lexcen’s Venom; and the late Roger Hickman, Sydney to Hobart and Taswegian champion who was a purist when it came to racing 8’s. ‘Don’t add a thing,’ he advised. ‘Keep it simple.’ He was so right.

Carl Ryves, a highly skilled wooden boat builder himself, with Colin

For the sake of longevity and also for the fact that kauri of the necessary lengths for the deck were unable to be sourced, high-grade teak has replaced the original kauri planking, . The covering board was clearly kauri but unable to be replicated. It is estimated that the deck had been replaced three times prior to Beashel’s deck.

The late and great Roger Hickman in the shed at Beashels with Colin

The introduction of the new deck allowed us to take took her back to her original racing deck configuration. Correcting past mistakes, her transom was also restored to its original perfect form. Taking Defiance back to her original day- boat format became obvious. Removing good work was sometimes part of the process that ultimately pared her back to the purity of Digby’s original plan.

Australian painter and classic boat owner John Firth Smith inspecting the restored transom

Wherever possible, original features and materials have been preserved or replicated. Existing planking is in remarkably good condition. Due in part to the quality of the original construction and materials, and also thanks to the stability given to the boat by a plywood deck added in the 1980s, there is a low level of degradation in the fastenings. Digby built his boats strong to last.

Apprentice shipwright Declan Springthorpe securing the new teak deck, photographed by Hugh Hamilton

At each part of the restoration the question was asked, “What would Digby have done?” Removeable self-tailing winches for a Bermudan rig set-up are a modern concession, as is the removeable Volvo engine for safety on a crowded modern harbour.

The most difficult decision to make has been whether to keep the existing Bermudian rig or re-create its original gaff rig. By 1935, virtually all 8 Metres were Bermudian. The 8 metre in particular was designed against a backdrop of 12 metres and J class yachts for personal racing pleasure with fewer crew.

Gaff rigs have made a return to the world-wide stage in recent years. Sydney’s own beloved Ranger class of under thirty feet long are a great example of a perfectly-sized gaffer for the local waterways, requiring less crew to sail and being easier to manage. The gaff rig for Defiance at nearly fifty feet, with its spectacularly long boom, would deprive her of the current ease of handling, visibility and the option of two- and three-handed harbour cruising she currently enjoys.

Grandson Peter Digby recalls his forebears were speedsters on the water, men in a hurry who would have explored every new option in order to win. Digby himself chose a Bermudian rig for his second 8 Metre Frances in 1947 with stunning results. Interestingly, the E. O. Digby Cup once raced for by the A1 division — inaugural win by Vanessa in ’61-’62 in the year of Ernest’s presented in his memory, ’63 -’64 Georgina, ‘64-’65 Vanessa, ‘65-’66 Venger, ‘66-’67 Vanessa, ‘68-’69 Acrospire and ‘69-’70 in which 120 yachts raced across three divisions was won by Destiny 11, in furious competition which led to the destruction of an imported dragon in a collision during the race. The Cup is still raced for by the fastest yachts on Port Phillip Bay. The most recent successive winner is Terra Firma, a Cookson 52.

In the interests of versatility, and suitability for regular racing over sheer beauty and historical reference, the existing oregon mast and boom of her 1951 conversion — with which Defiance completed three of her five Sydney to Hobarts — remains.

New custom-made bronze winches designed in collaboration with Allen Hutton of Hutton Arco

The original gaff rig had only a tiny pair of bronze winches that are long gone. Powerful bronze winches with a lower profile to compliment the classic style were custom built by Australian winch expert Allen Hutton of Hutton Arco. Hutton was the man behind the legendary Barlow winches and is a quiet achiever whose winches are in demand the world over. A set of his winches was recently commissioned for the yacht Manitou once belonging to President John F. Kennedy.

Ian ‘Shorty’ Short of Ian Short Sails was commissioned to make up a completely new sail wardrobe using taffeta laminate. Ian knows his way around an 8 Metre. He designed the sails and was — along with sailor Glenn Cooper — part of the all-Australian crew on the 8 Metre Saskia that won the World Cup in 2007 in Scotland.

Cross-laminate taffeta sails and new spinnaker being tested by Ian (Shorty) Short and Glenn (Hedgy) Cooper
An off white tone called ‘French Feedsack’ created by master painter Gary Comluquoy compliments the kauri trim
Ribs and stringers: the elegance of her lovely wooden hull
A rare relaxing moment on the new deck for Marie Claire magazine, shot by classic boat owner David Mandelberg

Defiance is a boat of undisputable glamour and style. Having resumed her place in the fleet, she gives pleasure to the harbour, frequently surprises with her metre-boat power and speed and is the pride of the pond of the Royal Yacht Squadron which is now her home.

Post-restoration in Elvina Bay Pittwater

Defiance returned to racing with convincing wins in the Classics at the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club with Irish legend Harold Cudmore on the helm; won her first series in the Combined Classic 2017 Winter Series with champion sailor David Giles, Aimee Walsh and Squadron members training for the 8 Metre World Cup in Norway; the inaugural metre boat division of the SASC 2017 Gaffers Day, the penultimate gathering of classic yachts on the yachting calendar with Carl Ryves on helm — Divison 1 spinnakers of the Australia Day Regatta 2015 and 2018. and most recently in the Great Veteran’s Race for Sydney to Hobart boats — beating Fidelis, Love & War, Josephine, Mister Christian, Syonara and Mercedes 111 to 3rd overall.

In good hands: Sailing legends Harold Cudmore and Dick Sargeant in the process of leaving the fleet behind

The 8 Metre is a very attractive yacht to top level sailors who have sailed many modern boats. They say it’s like a Stradivarius or a Rolls Royce, or a beautiful piece of furniture — a privilege to sail.

Revered tactician Hugh Treharne plans a winning strategy with Colin Beashel in the CYCA Winter Series 2013

Colin Beashel says she is ‘sweet in the water’, Harold Cudmore describes her as ‘very well-balanced’ and Bill Gale, whose father Cliff Gale designed the Ranger class, says “she is the most exciting boat I have ever sailed. You listen and she tells you what to do!”

Dream team for the Pittwater Classic Regatta 2018: With Carl Ryves, Andrew Cutler, Aimee Walsh, David Giles, Colin Beashel, Harold Cudmore and Hugh Treharne
A quiet discussion pre-start

First over the line by a mile, resolutely last on handicap. Such is the fate of a very fast boat. Happy on the smooth, gorgeous waters of Pittwater, Defiance nevertheless had a picture perfect sail with some of the greats. Such moments are a sweet privilege that remind you of what it’s all about — good people.

The one and only Annie Taylor: a regular on Wild Oats dropping in on a Woody Point twilight
Olympians David Giles and Dick Sargeant in action: Huon pine cabin top with kauri border gleaming in the sunlight
Sea change: Defiance with new antifoul — having been taken stripped right back to the hull and lead keel

Classic boating is on the increase in Australia with many boat lovers becoming interested in the history, preservation and style of classic yachts.

All class: Crew member Susie Burge enjoying metre boat life

The British 8 Metre fleet has grown in the past few years, encouraged by British Classic Week, Panerai Classic Week and the Madeline Bulkeley Trophy raced for in between.

Panerai Week in Cowes 2017 — Athena and Erica (formerly Erica J) pursuing Helen to the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line
First over the line: Graeme Wood’s modern 8 Metre savouring a tactical victory in the World Cup, France 2014
The fabulous Frances, Digby’s second 8 metre, dominating Melbourne’s classic scene in 2016
Varg, Johann Anker 8 Metre rebuilt in Tasmania getting a great start in the 2017 8 Metre World Cup in Norway with Kraig Carlstrom on the helm
Miss U: The 2017 World Cup winner designed by Jacques Farroux, and owned and raced by Avia Willment (l) pictured here with Nicole Shrimpton at Universal Marina in the Hamble
Two perfect designs: Digby’s Defiance against the backdrop of Utzon’s iconic Opera House. Photographed by renowned Tasmanian photographer Richard Bennett

The increased level of interest in and awareness of the classics is demonstrated by the number of entrants at events — Melbourne’s Cup Regatta and Couta Boat Regatta (where 80 boats will gather for a single regatta and recently 24 for the Couta Boat Regatta at the RPEYC in Sydney); the enduring popularity of the traditional 18 Footers; Australia Day and Gaffers Day at the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club; and the Wooden Boat Festivals in Tasmania and at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney this coming April, 2018.

Acrospire owner and sailmaker Col Anderson at Gaffers Day 2015 at the SASC the home of classic yachting

Classic boats are a vital part of Australian heritage, sailing culture and harbour life.

Bill Gale (l), Sir James Hardy (inside) and former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, owner of the Couta boat ‘Rob Roy’ at Gaffers Day SASC 2017
Olympic cool: Carl Ryves looking relaxed and in the zone as he leaves the fleet behind on Gaffers Day 2017
Ernie’s granddaughter Ann Crisp and great granddaughter Meagan Crisp celebrating the Defiance win on 2017 Gaffers Day
Painter John Baird’s celebration of the gaff-rigged Couta boats and Defiance on Sydney Harbour
Pretty as a picture: Patrick Bolland’s, Tenpin, delightful drawing of Defiance

Sailing is an essential part of Australian culture. The Australian National Maritime Museum was in fact built to house Australia 11, the famous Ben Lexcen-designed 8 metre after she and her famous crew broke the 123-year long sports record held by America when they won the America’s Cup in 1983. This was a defining moments in Australian history, for the ingeunity of the design, the vision of backer Alan Bond and the sheer talent of her sailors.

Each day an Australian sails we relive this moment and demonstrate our prowess on waterways everywhere. Racing sailing is much more than competition — in itself a noble activity. It is a primal connection to the water, the harnessing of the wind, a team sport of the higest calibre and a sacred communion with nature that is fundamental to the Ausralian soul. All sailing, and particularly racing sailing is a crystallisation of many desires and disciplines, as thrilling to experience as it is to watch. Ultimately it is the most democractic of sports, as anyone with an interest or talent is welcomed and encouraged in the true Australian spirit.

A platform of excellence: Defiance demonstrating her winning ways in the Australia Day Regatta in 2015 and 2018

The Australia Day Regatta, reinvigorated by a race between 12 metre rivals Iain Murray and Dennis Conner in 2000, is the oldest continuous sailing regatta in the world, with sailors competing since 1837. There is keen competition, with the trophies and medals presented at the Sydney Town Hall. “ Out of everything I win,” whispered one recipient feverishly, “this is the one that means the most.” It certainly is to the owner of Defiance.

Defiance has won Divison 1 spinnakers twice — against boats of any age —in 2015 — with famous helmsman Gordon Ingate, John ‘Flanno’ Flannery, Nick Burridge, David Giles, the late Roger ‘Hicko’ Hickman — and in 2018 with Harold Cudmore on the helm, Carl Ryves and Andrew Cutler. Winners are known to keep their medals close to hand.

Defiance showing her form against Mike Maxwell’s stunning 12 Metre Gretel II on Australia Day 2012

Timber boats are a class of their own, providing an increasing source of pleasure to legions of budding boat restorers with time on their hands. Ancient logs of huon from beneath the dams of Tasmania are finding their way into the hands of careful shipwrights.

New generation kauri forests photographed by Colin Beashel

While the felling of past forests is controversial, new well-managed forests are underway to provide an essential source of material for the apprentices of the future. Whenever a tree must fall, then let it be made into a beautiful classic boat. And preferably an International 8 Metre.

Dragon champion and Prince Phillip Cup winner David Giles making it look easy on Sydney Harbour in 2017
Huge fun in a Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron 2018 with visiting British Daring sailor Sir Richard Ottaway on the helm
A dream come true: Defiance as the cover story of the classic boat bible: Classic Boat UK
Pre-eminent Tasmanian photographer Richard Bennett’s magnificent shots of two great pieces of design

sydney hobart.pngSchermafbeelding 2018-12-27 om 23.34.42.pngdefiance 6.jpgDefiance 1954.jpeg1*vAd_YpANqTUUQt56QLxcBA.jpeg1*6Uqm7L7r3qO8Pu7NmODuVQ.jpeg1*70UZ-W3t8piXyu22a9d9aA.jpeg1*vXn7Ki6cyCQiO8fiKGqeIg.jpeg1*G5XQ7AxypuxGAGe80WMmQQ.jpeg1*Rg5U0JTPZIRuPv9tLAsxAw.jpeg1*n0k_sYjPVsaID6EUqPdltQ.jpeg1*OQZvC-LMIE9GnIJA6mQ2iw.jpeg1*NhhhEbkxmf45cXCGgkv3WQ.jpeg1*mdFMZmj-Skv2TrRZw0VsPw.jpeg1*56XU48Q4iRQ_P7bXeTJiuQ.jpeg1*vXJYWPmQbjwLxAK4Y-160A.jpeg1*ES-AmktXYvnyY37utZrS7Q.jpeg1*d7RHl4vcsdB7EoPO3q5qEA.jpeg1*jFxPbyHqewcjKWeCuWoXLA.jpeg1*SChVrlbq6GlYz8fH23ZHuw.jpeg1*4BQBEOyVi_76q-AsUJtlzw.jpeg1*K4BWjfXndlIvQLBCSaorNg.jpeg1*xp4cOSa57QYW6jWupRgzrw.jpeg1*BzwQ51S4wElaBqFkTtk3bg.jpeg1*VXYIxxoR6DFkbCmYxHsELQ.jpeg1*TqkZaoPa4mBdc98d7noXig.jpeg1*KrO5Xv1N5U0bvyLSgCUN0Q.jpeg1*-hTiTmSUGRPrGSg6Xe5kVA.jpeg1*OzvZKUnYwf1RtKKmqs0GtA.jpeg1*kRzvHjBdUhz4tZSjNIIITQ.jpeg1*VD5ZG0Jz7y8zwiRTqqlSKA.jpeg1*hjaIP5hs5BVtZyIztLMzhw.jpeg1*qEe3w-RVXUIDcaGAChbbqA.jpeg1*M7CSnYcNcikYrLOdV66h-A.jpeg1*XbZEPGWE0V17B-v4HQeTJg.jpeg1*Q5SpbckZjNTlVfZfEjiU9A.jpeg1*kjynVzgpp347u3gkfD8a8Q.jpeg1*gguTdqOWjHrulg62TtxLjg.jpeg1*4UlL-ION8wzirhYmb4-iCA.jpeg1*k1xvW-0cBomEyAawVZbzzA.jpeg1*3jQ6GXIcvbHuvXNN3xyPyA.jpeg1*r3lexD-pArBsBqaJFMQLqg.jpeg1*vbxsAEjIOqzpWVrNoyHXBQ-2.jpeg1*ImgrCps5WGrpAMxgdwA0Og.jpeg1*dxCUcNZnib2YfyWMfD9UKA.jpeg1*VDJBUdzuvE41X4aQbhvpPQ.jpeg1*UPOyeE-6boR_k91HZw-DxQ-2.jpeg1*vbxsAEjIOqzpWVrNoyHXBQ.jpeg1*UPOyeE-6boR_k91HZw-DxQ.jpeg1*4aSIFSToCkgiZoOgCj-i1A.jpeg1*Z4CubFVf-6fCvGCoPLUWmA.jpeg1*7i04jAlbFm2M54tfPMygrA.jpeg1*t7iR_FqM6CQd15ge11ZX0g.jpeg1*3Mc1U6q6YvFbldHn_oy6cw.jpeg1*t8RXvdeiouvIMDBNBS1ChQ.jpeg1*kVTvH_IpRE801Pl8gSFr2g.jpeg1*aOMHrkYmAQo6O-7T78NTCA.jpeg1*bbBZQxQEHJBUm-HQmZzCFQ.jpeg1*De72ciVz_FY_dnvwBaXSGg.jpeg1*Qpg7rzVolxPCv3tWFT5P1g.jpeg1*87aGr7wEocHcQM0rskva4w.jpeg1*pFAUmbB0WJz86OtxkeLPZQ.jpeg1*2CLjasjSk2VY_15rR7iSeQ.jpeg1*uJY0I5fVK1UzzpJIPXioVw.jpeg1*i1a9sBspI3cWRhd-ZYV_uw.jpeg1*f3wbUq5nA1eqMCAYQeDM1g.jpeg1*B0uwlU-ciWmj61O6xbVB-A.jpeg1*QnyN-2nCj-KMm1sxQVJJWg.jpeg1*Gs-OPqkWetCHLyZq83X23A.jpeg1*JWR8mh3RUAk95zg0CthS3w.pngdefiance 1954-5.jpegimage.thumb.png.5c0f190380fb46a66cf939a0c27378f8.png
Nov 2018

The Magnificent Sixes by Tim Street

Since there are some ideas to bring out a new book about the 8's, why not have a look at this fantastic book about the 6mR class that just came out, written by Tim Street. Tim Street has been a great help to the 8-Metre Register over the past 25 years, he is a true supporter of IEMA and a heart & soul metre boat affiniado and deserves every possible support.

Books can be ordered by clicking here!



Since 1907 the Metre Boats have both fascinated and challenged the very best designers of each age to produce boats for the very best helmsmen and crews to compete in the most prestigious international events. As a development class, the Six Metres have been the test-bed for innovative designs embracing new materials and technologies, all within the constraints of a rule that is more than 100 years old and stood the test of time. This book tells their story and introduces the characters that have driven competition and preserved these beautiful boats, lavishly illustrated with contemporary images of surviving boats. Appendix of all known boats built and a note from Ian Howlett about the origins of the Rule.

Tim Street has been the leading light in the class for many years. A past-President, he was responsible for the resurgence of interest in the class, tracking down lost boats and encouraging restorations and competition. No-one knows more about these boats than Tim. He has owned and restored several boats himself and instigated the concept of separate “Classics” divisions which has since been widely adopted elsewhere.

Tim's new book will arrive from the printers this week.  Thanks to all those who pre-ordered - we'll send those out as a priority.  

Orders may be placed at

Jul 2018

2018 winners crowned

The new world champion of the 8mR yachts is Werner Deuring at the helm of "Conquistador" of the Yacht-Club Bregenz. He narrowly defended his lead on the final day of the World Cup. With two victories in the last two races, the team of Swiss Jean Fabre with the "Yquem II" came up to one point to Deuring, but the Austrian with his international crew (Dan Slater, Markus Sagmeister, Michael Seifarth, Reinhard Brucker and Thomas Schaffler) could no longer be displaced from first place.

Deuring also won the world championship title in the age group "Modern". The titles in the other three rating groups went to Harri Roschier (Finland) with the "Luna" in the group "Sira", Angelo Mazzarella (SN Geneva, Switzerland) on the "Carron II" in the group "Neptune" and dr. Andreas Lochbrunner (Lindauer Segler-Club) in the group "First Rule".

"That was still a tough game today," Werner Deuring said on Saturday looking back. "We gave away the first race by a tactical mistake. But we went into today's day with enough advantage, "said Deuring. "The guys from Lake Geneva are in a good mood and not for nothing have been world champions a few times," Deuring was pleased that the lead was enough.
"It would have been more than a miracle if we had won that yet," admitted Jean Fabre, "but we are still satisfied." Two first places were just not enough in the end. "We are better with more wind, but we understood the difficult winds on Lake Constance  too late," said Fabre. Especially the changeable conditions impressed the Swiss. "Congratulations to the Yacht Club Langenargen for this event. We all felt like kings, "he said, impressed by the performance of the host's many volunteers.

Third overall went to the Finnish "Luna" with Harri Roschier, even though she sailed her strings with a seventh place in the last race. Eckhard Kaller (YC Meersburg) defended his fourth place with the "Wyvern", which S.M. King Harald of Norway had almost taken with his "Sira". But in the end, the sailmaker from Lake Constance was one point ahead of the threefold Olympian from the north. Boatmaker Josef Martin sailed sixth with the "Sposa II" from YC Radolfzell.

For the umpteenth time, Andi Lochbrunner was the world champion of over 100 years old boats in the group "First Rule" with his "Elfe II" built in 1912. "It was a very satisfying event for Lake Constance. In our group it was a very strong field of participants. We have never had seven boats in the First Rule group. "
Lake Constance showed many faces at the World Cup
On the six days of the regatta, Lake Constance showed almost all of its faces - from the sun to thunderstorms, from doldrums to fresh breezes. The most beautiful summer weather received the participants from eight nations (even up to Brazil) on Monday. The fair weather west enabled three races on the first day. Thunderstorms with cloudbursts, which turned the open spaces in the Race Village in the BMK yachting harbor Langenargen into a lake, held sailors like race committee until the afternoon on land - and later a race had to be stopped because of a resuming doldrums. Sun and dark clouds alternated on the third day. The fleet was taken to the lake three times, sent back to the harbor three times without being done. Race Director Rudi Magg then set the start time for Thursday at seven o'clock in the morning - and lo and behold, getting up early was worth it: already in the morning two more races had been sailed, the minimum number of races for a valid World Championship was fulfilled.


On friday: Once again in the morning, heavy rain set in - but on the lake Westwind blew with three to four Beaufort, which provided for two more demanding races. Last but not least, numerous sunbathing visitors enjoyed the sun and the blue skies on Saturday - for the sailors on the lake it was a long wait for regatta wind. At 13.40 the eigth race finally started , in southern wind with about two Beaufort.
Jean Fabre (on "Yquem II") made true on  his announcement the night before: With a first place he shortened the gap to the leading Werner Deuring ("Conquistador").

Five minutes before the last possible start date, Rudi Magg sent the sailors one last time on the track. With the ninth race, the plan of ten races was almost reached - actually unusual for a week in midsummer. "You can not expect anything more," emphasized Rudi Magg and expressly thanked all the helpers. "Bye, bye," Magg said at the Award ceremony. After 30 years as race director, he wants to retire. The sailors thanked him with standing ovation. In addition to the challenge cups, on which the winners will be engraved, the world champions in each of the four groups of Thilo Mühle, Managing Director of Mühle-Glashütte, were presented with a Luxury Yacht Chronometer, each with a handmade knife with maritime inspiration from Neptunia, created by Thierry Henriot and personally handed over.

The focus of the one-week event, which was preceded by the "Aguti Classic Cup" which showed a total of 47 boats from different traditional classes, was the Race Village with a pagoda tent in the midst of the BMK marina Langenargen, which could be realized with the considerable support of the information portal 

The 8mR yachts 2019 World Championship will be hosted by the Royal Yacht Squadron from July 20th to 27th in Cowes, South England.


World Championship of 8mR yachts on Lake Constance at the Yacht Club Langenargen, 1.-7. July 2018 Final result Appreciation: 23 yachts, 9 races 1. "Conquistador"; Werner Deuring (YC Bregenz, Austria), Dan Slater, Markus Sagmeister, Michael Seifarth, Reinhard Brucker, Thomas Schaffler; 12 points 2. "Yquem II"; Jean Fabre (SN Geneva, Switzerland) Manuel Stern, Cedric Gentle, Marc Stern, David Genier, Pasqual Python; 13 points 3. "Luna"; Harri Roschier (Helsingfors Segelsällskap, Finland), Markus u. Nico Roschier, Thelen Kenneth, Jouni Seppi, Kimmo Viljamaa, Ari-Pekka Raitisto 4. "Wyvern"; Eckhard Kaller (YC Meersburg) 5. "Sira"; S. M. King Harald of Norway 6. "Sposa II", Josef Martin (YC Meersburg) Group Modern (built according to the newer meter rule) 1. "Conquistador"; Werner Deuring (YC Bregenz, Austria) Group Neptune (built according to the second meter rule valid between 1919 and 1933, true to the original) 1. "Carron II"; Angelo Mazzarella (SN Geneva, Switzerland) Group Sira (built after the second meter rule between 1918 and 1933, later modernized) 1. "Luna"; Harri Roschier (Helsingfors Segelsällskap, Finland) Group First Rule (built before 1918, true to the original) 1. "Elf II"; Andi Lochbrunner (Lindauer SC) complete list of results at

Die Fotos hat „Tobias Störkle |“ gemacht. 
Weltmeister Werner Deuring mit dem Pokal „Coppa d’Italia“ für das beste europäische Boot.
Dieses Foto ist von Jean-Marc Delettre.

8mR_WM_Werner_Deuring_4406s_Foto_Jean-Marc Delettre.jpg18_8mR_WC_1080518_8mR_WC_8967s_Tobias Störkle Störkle
Jul 2018

Two races on the fifth day of the 8mR World Championship Werner Deuring (Bregenz) continues to lead

Two more races were sailed on Friday, the fifth and penultimate day of the 8mR World Championship on Lake Constance at the Yacht Club Langenargen. The two 8's in the "modern class" divided the race victories between themselves. In the first race on Friday morning, the Swiss "Yquem II" owned by Jean Fabre was the victor, the second race was won by "Conquistador" of Werner Deuring(Bregenz), who leads in the overall standings after seven races.


"We made a few mistakes in the first race", said Werner Deuring, who let himself be caught out in the second round. "But in the second race we found our performance again. All in all, we consolidated our position well." In the second race Deuring out in front from the start. "We got closer to him on the final leg but it was too late", said Jean Fabre. "They were toughraces today, just the right wind for the 8's. We had to fight hard", says Fabre. The Swiss follow Deuring in second place with three points more (eleven points total). "We have to win all the races tomorrow - at any price", is his strategy for the final day.


Third in the overall standings (and first in the Sira group) is the Finnish "Luna" steered by Harri Roschier with 21 points. In the new interim results fourth position is held by "Wyvern" with helmsman Eckhard Kaller (29 points) from the Yacht Club Meersburg. H.M. King Harald of Norway ranks fifth with the same number of points. After seven races the worst result can de deducted - and so the king's prematurestart on Monday does not burden his points account anymore. Up to now he has scored three third places with his 1938 built "Sira" and so is closely on the heels of the modern eights.


With three to four Beaufort wind forces from the western direction (mostly accompanied by rain) significantly longer races have been possible on Friday than at the beginning of the week. "That was a wonderful sailing wind, good for the image of Lake Constance as a sailing area", commented Andi Lochbrunner(Lindau), who steers the more than 100 year's old "Elfe II". "It was a tough match for the 'first rule' boats", said Lochbrunner, looking at the group of very old yachts. "But last year we sailed in Hankö in force six winds and big waves, so this was no problem at all."


For Saturday, the attentionsignal is set for 9.30. Two races can still be sailed on Saturday, then the World Cup will be decided.

18_8mR_WC_10779_Tobias Störkle
Jul 2018

Zwei Rennen vor dem Frühstück am vierten Tag der Achter-WM

Das frühe Aufstehen am Donnerstagmorgen, dem vierten Tag der Weltmeisterschaft der 8mR-Yachten auf dem Bodensee beim Yacht Club Langenargen, hat sich gelohnt. Zwei Wettfahrten waren schon vor zehn Uhr absolviert. Für den ersten Start um sieben Uhr hatten Segler wie Wettfahrtleitung schon um sechs Uhr den BMK Yachthafen Langenargen verlassen. 

Den ersten Lauf gewann der Schweizer Jean Fabre mit der Yacht „Yquem II“ vor dem Bregenzer Werner Deuring mit „Conquistador“ und S. M. König Harald von Norwegen mit „Sira“. Im folgenden Rennen war Deuring vor Josef Martin aus Radolfzell auf „Sposa II“ und Fabre. In der Gesamtwertung führt das Team von Werner Deuring.


Der Start am Morgen verlief spektakulär. Die Schweizer auf der „Carron II“ hatten den Kurs der vorfahrtsberechtigten „Conquistador“ falsch eingeschätzt. Es kam zu einer schweren Kollision: Der Bug der „Conquistador“ bohrte sich gut 20 Zentimeter tief in den Rumpf der „Carron II“, ein Mann ging vom Bug über Bord. „Wir konnten nicht mehr ausweichen“, sagte „Conquistador“-Steuermann Werner Deuring. Er war froh, dass nur der Bug seiner Yacht tiefe Schrammen bekam, der Mast aber unbeschädigt blieb. Seinen Vorschiffsmann konnte er gleich wieder an Bord nehmen, nahm das Rennen jedoch mit Verspätung auf. Im Verlauf des Rennens segelte er noch auf den zweiten Rang nach vorne. Der Kollisionsverursacher gab seine Schuld zu. Die „Carron II“ wurde in den Hafen geschleppt, Bootsbauer Karl Strempel nahm die Reparaturarbeiten umgehend auf. Mittags meldete er das Boot wieder einsatzfähig.


In der zweiten Wettfahrt begann der Wind, erneut zu drehen. Die Wettfahrtleitung passte den Regattakurs der neuen Windrichtung an, brachte das Rennen aber diesmal ohne Flaute ins Ziel. Wettfahrtleiter Rudi Magg zeigte sich erleichtert, dass mit diesem insgesamt fünften Rennen die Weltmeisterschaft auch als solche gewertet werden kann. Weitere Läufe sind geplant, der Start für den Freitag wurde auf 9.30 Uhr festgesetzt. 


In der Gesamtwertung führt Werner Deuring (YC Bregenz, 7 Punkte) vor Jean Fabre (SN Genf, 12 Punkte) und Harri Roschier (Finnland, 18 Punkte). In den Gruppenwertungen „Sira“ liegt Harri Roschier vorne, in der Klasse „Neptune“ führt Fred Meyer (SN Genf) und bei den ältesten Yachten (vor 1918 gebaut) der Klasse „First Rule“ Andi Lochbrunner mit der „Elfe II“.  

Ab der sechsten gültigen Wettfahrt kann die jeweils schlechteste gestrichen werden - da könnte sich noch einiges im Klassement ändern. Die Spannung bleibt also bis zum letzten Tag, dem Samstag, erhalten.

18_8mR_WC_Deuring_4948s_Tobias Störkle
Jul 2018

First a thunderstorm, then due to lack of windat the WorldCup

First a thunderstorm, then a start - and finally a cancellation of racing due to lack of wind. That in short sums up the second day at the World Championship of 8mR yachts on Lake Constance at the Yacht Club Langenargen.

Race Director Rudi Magg had opened the skipper's briefing on Tuesday morning with a gunshot - and the echo followed almost immediately: The sky answered with thunder and lightning. A more than heavy downpour interrupted Magg’s briefing, which consisted mainly of the fact that he had postponed the preparation signal for starting to 12.30 because of the thunderstorm.

"We are happy with the first day," helmsman Fred Meyer and representative of the Eights from Lake Geneva confirmed at the meeting - which was underlined by the sailors in the tent in the Race Village in the BMK YachthafenLangenargen with a loud applause.


For about two hours rain poured down so heavily that even the Race-Village became a small lake.


When the storm was over, race leader Rudi Magg sent the fleet of 23 yachts out onto the lake. But the wind was still fluky and changed direction so often that the regatta course had to be reset several times. Shortly after 15.00 hours the boats started for the fourth overall race. After less than an hour, the wind dissapeared completely. Only a breath of wind is not enough for a World Cup race and at 15:59 therefore, Magg abandonedthe race because of the total calm and sent the 8mR yachts back to the harbour.


The World Championship of 8mR yachts will continue on Wednesday. Up to Saturday, a total of ten races are planned.

Jul 2018

3 races on the first day of the 8mr Worldcup in Langenargen.

Three races on the first day of the 8 Metre World Cup


The World Championship of 8mR yachts at the Yacht Club Langenargen on Lake Constance began with a dream day. Three races were sailed with a wind force of two Beaufort from the southwest. Werner Deuring from Bregenz leads in the overall ranking of the 23 yachts.


"The first day was excellent, we had perfect wind", Deuring was pleased will his excellent start of the World Cup. With two first and one second place (four points) he is well in the lead. "We hope that the wind will remain good and that we improve ourselves a little every day." Deuring sails with his regular crew from Bregenz and Langenargen as well as the New Zealand professional Daniel Slater as tactician "The language on board is English“as the skipper of the "Conquistador" confirms. She was built in 2004. With an older boat Deuring was vice-World Champion last year. "Now we are going for success in the modern class”, the Austrian has a clear goal.

That the older boats can keep up well is evident with the third place of "Sira", built in 1938, which is helmed by H.M. King Harald V of Norway, in the second race, close behind two modern 8's. And the third race showed that even a king has to play by the rules. He was clearly over the start line with his yacht and was disqualified by the race committee like any other yacht in this race would have been.

The Swiss Jean Fabre (Geneva) is in second place in the overall standings with eight points on "Yquem II", ahead of Harry Roschier (Finland) on "Luna" with nine points.

In the group "First Rule" - the real oldtimers at the World Championships - the Andi Lochbrunner from Lindauleads with his "Elfe II“.In the overall ranking, "Elfe II" is in 15th place.

Race Director Rudi Magg has set the start for Tuesday at eleven o'clock. The Skippers briefing will take place at 9.30 am in the Race-Village in the BMK YachthafenLangenargen, which was built with considerable support from for this World Cup.

Ten races are planned for the regatta, after the sixth race has been sailed there will be the possibility for discards.

18_8mR_WC_0006s_Tobias Störkle Störkle Störkle
May 2018

2018 8mR Championship Series overview

Please find enclosed an overview of the 8mr Championship series which are currently known.


Norwegian 8mr Championship series

12. + 13. May              Private 8mR regatta                            Oslo

2.+3.+5. June              Færder Sailing Week                            Oslo   

25 June - 7 July          Worldcup                                                Langenargen

2. – 4. August              Risör Trebåtfestival                             Risör

17. – 19. August          HYC Invitational 8mR regatta           Hankö



Finnish 8mR Championship Series

16 - 17  June                  RRegatta                                              ESF

25 june - 7 July              Worldcup                                             YCL

30 june - 1 July.             Hesaregarra                                         HSS

6 - 8       July                   Hangon Regatta                                  HSF

26 - 28  July                    Classic Regatta                                   ASS

4 - 5      August               Sjampanja (LM)                                  HSS

11.        August                Viaporin Tuoppi                                 SuPS

25 - 26 August                Classic Regatta                                   BS


British 8mR Championship series

19 - 20 May                      Solent Series 1

 2 -  3  June                       Solent Series 2

16 - 17 June                     Solent Series 3

27 June - 7 July               World Cup 

14 - 21 July                      Panerai BCYC

23 - 29 July                      Cowes Classic


NAEMA Championship series

June 16-17       RCYC Open Regatta  -  RCYC

June 30-July 1 Sodus Bay Challenge Cup  - SBYC

July 7-8            PCYC Open Regatta    -  PCYC

July 28-29        CanAm Challenge  -  YYC

Aug 3-5            Quantum Sails LYRA Race Week  -  RYC/GYC

Aug 18-19        Rochester Race  -  RYC

Aug 25-26        EYC Open Regatta  -  EYC


May 2018

North American Championship series 2018

North American 8mR Association 2018 Championship Events


June 16-17       RCYC Open Regatta  -  RCYC

June 30-July 1 Sodus Bay Challenge Cup  -  SBYC

July 7-8            PCYC Open Regatta     -  PCYC

July 28-29        CanAm Challenge  -  YYC

Aug 3-5            Quantum Sails LYRA Race Week  -  RYC/GYC

Aug 18-19        Rochester Race  -  RYC

Aug 25-26        EYC Open Regatta  -  EYC



Feb 2018

2018 Norwegian Regatta Schedule

Hi my new Sira Class friends,

And thanks again for lovely days at Hankö last summer!


To your notice we have planned our Sira Class 2018 season in the inner- and outer Oslofjord:

12. + 13. May              Private 8mR regatta                           Oslo

2.+3.+5. June              Færder Sailing Week                          Oslo    

2. – 4. August              Risör Trebåtfestival                            Risör

17. – 19. August          HYC Invitational 8mR regatta             Hankö


More training days will definitely be agreed upon as soon as we will smell the first clues of spring time.

LARA and SILJA are happily spending their winter holidays stored well on shore at the Oslofjord.

We hope you will love to match with the Norwegian fleet before your departure mid June to Lake Constance and maybe also in August, after your return?

We promise to assist you on practicalities – just let us know!






8mR  NOR-27

Nov 2017

Eight Bells for Richard (Dick) Mitchele

MITCHELE, Richard (Dick) John Macaulay died peacefully surrounded by his family.  He had a short stay at Southlake Hospital due to Congestive Heart Failure.  Loving husband of Marianne, his lifelong companion and biggest supporter for 46 years; proud father to John (Heather Ann), Richard, Chris (Jennifer), and Kirsten Smith (Bill); grandfather to John, Cassandra, Brittany, Alma, Helen, Anna Mae, Mary, and Charlie; and brother to Nancy McDonald (George).

Dick graduated from the University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering and Business in 1959.  From there he worked at Fiberglass of Canada in Sarnia, and later Toronto.  He then joined the family business, Archery Craft, and eventually took it over from his father.  Archery Craft manufactured and distributed archery equipment.  As an entrepreneur, Dick focused on expanding the company internationally and participated in many Canadian trade missions to the Far East and Europe.  Through this experience, Dick learned to love and appreciate the power of diversity and made many life long friends.  After selling Archery Craft in 1978, he co-founded Aquachem which specialized in engineered high-pressure water systems.

Dick’s greatest passion was sailing.  He was a member at Port Credit Yacht Club (PCYC) for his entire life, serving as Commodore in 1978, and becoming an Honourary Life Member in 2011.  In 1972 he purchased his International 8 Metre Thisbe with his life long friend, Gerry Wood.  This was an important start to building the 8 Metre fleet on Lake Ontario.  Dick and Gerry moved Thisbe to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in 1986 to join the growing fleet.  Thisbe was a family boat that was often sailed with multiple generations aboard.  Dick’s sons, John and Chris, took over for Gerry in the 1990s and became partners with their father.  Dick was very pleased to watch the families of John and Chris fully care for and race Thisbe in recent years.  The tradition carries on as Thisbe continues to be raced by family and close friends.  The love of sailing is also carried on by his son Richard, a world class bowman, crossing the Pacific three times amongst other achievements.  His daughter Kirsten, appreciates boating, but has inherited his love of the outdoors and shares it with her husband and children in North Bay.

Dick instilled strong values in all of us – the importance of family – the strength of friendships; and most of all, taking the time to appreciate and enjoy the special moments with all of them.

We, his family, are grateful for this.  He was our very special coach and teacher.

John Mitchele

Aug 2017

2017 Hanko Final Day

With expectations of strong winds up to 20 + knots, only parts of the float chose to go out and fight for the top positions in the final day of the 8mR World Cup in Hankø.

The overall winner is, without beeing on the water in the second race today, GBR "Miss U" with Avia Willment. With a set of 7 1.places, one 2. and one 3.rd. the modern yacht didn´t have to finish the last race in order to win overall. With 12 points, the modern James Bond-inspired boat was 18 points ahead og number two. Behind «Miss U», Austrian «Pandora» and Werner Deuring took the second place overall with 30 points, followed by Norwegian "Wanda" and Lars Ingeberg with 37 counting points after deleting the DSQ from day two.

After tight fights among the 4-5 best yachts in the Sira Class, the above mentioned 2. and 3. place «Pandora» and «Wanda», took 1. and in the Sira Class. Number three in the class for yachts built before 1960, was Canadian "Bangalore" withTerry Mc Laughlin with 42 points. Number 4 and 5, were both Norwegian, and ended both on 53 counting points. Number 4, «IF» had a lower total sum before deleting the weakest single race result than «Sira».

With winds up to 20+, the conditions were quite challaging the last day og the race, and many of the yachts that did not have an opportunity to advance, chose to stay inshore. Finnish "Silja" came back to the yacht club with broken mast before the start,and H. M King Harald´s "Sira", was fighting for å top three position in the Sira class until her mast came down on the second cross leg in the second race. Fortunately there were no human injury.

Link to results and entries:!/results?classId=9b843e3c-6969-420c-8553-83ee1316ecaf

Aug 2017

Towards an exciting 8 metre World Cup finale.

After todays layday, sailors and organizers are rested and ready for the two final days off the 8 metre World Cup off Hankø in South eastern Norway. There have been excellent racing sofar in condition varying from light, 6-8 knots, to yesterdays bristering 16-20 in building seas. The Hankø course is difficult to sail, even for the home teams, as the current coming from river Glomma gives the left tackers a lee bow advantage, which tends to be countered by a veering wind on the right side. What is giving the sailors most advantage is the eternal question.

After six good races it is evident that the 2014 built Faroux designed «Miss U» is on a steady course towards the 2017 World Cup, 
although she has been beaten twice so far in the series by aging beauties from the Sira Class (boats built prior to 1960). Therefore there real competition is in this class which provides exceptionally close racing between the  top boats. The fight for glory in this class is between «Pandora», ex «Raven», Wernes Deuring, AUT, Lars Ingebergs «Wanda», NOR King Haralds «Sira» and «Bangalore» steered by olympic medalist Terry McLaughlin, CAN. Whereas «Bangalore» seems to thrive in light airs and being less comfortable in the stronger breeze, the others seem to go well in all conditions.

Yesterday gave the home crowds something to cheer about, when in the last race the fight for the top position in the Sira class
provided extremely close and exiting races between «Wanda», «Sira» and the 1930 Bjarne Aas design «If», Tom Knutsen, NOR.
They were all leading at one point, and at the finish, only seconds kept them apart. You will not find closer racing even in the strictest
one design classes.

In the Neptune Class for boats qualifying in the Sira Class but are restricted to use dacron sails and non self tailing winches, the fight is
between, «Carron II», Angelo Mazzarello, SUI, «Saskia», Allan Manuel, GBR and «Falcon», Jan Willem Ypma, NED.

«Elfe II». Andi Lochbrunner GER is lading the gaff rigged First Rule boats.
Tomorrow is expected light SW 6-8 knots, which could provide some interesting changes to the results.!/results?classId=9b843e3c-6969-420c-8553-83ee1316ecaf

All photos are free for editorial use, credit James R. Taylor.

Tekst: Mikkel Thommessen

Aug 2017

Hanko 2017 links to results and trackers!

The Hanko Yacht Club has been very active and have several sites where races can be followed. Here is a small archive of links on how to follow the races.

Event website


Official Results Page


Trackers and unofficial results






Aug 2017


The sailors had to wait for two hours before sailing could start, but when the sea breeze turned up, the conditions were excellent.  

The eventual winner of the 8mR Régate Annuelle en Mer, «Miss U» GBR crosses «Bangalore» going upwind, The two finished 1-2 in todays race as well.

A large number of spectator boats followed todays racing for the 8mR Régate Annuelle en Mer. Thankfully they managed to stay clear of the sailboats, much thanks to the RIBs actively patroling the course. The wind condition were a stable 12-14 knots southwesterly giving fair conditions for all.

Impressiv sight

With close to 30 boats on the starting line, the start of these majestic 8 metre yachts is a very spectacular and impressive sight. Most of the sailors are of a high caliber, which makes the sailing quite impressive. 

Three great races

8mR Régate Annuelle en Mer was finished today after a total of three races. The winner, the newest boat in the class, «Miss U» delivered only four years ago, and sailed by Avia Willment and with a very visible affection to James Bond, the sail  number bein 007 and with «The Girl with the Golden Gun» printed on the sail as well as on the boat. The boat had to fight unexpectedly hard against her older sisters, built before 1960, «Pandora» «Wanda» and «Banaglore». 

Results 8mR Régate Annuelle en mer

1. Miss U, Avia Willment, GBR 1, 2, 1 - 4 p

2. Pandora, Werner Deuring, AUT 3, 1, 3 - 7 p

3. Wanda, Lars Ingeberg, NOR 2, 3, 5 - 10 p

4. Bangalore, Terry MacLaughlin CAN 6, 9, 2 17 p

5. If, Tom B. K. Knutsen, NOR  4, 10, 4  18 p

6. Luna, Harri Rochier FIN 9, 5, 8  22 p

Picture credits to James Taylor and Mikkel Thommessen

When the World Cup starts Monday, the racing may be followed live at :

Jul 2017


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

On behalf of the Yacht Club Langenargen e.V., we warmly welcome you to the “8mR World Cup”. The YCL will host this “World Cup” from the 25.06. – 07.07.2018 in its home port, the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen. 

The Yacht Club Langenargen proudly looks back on a long and successful tradition in regatta sports. Not just in the field of yacht sailing, but also in the youth and junior classes the YCL is a stronghold. Along with traditional regattas, that are carried out year for year, it is extremely wonderful to welcome a new class to our club and above all to carry out the “8mR World Cup” 2018. 

The „8mR World Cup“ is carried out for the second time on the Lake of Constance. 2006 the elegant yachts were guests in Lindau. That’s why it’s a special honor for us to host the “8mR World Cup” in our port of Langenargen. 

Tradition is the emphasis of classical yachts and their owners/crew and that’s why we hope to undertake a successful, exciting and varied event. An opportunity for you to hop aboard with us at the 8mR World Cup! Raise your Sails with us. To everybody again a feel at home and enjoy your stay! 

Roel van Merkesteyn 
Commodore of Yacht Club Langenargen 

HRH Friedrich Herzog von Württemberg 
Patron of World Cup 2018 

Andreas Drewing 
Owner BMK Yachthafen Langenargen 

More information and preliminary program: 

🇩🇪 Willkommen zum 8mR World Cup

🇬🇧 welcome to the 8mR World Cup

🇫🇷 Bienvenue au „8M Coupe du Monde“

Informations: 8mR World Cup 2018


8mR World Cup 2018 // Preliminary program 
supporting act / programm 25th - 28th June 

Monday 25th June 
Arrival of the 8m Yachts 

Tuesday 26th June 
Arrival, rigging and test sailing of the 8m Yachts 

Wednesday 27th June 
Yacht Measurement and YCL Wednesday regatta 

Thursday 28th June 
Yacht Measurement and training on the water 

Opening Regatta 29th June - 1st July // Preliminary program 

Friday 29th June “The Classic Cup” 
Training in front of Langenargen and arrival of the yachts for the event opening; 6mR, 8mR, 75er nat., 45er nat., L-Boats. 

Saturday 30th June “The Classic Cup” 
The opening regatta of the world cup 

Sunday 1st July “The Classic Cup” prize-giving 
The opening regatta ends with the ‘Concours d’élégance’ and finally the prize-giving 

8mR World Cup 2018 // Preliminary program 

Sunday 1st July Opening of the 8m World Cup 2018 
Ceremonious welcome and opening by our patron, HRH Duke Friedrich von Württemberg, officials of the sailing sport, Board and Association. 

Monday 2nd July Regattas 
After the regatta, beer at the dock, concluding with the day’s prizegiving and an Apéro. 

Tuesday 3rd July Regattas 
After the regatta, beer at the dock, concluding with the day’s prize. 
Official world cup evening in which the sailors will be culinarily and culturally entertained. 

Wednesday 4th July Regattas 
After the regatta, beer at the dock, concluding with the day’s prize-giving and an Apéro. 

Thursday 5th July Regattas 
After the regatta, beer at the dock, concluding with the day’s prize giving. 
Official world cup evening in which the sailors will be culinarily and culturally entertained. 

Friday 6th July Regattas 
Day’s prize-giving with Apéro, World Cup Lounge party 

Saturday 7th July Final Day 
Prize-giving and ceremonious closing evening

Jun 2017


The famous red yacht is red no more.

A new owner for the 1930 Bjarne Aas ‘If’ means that one of the most colourful yachts in the 8mr fleet, both by hull colour as well as crew, is now the colour of a crisp and promising morning dawn.

If was commissioned in 1929 by Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen and built at the yard of Bjarne Aas in Frederikstad in 1930. When Peter Wilson put If up for sale, he expressed his desire that she would be returned to Norway if possible. Chance has it, that when Tom Knutsen (current caretaker of If) showed up, there were more than a few ties that would connect him with If. As Tom is Norwegian, If will be sailing out of the Hvaler archipelago, where also the Ditlev-Simonsen still have an estate, who also happen to be close friends of Tom and even relatives from his wife’s side. If there is need for proof of a small world, this will be it…


Tom: “As Peter expressed desire to preferably sell If back to Norway, I believe I had a good chance when showing up in Aldeburgh Boatyard in Dec 16. Being married to a girl with Ditlev-Simonsen family affiliation probably didn’t reduce my possibility to secure Peters precious If. One of the purchasing clauses Peter demanded was for the upgrading and optimisation works that were on my list after my first inspection, to be performed by the Aldeburgh Boatyard.I had little issues with Peters clause and started up my close cooperation with Matthew Lingley and Euan Seel who had just taken over the Aldenburgh Boatyard from Peter. After 4 months I can nothing but praise Aldeburgh Boatyard for the extraordinary high standard of work they have performed on If”.


The owner history of If as is currently known:

  • Halfdan D-S, Sjøfartsbygningen, Oslo 1930-32 (1933?)
  • Colonel F.H. Cleaver, Winchester, Hants, UK 1932 (1933?)-1938
  • No publishing during WW2
  • Thomas Crosbie, Montenotte, Cork, Ireland 1947-68 (first engine installed in 1954)
  • Thomas Rose, Bearsden, Dunbattonshire, UK 1968-72
  • Dr Arthur W Shirley, Thanketon, Lanarkshire, UK 1972-2000 (supposedly resting 27 years in his garden as decoration!)
  • Peter Wilson, Aldeburgh, Suffok 2000-2016

Peter Wilson was not one to shy away from large voyages on his beloved If, even handing out his selfmade “If trophy” for the 8mr that would sail the furthest on her own keel to the events.  She was always up to the task as an exceptional cruiser as Uffa Fox wrote in his book: “If is the best hard-weather 8-metre yet seen in Norway, and loking at her lines it is easy for us to imagine her driving to windward against a strong wind and sea. Those of us who have sailed in her realise more clearly still the speed and power wrapped up in this design....Besides her evident ability to windward we can see by her clean buttock lines, which give her such a long, easy run, that she is capable of high speeds off the wind, and it it is a pleasure to put such a good little vessel into this book.”

Currently, the cruising interior has been removed and she is stripped below. The exterior has been painted light grey and hardware has been renewed. The Aldeburgh Boatyard did a wonderful job in getting her in her new dress. Tom has decorated the yard with a memorial plaque on the wonderful job they did and to commemorate the special place If had in Peter Wilson’s life.

And now, like a crisp morning, she is ready to show her pace on the racecourse again. So Let’s welcome Tom to the 8mr Family and we wish If fair winds and good racing under Tom’s custody.

18156429_1343253919056279_7247031244926643193_o.jpg18155825_1343253899056281_2676224185765170040_o.jpgimage4.jpeg10.JPGDrawings.jpgMeas.cert.1930.jpgIf HYC 200517.PNG4 After sandblasting.jpg8.jpg5.jpgRNY 250517.JPG6.jpg22.JPG9.jpg7.jpg17.jpg21.JPG1.JPGimage1.jpeg3.JPGIf mascot since 1950.JPG20.JPG19.JPG2.JPG11.JPG12.JPG14.JPG13.JPG18193063_1343253932389611_2292076126323055970_o.jpg15.JPG18.JPG16.JPG16507981_1267413836640288_5783208694874364579_n.jpg16684108_1267413866640285_4651113986097632517_n.jpg
Jun 2017

Invitation AGM 2017 Hanko

Dear Members,

Please find attached an invitation to the Annual General Assembly of the International Eight Metre Association to be held at Hanko , Norway on THursday , August 17 , 2017 at 10:00a.m..

I look forward to seeing you there .

Guy Jones ,
Executive Secretary,

May 2017

Defender launched

Defender, the new built Fife design from 1931 has launched, and she is a beauty. Built on the same design as her sisterships Saskia and Invader (Invader is also a new build). 

Wooden Boatworks and Ben Bentley have outdone themselves and really made a wonderful yacht. Her mast has stepped and she is currently undergoing the first testsails. So, hopefully we will see her on the racecourse soon!

Apr 2017

amendement no 1 for the 2017 world cup in Hanko


Dear members,

please find below an amendment change to the NOR of the 2017 worldcup. 



Amendment Number 1


NoR 5.5.  Delete current wording and substitute Thursday, August 17th 10.00 hours.

Mar 2017

Ranja back in the NL

With a fair bit of nationalistic pride, I am happy to announce that Ranja is currently in the Netherlands for a major refit under new ownership of Han R. de Groot.

Han has been racing Cadet and Hornet in his youth, and his current ship is a 12m long Skerry cruiser called Margaux. Margaux has been expertly restored by Ventis in Enkhuizen and since the restauration of Margaux was complete, Han decided to pursue his childhood dream of buying an 8 meter. And what a beauty did he buy!!

Ranja is a 1935 Tore Holm design, built by Olsen and Rselund in Hagersten, Sweden.  She was first owned by Gustav Olsen, one of the builders. She was raced out of KNS from 1935 until the early 1960's, when the original owner died and she was sold to California. There she was converted to a cruising boat, where she sailed, with one owner, until 2005 when she was purchased and brought to Toronto, Canada. Ranja was then converted back into racing mode and has had some work done. She stood on the hard since 2011.

Currently at the Ventis yard in Enkhuizen, Ranja will undergo a major restauration to bring her completely up to spec to be raced hard on the international waters in 2020. Han, and his skipper Jan Hein Jesse are planning on a visit in Norway to see the fleet and gather inspiration. So, let’s welcome Han and Jan Hein to the 8mr family and applaud them for being caretakers of Ranja to preserve it for future generations to be enjoyed and raced.

image001.jpg2072390400049693372vGfKxt_ph (3) (2).jpgFO133267 kopie.jpgranja.jpgsl55-1434.jpgRanja_WC2010.jpg
Mar 2017

New SIRA trophy Rules version 5.3 available

Dear IEMA members,


Members will recall that at the AGA in Toronto a process was put in place to develop a new Sira Cup Rule.  That process resulted in the recent email vote on Sira Cup Version 5.3 .  The voting period has now concluded and I am pleased to advise that Version 5.3 has been approved by the membership and therefore will govern the racing for the Sira Cup in Hanko this summer .

I would personally like to thank the many members who gave so freely of their time to comment on the various drafts , and in particular , David Vieira , who as Chair of the Technical Committee , spent endless hours reviewing and refining various submissions .

I look forward to seeing you all in Hanko for the World Championships.

The new document can be found as a download under this item, under the TROPHIES RULES & DEED OF GIFT heading on the website, or click here to get a direct download.

Guy Jones ,
Executive Secretary ,


Feb 2017

2017 Hankø Worldcup update

Dear 8mR sailor,

On behalf of The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club we cordially invite you to
participate in the 8mR World Cup 2017 at Hankø, Norway. The event will
as predicted take place from the 10th to the 20th of August. Please find
enclosed an Invitation, Notice of Race and some practical information.

We also invite you to visit your event website [1]
where you will find a gateway to the entry form. We ask you please to
make your entry as early as possible.

After having made the entry we will send you an e-mail - with an invoice
and a short questionnaire in order for us to obtain the information
necessary to meet your expectations for a great sailing event.

Any mail correspondance to be addressed to

Looking forward to seeing you

Danckert Mellbye
President of the Organising Committee
The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club
tel: +47 90135242

Feb 2017

Risor classic regatta

Please find enclosed the NoR for the Risor regatta. A great opportunity to test your crewwork and boat tuning before the Worldcup in Hanko

For questions, please contact Mikkel Thommessen, +47 9075 6365 or per e-mail for further info re social schedule and accommodation.

Jan 2017

defender built by Wooden Boatworks

Wooden Boatworks, Inc. is in the process of scratch building the second of two 8-Meter Class replicas to Wm. Fife III’s 1930 design for Invader. This hull, named Defender, is being built as faithfully as possible to the specs, scantlings and methods of the original. Lofted from the original drawings, the hull measures 48’2” on deck, with a beam of 8’6”, and displacing 18,500 lbs. The boat is being built with a White Oak backbone, laminated Cherry and steam bent Oak frames, planking and deck of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, with all Cherry brightwork. The spars and rig have been redesigned by Naval Architect Theo Rye to stay competitive with the fleet of classic yachts she will be racing against in Oyster Bay, NY. Project Manager Ben Bentley heads a six man team on the hull, while the spars are being built by Taylor Allen’s Rockport Marine. Defender will be launched in May 2017 on the railway at Hanff’s Boatyard in Greenport.

Wooden Boatworks, Inc. specializes in crafting new builds & replicas, as well as restoration, repair & maintenance of Golden Age era sail and power yachts. Cofounders Donn Costanzo and Bruce Wahl have a deep respect and appreciation for the iconic yacht designers; William Fife III, Nathanael Herreshoff, and Gilbert Monroe Smith, among others. Costanzo and Wahl embrace an ethos defined by a commitment to artistry, craftsmanship and traditional materials and methods. The Wooden Boatworks’ team is comprised of multi-disciplined, artisan builders operating three marine and manufacturing facilities on Long Island’s North Fork. 

WBW Defender Braune Photo.jpg
Oct 2016

Risør Wooden Boat Festival 3-5 August 2017

Risør Wooden Boat Festival 3-5 August 2017 for those arriving to Norway early. The event includes the Wanda Cup for 8 metres, a three day regatta along with Risør Cup for 12 metres on an open course outside Risør. Risør is a 60 miles sail from Hankø. Please let us know, if you are interested. We will put you in contact with the organizers.

A good way to tune up before the Worldcup in Hanko!

Oct 2016

Welcome to Hanko 2017 - 10-20 August 2017

Dear Members,

Please find  the official invitation from the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) to the 2017 World Championships in Hanko, Norway below and in the downloads

There has already been a show of interest from over 30 boats, including from boats such as Johan Anker design Varg from Australia. We can expect great racing on the waters and a superb social program, not to forget the celebration of the 80th birthday of His Majesty King Harald.

The notice of race and the registration will be opened later this year

For more information, please follow the event webpages and facebook:

We look forward to seeing you in Hanko. Stay tuned!

Best regards,

Julia Ormio
International Eight Metre Association - IEMA

Sep 2016

RCYC Hollandia Team Decisively Wins Canada's Cup Championship

“We are very proud to have successfully defended the Canada's Cup for Canada and Royal Canadian Yacht Club. The U.S. team [Yquem 1, of Youngstown Yacht Club] was very talented and challenged us every step of the way. They took the lead many times and we had to come from behind. It has been my life long dream to win the Canada's Cup. I am excited and incredibly proud of the team and my fortune to continue in the Gooderham tradition in competing for theCanada's Cup," Bryan Gooderham, skipper.

The Championship was one of the most uplifting Cup Championships between two outstanding yacht clubs who have had great racing rivalries and racing camaraderie after battling on the water for many years. It was the first time for them to battle against each other for Canada's Cup and the first time on 8 Metre yachts. 

In the best of seven races, RCYC won the first three races with well executed starts, in challenging tacking duels and multiple wind shifts and very high and very low wind conditions. 

Yquem 1, having to win the fifth race to remain in contention, came back in shifty winds and tacking duels to win in a nail biting finish in dying winds.Yquem then won the start of the sixth race and led to the first mark. ThenHollandia, not to be outdone, charged ahead overtaking Yquem 1 after splitting tacks in shifting winds and tacking duels and kept increasing its lead in moderate winds to win with a commanding finish. 

Immediately after the race both teams displayed outstanding sportsmanship and camaraderie together, typical of Canada's Cup Championships of the past. 

There is much more to report in next month's Kwasind on the Championship and at the Celebration of Canada's Cup Heritage Dinner on November 5th and to thank all those who "Got into the Cup Spirit" for which the Club is most grateful. 

Canada's Cup Committee 
Co-Chair Commodore David Matheson


pictures: Tim Wilkes /


Sep 2016

Pictures from the Canada's cup

Aug 2016

Hollandia wins the Worldcup, Bangalore wins Sira

Toronto Ontario (August 30, 2016) – After a five day, nine race series, Hollandia of the Netherlands wins it with eight points. The racing took place in a range of conditions and Hollandia managed to win every race.

“We had an incredible week on and off the water. We wish Canada the best of luck in defending the Canada's Cup with Hollandia", said Tim van Rootselaar co-owner and helmsman.

The Sira cup, for the classic division was won by Bangalore, skippered by Terry McLaughin.

World Class sailors gathered on Lake Ontario (August 21 – 27), just off Toronto Island, to fight for the coveted title of the 8Metre World Cup Champion.  Sailors competed in the modern 8 Metre for the World Cup Championship title while sailors in the classic division participate for the Sira Cup Championship title.

For Results click here

About the North American Eight Metre

The 8Metre yacht (8mR) dates back over one hundred years. Today, the 8mR class is comprised of the Classic and Modern divisions. Both types of boats must meet strict measurement criteria for the hull and rig in order to qualify in one of these divisions. Generally, the boat measures approximately 14 metres in length with beams (width) of around 2.5. 

The Classic 8mR’s are the mainstay of the class. They provide a display of unmatched wooden beauty and are often kept in families for generations. These are the boats that come to mind first when people think about the 8mR class. The fleet’s status was secured when the Canada’s Cup, the most prestigious regatta on the Great Lakes, was sailed in the 8mR class in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1950’s. Today, many of the 8mR yachts from this earlier era are still competing at regattas on Lake Ontario. 

About RCYC 

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) offers both a down town city club and an island yacht club. The RCYC’s Olympic calibre sailing facilities hosted the 2015 Pan American Games. 

RCYC was founded in 1852 to serve both as a yachting recreational club and, in the British tradition, as an unofficial auxiliary of the Royal Navy in the defence of the waters of Lake Ontario. Two of the primary objectives of the club are to promote yacht architecture, building and sailing; and to promote excellence in competitive sailing. 


Picture credit to Sharon Green of Ultimate Sailing

Aug 2016

The Int. 8-Metre European Championships have been opened.

Yesterday I had the privilege to be present at the opening ceremony of the 150 Year Anniversary Celebration Event of the Royal Danish Yacht Club, the 5.5 Worlds, The 8-Metre Europeans and the 12-Metre Baltic Championships.


What a wonderful sight it was, a stunning fleet of amazing metre boats and what a superb venue for metre boat racing!! For our association coming to Copenhagen is a first, most certainly I hope it is not a last. The prizes and trophies on display of the three classes where an exhibition in itself, each trophy had a story to tell of decades racing and competition, of special venues, of extraordinary owners and crews who fought to have their name engraved. I could not help picking out the Coppa d’Italia, the trophy for the European Champion which was donated to our class in 1909 by His Majesty King Umberto of Italy, seriously impressive not just in size but also in history with some of the biggest names in yachting of the past 106 years engraved.


And as we go back in time than we realize that Copenhagen was the start of it all, here is where in 1906 the chemist Alfred Benzon developed the rule and guiding principles which resulted in the most successful international rating class in the history of sailing. 110 years after Mr. Benzon launched the formula, new metre boats are still being built, a new 12, a few new eights both modern and classic, and a quiet but determined flow of the superb 5,5's which continue to lead the way in high-tech displacement keelboat design.


So here we are back in Copenhagen, celebrating 150 years of sailing and yachting excellence at a Royal Yacht Club with deep roots in our sport, a yacht club with a profoundly positive influence on sailing. The KDY is also the yacht club of the greatest sailor of all time and my greatest hero of hero's; Mr Paul Elvstrøm, the man who singlehanded changed sailing, every single one of us has touched something he developed, he changed  our sport for the better.


The week ahead will see the 5.5, 8 and 12-metres racing an together for the first time, the ever first major combined championships of our classes.


I have great confidence in the concept and look forward to exploring and learning, so we can continue to build the friendship between our classes, Continue to Work, race and sail together and be the family of boats we are.


And for that first; what better time that the 150th anniversary of the Royal Danish Yacht Club, what better place than the town where it all started 110 years ago. A very special thanks goes out to Commodore Lars Ive and his enthusiastic, passionate and welcoming team who made it all possible ! Thank you for having us, giving us such a wonderful event and the break from our work-a-day world that everyone was longing for.


Leaves me to wish everyone in Copenhagen a festive week of great sailing, good fun and friendship. Fair winds to you all.


John Lammerts van Bueren

IEMA President

Coppa d Italia.jpg
Jul 2016

Yquem wins Canada's cup Challenger trials

JULY 6-10, 2016, SBYC

Yquem (YYC) won the Challenger Series hosted by Sodus Bay Yacht Club with 4 points. Alluettefinished the Series with 2 points and Natural with 0 points.

Boat A            Boat B            Boat C
Yquem            Natural          Aluette
     4                      0                     2

Jul 2016

Canadascup defender results


Our team Hollandia, an exceptionally fast boat, won decisively to defend Canada's Cup for Canada. Three really determined contenders, Gefion led by Richard Self and Mark DeCelles, Lafayette led by Terry McLaughlin and Hollandia led by Bryan Gooderham vied for the prestigious right to defend the Cup for Canada against the United States' Team Yquem I of the Youngstown Yacht Club led by Adam Burns. All of our three boats at different points in time showed that they were all high performance potential winners. Team Hollandia won after 18 races requiring another sudden death race with Team Lafayette to break a tie. 

The races had all the thrills expected and unexpected in top match racing. There were brilliant maneuvers inheavy, light and medium winds, some dramatic and multiple wind shifts, wind shears, lightning, rain storms, a calling off of one race, multiple protests and superb crewing in boats that had design technology which revealed them as having greater speed in light, moderate or heavy winds. Tensions and spirits were at their highest. The camaraderie at the closing ceremonies was at its best. 

Excitement, tension and spirit will rise even more when the United States winner arrives in our harbour with their fans. This clash in the nation-to-nation Championships in September are not to be missed. The Club will be at its very best for the occasion with all the spirit, pomp and ceremony the Event deserves. Details will be shortly posted.

As one wonderful Member stated:

"At stake, of course, is the pride of a nation. Our Club, after all, carries Canada's name"

May the pride and spirit of our Club and Members be overwhelming at the September 10th - 14th Cup Championships.

Our team Hollandia will need all of our support of every kind. May all of you try in some way to make the Championship Events the very best we can achieve. Join in the Cup spirit and all that it stands for at our Club.

Canada's Cup Committee
Co-Chair Commodore David Matheson



Out of 18 races, the first boat to receive 14 points in the sudden death final was the winner.

Hollandia Lafayette Gefion
Total 14.25 12 0


The Canadian Defence Trials featured three contenders for the Club: Gefion of the Richard Self and Mark DeCelles team; the Defender of Record, Lafayette of the Terry McLaughlin team; and Hollandiaof the Bryan Gooderham team. Two round robin race series were held.

The results are posted below:

X = Not Racing
2* = Race Won
0 = Race Lost

Each race won in the set of trials is worth 2 points. Jury penalties may apply.

            Hollandia Lafayette Gefion
Race 1     0                2               X
Race 2     X                2               0
Race 3     2                X               0
Race 4     1.25          0                X
Race 5     0                2               X
Race 6     2                0               X
Race 7     2                0               X
Race 8     2                0               X
Race 9     2                0               X
Totals     11.25         6               0


The first set of 2016 Canadian Defence Trials were raced on Lake Ontario off Toronto Island on July 1-3, 2016. 

The results are posted below:  

X = Not Racing
1 = Race Won
0 = Race Lost

                    Hollandia Lafayette Gefion
Fri. Race 1       0               1                X
Sat. Race 2       X               1                0
Sat. Race 3       1               X                0
Sat. Race 4       0               1                X
Sat. Race 5       X               1                0
Sun. Race 6      1               X                0
Sun. Race 7      0               1                X
Sun. Race 8      X               1                0
Sun. Race 9      1               X                0
Totals                3               6                0

Jul 2016

Candidates for election at AGM in Toronto

Dear members,

Please find attached the update on the candidates for election at the AGM in Toronto.

Best regards,


John Lammerts van Bueren
IEMA President

Jul 2016

Lafayette sweeps a 6 – 0 victory in Part One of the Canada’s Cup Defender Series

Lafayette sweeps a 6 – 0 victory in Part One of the Canada’s Cup Defender Series

-- Hollandia takes second and Gefion third --

Toronto Ontario (July 4, 2016) –Round One of the 24th Canada’s Cup (#CanadasCup #yearofthe8) Defender Series consisted of nine races over three days, in diverse weather conditions. Lafayette was undefeated with six wins and zero losses. Hollandia trailed behind with three victories and four losses. Gefion struggled with zero wins. The three-day competition presented itself with a variety of conditions: light wind (no wind), heavy wind and thunder storms.  The race committee managed to host nine races in these difficult conditions.

“It has been a good start to the series for Team Lafayette. The crew has worked very hard on the boat this spring and it is nice to see all that hard work translate into results on the water. Lafayette has performed well in a variety of wind conditions. We look forward to the second round of racing starting on July 15”, says Terry McLaughlin, skipper of Layfayette.

The races took place in the Modern Grand Prix 8 Metre yacht. Part One of the match-race elimination series scores one point per win. Part Two of the series will score double points per win. The high point winner will have the honour of competing in the coveted Canada’s Cup competition or

The Results

The Canada’s Cup, an America’s Cup style sailboat match-race, between Canada and the United States, attracts high performance sailors from across the region to compete in Great Lakes sailing excellence. Layfayette, Hollandia and Gefion will face-off again July 13-15 to decide who will represent Canada in the 24th Canada’s Cup on the 120th anniversary. 

The Canadian Defender Series

A two-part round robin elimination series in which the first yacht to win sufficient points will become the official Defender for the Canada’s Cup Championship match series in September. 

The Teams

Team Gefion (RCYC) is skippered by Richard Self crewed by Hugh Beaton tactician, Mike Malloy (trimmer), Mark Decelles (pitman) and Billy Gooderham (bow), Hamish Matthews and Taylor Self.

Team Hollandia (RCYC) is skippered by Bryan Gooderham and crewed by Rob Emery, Will Gyles, Allan Megarry, Erwyn Naidoo, Jennifer Provan, Michael Rustom, Peter Wickwire, Mike Wolfs

Team Lafayette (RCYC) is skippered by Terry McLaughlin and crewed by Dave Jarvis (main), Geoff Moore (primaries), Sandy Andrews(bow), Justin Barnes (pitman), Andrew McTavish (primaries) and Tony Bowman (primaries) 

The winners of the defender series will partake in the Canada’s Cup Championship series which will be held September 10-14, 2016 on Lake Ontario offshore from Toronto and hosted by Royal Canadian Yacht Club, RCYC.


About the 24th Canada’s Cup


The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) hosts the ultimate of North American match racing sailing events—the 24th Canada’s Cup challenge and the 120th anniversary of the Cup. A historic event that celebrates excellence in sailing and the rivalry and comradery of Canadian and American sailors on the Great Lakes. This year the event officially marks the revival of the historic, classic and much-admired International 8 Metre (8mR) class, but in its most modern and developed form, called the Modern 8mR. The return of the 8mR to the Canada’s Cup has been longed for by Canadian and American sailors who have kept the class vibrant and alive since 1954—the 8mR’s last challenge for the Cup. 


In the summer of 2016, the Canada’s Cup, sailed in the Modern 8mR, celebrates tradition and glamour along with a modern hi-tech look in head-to-head, match-racing-style competition for yacht-racing excellence of the Great Lakes.


Toronto’s RCYC is the current holder and defender of the Canada’s Cup. The defender is the yacht club who won the previous Canada’s Cup while the challenger of record is the yacht club who officially issues the challenge for the next regatta in hopes to win the coveted Canada’s Cup. The challenger for the 24th Canada’s Cup is the Sodus Bay Yacht Club from New York State. The trials, or qualification series, take place in July for both the Canadian and US teams. Gefion, Hollandia, and Lafayette are the Canadian contenders while Aluette, Natural, and Yquem 1 are the US contenders. The winners will compete in the 24th Canada Cup in September.

About RCYC 

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) offers both a down town city club and an island yacht club. 

The RCYC’s Olympic calibre sailing facilities hosted the 2015 Pan American Games. 

RCYC was founded in 1852 to serve both as a yachting recreational club and, in the British tradition, as an unofficial auxiliary of the Royal Navy in the defence of the waters of Lake Ontario. Two of the primary objectives of the club are to promote yacht architecture, building and sailing; and to promote excellence in competitive sailing. 

Jul 2016

Canada's Cup in the News

Here you find an overview of newsarticles about the Canada's Cup


5th of july 2016- Niagara Gazette

5th of july 2016 - democrat&chronicle

Jul 2016

Canada scup: 5 races completed. Lighter winds tomorrow and an earlier start.

With five races completed, Lafayette is undefeated with four wins. Hollandia has one win and Gefion is winless. Lighter winds tomorrow and an earlier start.

For more information, have a look at



Jun 2016

Sira Cup rules to be set at the AGM in Toronto

Dear members,


For the past 33 years, the classic 8-Metres have been racing for the Sira Cup.  Over these years the Deed of Gift remained our governing document,  but the class developed and the fleets and level of competition grew. With that increase the need for rule clarification emerged more than once resulting in AGM Rulings and acceptance of precedents set. To date the latter two have not been formalised in a set of Rules to govern this so important Trophy.


IEMA Technical Committee member  Kjell Myrann and I have drafted the following Sira Cup Rules. The goal was to provide a clear set of rules where no currently active member yacht is excluded and the where those same rules will provide a solid platform for our members to work from. Of course, over time, they may need fine tuning​, but in order to make this possible IEMA needs a starting point which currently does not exist. 


It is my intent to present these rules to the general assembly in Toronto. If before that time you have any questions or suggestions than please do not hesitate to contact me.


Leaves me to wish you fair winds and beam reach for the remainder of the season. I look  forward to seeing you at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in August. 


Best wishes,

John Lammerts van Bueren


Jun 2016

For the first time six World Champions, face-off to decide their fate for a shot at the Canada’s Cup

Toronto Ontario (June 8, 2016)


Modern Grand Prix 8 Metre yachts compete in a match-race elimination series for the honour to compete in the coveted Canada’s Cup competition . The Canada’s Cup, an America’s Cup style sailboat match-race, between Canada and the United States, attracts high performance sailors from across the region to compete in Great Lakes sailing excellence. The Canadian competitors for the defence include the International Eight Metre World Champion yachts; Gefion, Hollandia and Lafayette. They will partake in a two-part round robin series of match-races, a one-on-one style of sailboat racing, to decide who will represent Canada in the 24th Canada’s Cup on the 120th anniversary. 

In Sodus Bay NY, (Sodus Bay Yacht Club with the official challenger of record), the American’s race-off in their challenger series which includes the International Eight Metre World Champion yachts; Aluette, Natural and Yquem 1. 

The Canadian Defender Series is a two-part round robin elimination series in which the first yacht to win sufficient points will become the official Defender for the Canada’s Cup Championship match series in September. 

When:     First Defender Series - July 1-3, 2016 

                Second Defender Series - July 15-17, 2016

First Gun 10:00AM 

Who:     Team Gefion (RCYC) is skippered by Richard Self crewed by Hugh Beaton tactician, Mike Malloy (trimmer), Mark Decelles (pitman) and Billy Gooderham (bow), Hamish Matthews and Taylor Self.

Team Hollandia (RCYC) is skippered by Bryan Gooderham and crewed by Rob Emery, Will Gyles, Allan Megarry, Erwyn Naidoo, Jennifer Provan, Michael Rustom, Peter Wickwire, Mike Wolfs

Team Lafayette(RCYC) is skippered by Terry McLaughlin and crewed by Dave Jarvis (main), Geoff Moore (primaries), Sandy Andrews(bow), Justin Barnes (pitman), Andrew McTavish (primaries) and Tony Bowman (primaries) 

Where:     Lake Ontario Toronto 

RCYC 150 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 3L1 

The US Challenger Series is a round robin elimination series with the winner declared as the Challenger. 

When:     July 6 -10 2016 

Who:     Team Aluette (SBYC), Team Natural (SBYC), Team Yquem 1 (Youngstown Yacht Club) 

Where:     Sodus Bay Yacht Club 

Great Sodus Bay, New York 

The winners of the challenger/defender series will partake in the Canada’s Cup Championship series which will be held September 10-14, 2016 on Lake Ontario offshore from Toronto and hosted by RCYC.


About the 24th Canada’s Cup

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) hosts the ultimate of North American match racing sailing events—the 24th Canada’s Cup challenge and the 120th anniversary of the Cup. A historic event that celebrates excellence in sailing and the rivalry and comradery of Canadian and American sailors on the Great Lakes. This year the event officially marks the revival of the historic, classic and much-admired International 8 Metre (8mR) class, but in its most modern and developed form, called the Modern 8mR. The return of the 8mR to the Canada’s Cup has been longed for by Canadian and American sailors who have kept the class vibrant and alive since 1954—the 8mR’s last challenge for the Cup. 


In the summer of 2016, the Canada’s Cup, sailed in the Modern 8mR, celebrates tradition and glamour along with a modern hi-tech look in head-to-head, match-racing-style competition for yacht-racing excellence of the Great Lakes.


Toronto’s RCYC is the current holder and defender of the Canada’s Cup. The defender is the yacht club who won the previous Canada’s Cup while the challenger of record is the yacht club who officially issues the challenge for the next regatta in hopes to win the coveted Canada’s Cup. The challenger for the 24th Canada’s Cup is the Sodus Bay Yacht Club from New York State. The trials, or qualification series, take place in July for both the Canadian and US teams. Gefion, Hollandia, and Lafayette are the Canadian contenders while Aluette, Natural, and Yquem 1 are the US contenders. The winners will compete in the 24th Canada Cup in September.


About RCYC 

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) offers both a down town city club and an island yacht club. 

The RCYC’s Olympic calibre sailing facilities hosted the 2015 Pan American Games. 

RCYC was founded in 1852 to serve both as a yachting recreational club and, in the British tradition, as an unofficial auxiliary of the Royal Navy in the defence of the waters of Lake Ontario. Two of the primary objectives of the club are to promote yacht architecture, building and sailing; and to promote excellence in competitive sailing. 


About SBYC 

SBYC was founded in 1893 on Great Sodus Bay on the south shore of Lake Ontario halfway between Rochester and Oswego NY. It has long been a favourite location for 8mR regattas and has hosted the World Championship as well as many North American Championships. It is a home port for both modern and classic 8mR’s and is leading the revival of interest in the class on the south shore of Lake Ontario.

Jun 2016

Busy Weekend, with loads of good results! Competition is ramping up (update)

It's been a busy weekend, with loads of teams racing and practicing in Finland, the UK, italy and Canada.

Luna (FIN17) and Ilderim (FIN16) were the only two 8mR's present at the R Regatta, which apparently led to some good match racing. According to their facebook page, the second day got hairy and Ilderim decided to suspend racing in the third race. Luna came out on top in the overal results.

Saskia did some racing as well. But we only have their word on their win, since we don't know which regatta they sailed and who the competition was.

UPDATE: the results are in, it appeared to have been a good weekend with Saskia (K26), Helen (K33) and Athena (K36) on the Solent. 

In Italy it was good sailing for Margaret (K4) in very light conditions. Even in light conditions, an 8mR stays picture perfect. 

Canada is setting up a great summer of racing for those yachts that are already present. The 25th of june are the start of the 8mR summer series. Check the NoR here. Don't forget, they have the Canada's cup and the World cup as well to keep you entertained.

Also worth checking out is the North American 8mR calendar. 

8mR Delphis (A4) plans on sailing in the med this summer. I can't imagine them sailing there alone. So if you plan on attending events, or if you've sailed on an event, or if you're organizing an event, send me the info and I'll post the NoR, SI's etc as well as news from the fleets. 

If you haven't yet registered your yacht for any of the events, now is the time! For the 8mr worldcup in Toronto: register here! For the 8mr Eurocup: register here.

If you have any news to share about racing, restaurations, boat stories, equipment or yacht for sale, or anything that might be of interest. let me know! Send me an email at

Jun 2016

New IEMA Webmaster ahoy !

New IEMA Webmaster ahoy !

Since yesterday, IEMA has an official FB Page & webmaster; Jelle Dingemans

For those of you who don’t know him; Jelle is a long time core crew member of Falcon K-20. He lives in Amsterdam and, just so you know, the boat always wins when he wears his red shorts. Then Jelle is very brilliant & active with Face Books and websites, in short, the only thing missing on his CV to make him the perfect are qualifications as astronaut and polar explorer.

So if you have any news worth sharing for the than please share it with Jelle at 

As I will be retiring as your IEMA president in Toronto, I expect Jelle to carry on the Dutch flag in IEMA. No hidden agenda from my end of course  :-)

Welcome on board Jelle !

John Lammerts van Bueren

Jun 2016

Canada's Cup, IEMA World Cup and many more ..

This summer Canada and Lake Ontario will be, beside Rio d'Janeiro, the heart of sports. It will be the most spectacular summer ever in the sailing world.
Here is a short list of most updatet sailing events coming up. 

Canada’s Cup Defence Trials
JULY 1-3 AND 15–17, 2016
This historic nation-to-nation match racing event that pits Canada against the United States will mark the 24th contest and 120th anniversary of Cup competition since its founding in 1896.

Canada’s Cup Challenger Trials
JULY 6-10, 2016
Sodus Bay Yacht Club, the Challenger of Record is in New York State on the south shore of Lake Ontario.

International Eight Metre World Cup 2016
AUGUST 21–26, 2016
Yachts representing Norway, Great Britain and the Netherlands will compete with Lake Ontario’s American and Canadian 8mR’s for the IEMA World Cup (modern) and the Sira Cup (classic) in a five day fleet racing series to determine the 2016 8mR World Champions.


SEPTEMBER 10–14, 2016
The Canada’s Cup, the grande dame of the Great Lakes is renowned across North America and beyond as one of yacht racing’s most prestigious trophies.


If you want to know more about all those sailing events in Canada, visit the website with all the information.

May 2016

EIGHT BELLS – Magne Brekke

Magne was a man of the sea and was brought up in the town of Sandefjord on the Norwegian southern coast line. Always interested in boats of all kinds but 15 years old he came across Apache, a Johan Anker designed 8 meter from 1917, standing in a garden in desperate need of attention. Today Apache is in a mint condition and sailing out of Geneva for new owners.At such a time Magne had no idea that some 12-13 years later he would purchase Apache and start a total restoration solely performed by himself in his spare time that would take more than 25 years to complete.

Apart for his passion for 8 meters Magne was a highly regarded doctor of profession and a pioneer within Norway treating patients with heart problems. He also was involved in projects abroad and his efforts in Northern Russia was regarded essential to improve the recovery rates for heart patients in this rural area.

Even though Magne cruised and raced Apache locally in Norway for more than 20 years, his passion for serious racing started in 2007 during his first the World Cup attendance at Hankø in Norway. Magne quickly realized that he needed a more competitive boat than Apache to become a serious contender in the fleet. After evaluating to build a new boat both in Portugal or Norway, he ended up buying the Tore Holm 1937 designed Wanda. Since 2010 Wanda and Magne has participated in all World championships striving to be a top contender in the Sira Class. Magne’s clear aim was to methodically improve the performance of the boat and its crew with the aim to win the Sira class, when the Worlds return to Hankø in Norway in 2017.

Unfortunately that was not to be for Magne, but one of his last wishes was to ensure that we as his crew kept Wanda sailing and completed the project he initiated. This we have promised and this we will do to honor a great man, a great friend and a great sailor.

We will miss him onboard but will do our utmost to honor his memory. On behalf Magne we would like underline the gratitude Magne expressed towards all our competitors and the various race organizers over the last years. Racing Wanda gave his life a new dimension during all the time he was fighting the cancer. On behalf of the crew we also would like to thank especially John Lammerts Van Bueren who always supported and motivated Magne. A special thanks also to Axel Meyer in Geneva, who ensured that Magne could race with us safely in Geneva 2016 in case of a emergency while onboard.

May Magne rest in peace.

Lars Ingeberg

Crew Member Wanda


May 2016

Wessel & Vett Cup // European Championship

The 8mR European Championship will be a part of the Wessel & Vett Cup - which includes 12 meters, 8 meters, 6 meters and 5.5 meters, and this event is an important part of the celebration of the clubs 150 year anniversary this year.

2016 also marks the 110 years of the Meter Rule in which Royal Danish Yacht Club played a pivotal role, as one of our leading members and former commodore Niels Benzon was one of the architects of the Meter Rule. 


The event is the European Championship in the 8mR Class.  

The organizing authority is:  


Tuborg Havnepark 15  

DK 2900 Hellerup  

Tel: +45 3314 8787  


Apr 2016

Per Wermelin

Eight Bells

Per Wermelin

Stockholm - April 5th – 2016

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Per Wermelin passed away.

Unquestionable Per was the primus inter pares of the Swedish Int. 8-Metres. In the archipelago of Stockholm, Per and the Nilsson brothers owned the legendary Djurö Båtvarv which became the home of most Int. 8-Metres in Sweden. In the early seventies the lineup of boats at the yard was knick-named “the rotting row” but over time, with passionate dedication, the boats were all restored and returned to starting line. Per had a canning ability to find the prettiest and fastest boats and making his yard their home, in this he played a pivotal role in the development of our class.

When it came to projects, Per’s ideas were never far from huge, never far from extraordinary and never far from impossible. But Per wouldn’t have it any other way and anyhow, he didn’t have too many friends who got excited about navigating chartered waters either, everyone counted on Per as the ultimate cure against boredom.

He was the quintessential master of self-fulfilling prophecies. Lifting long lost yachts like Alba from the bottom of the sea and restoring them. His vision to build the wonderful classic yacht centre Nya Djurgårdsvarvet in Stockholm was recognized by H.M. King Carl Gustav with a medal of honor. 

In sailing he combined true seamanship with a fiercely competitive spirit which made him World Champion 1978, 1987 and 1992. He was part of the 1977 America’s Cup Challenge with Sverige and he probably owned more metre boats than any person in the history of yachting. But most of all, Per was a promotor; He introduced the youth around Stockholm to sailing big boats.


He is no longer with us, but what a joy it has been to sail with Per, what a privilege it was to have him as a friend. Sail on dear Per, sail on.

John Lammerts van Bueren

President IEMA

Apr 2016

IEMA General Assembly date confirmed

The IEMA General Assembly will be held at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto on Thursday 25th August 2016. The invitation and agenda will be sent to the members later.

If you have any questions or requests regarding the meeting, please contact Julia Ormio, the Executive Secretary of IEMA (

Mar 2016

Anthea to find a new home in the Phillipines

Anthea has found a new home in the Phillipines after recently acquired by John Quirk. She is now permanently moored in Puerto Galera Philippines and is proudly the ‘flag yacht’ for the Puerto Galera Yacht Club (PGYC). Anthea regularly races in PGYC regattas and is used for PGYC promotional work and for sail training in the PGCY Small Boat Program, a program that introduces local youth and students from schools from Manila and overseas, to sailing and helps them to develop their sailing skills.

As background, ANTHEA was built in 1929 and is a Camper & Nicholson 8-Metre (8mR) yacht. Her sister-yacht is ‘SAGITTA’. Originally built for, and raced by H. G. Sicklemore, then President and later Commodore of the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. In the same year ANTHEA was built she won the RCYC Club Regatta, held on September 7,1929, in the 6-15 tons class.
After the WWII, in the early 50s, ANTHEA was bought by an American, and shipped to Long Beach where she underwent a refit and was used as a pleasure craft and raced in the occasional regatta.

ANTHEA was bought by the Barker family in 1967 and was sailed regularly as the family yacht off the California coast. In the early 70s ANTHEA again changed hands and moved to Hawaii where she was later bought by Gary Shipp and Kevin Hood in 1988 and underwent a major two–year refit. ANTHEA was then bought by Gary Pione, a shipwright who had worked on the refit and renovation in 1988-89 and in 1998.  Gary then sailed ANTHEA, mostly single-handed across the Pacific for the next 15 years, and in recent cruised between the Philippines and Palau on a regular basis. Notably, ANTHEA, with Gary at the helm, is credited with the world’s longest 8-Metre spinnaker run of 500 miles between Fiji and Tuvalu in 2002.

We look forward to hearing more about Anthea’s adventures in the Phillipines.


ANTHEA 8mR 1Feb 2016 (2).jpg


Nov 2015

Introduction of 2017

Here is a short clip introducing you to the 2017 Int. Eight Metre World Cup at Hanko, Norway.
Enjoy the clip and please help us and make this the best attended 8-Metre Worlds ever! Looking forward to seeing you on the water.
John Lammerts van Bueren
IEMA President

Sep 2015

Official poster 8-Metre World Cup Canada

It was a blast, last years World Cup in Geneva, so now everybody is already getting more excited about next years World Cup in Toronto. The fleet will be nice so far as we know, the organisation is going to be a good one again and hopefully the wind is going to be perfect for the 8-Metres. 

The official poster is now the days online, so stay tuned and watch the Social Media and the website of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club for more information about this upcoming event. 

Jul 2015

Invader Launch Day at Wooden Boatworks

10 July 2015 – Invader Launch Day at Wooden Boatworks

The recreation of 1932 Canada’s Cup Challenger Invader was launched on 10 July, what a boat and what a day! Built by Donn Costanzo and his team of passionate and dedicated craftsmen, the boat turned out as a tribute to her designer William Fife III. I was lucky to be there for the launch and enjoyed every minute, seldom have I met so many great people in one day! The original Invader was lost in the sixties while under tow on the Hudson River and she was on the short list of boats to be recreated for any years, if you are wondering why than have  look at the pictures again and if you haven’t figured it out after that than I would recommend you to go and see the doctor :-)

For more info please visit

Congratulations to all those who worked on this amazing beauty, one more Eight on the water, happy days !

John Lammerts van Bueren

Jul 2015

The New Int. 8-Metre World Champions

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 World Championships:

Overall: Yquem - Jean Fabre & Team

Sira Cup: Wyvern - GER-8 Ruediger Stihl & Team

Neptune Trophy: Catina VI - SUI-1 - Fred Meyer & Team

First Rule Cup: Elfe II - H-9 - Andi Lochbrunner & Team

One fantastic week of sailing, 10 races sailed in light breeze and solid sunshine, an atmosphere of friendship, fun, competition and passions for the boats. Tight racing and hard fought champions in a setting of the best possible hospitality ! Thank you Societe Nautique de Geneve, thank you Axel Meyer, thank you PRO Pascal and all the volonteers who made this one fantastic celebration of sailing and racing.

Full report will follow soon

John Lammerts van Bueren

Jun 2015

The Classique Edmond de Rothschild Regatta Report

The final day of the The Classique Rothschild Regatta gave us an incredibly stable sunshine with a reasonably stable breeze. 

Read the official report to know more about the last couple of days and for some more information..

Jun 2015

2017 Int. 8-Metre World Cup

The 2017 Worlds will be hosted by KNS - The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club. Like in 2008, we will sail from Hankø Yacht Club, the finest waters for yacht racing in Norway. This 8-Metre World Cup promises to be very special as our Class will be celebrating the 80th Birthday of H.M. King Harald, our IEMA honorary life president and owner/driver of the 1938 Johan Anker 8-Metre Sira. Please join us with your boat and be part of what we hope and expect to be a huge turnout and a very special celebration of 8-Metre sailing.


More information will follow on IEMA: and the IEMA FaceBook page KNS.

Aug 2017

2016 AGM minutes

Dear IEMA members, by an omission, the minutes of the 2016 AGM were not published in time. Please find them enclosed as a download below. 

Oct 2016

2016 8 Metre Worlds | Wrap-Up Report

From August 19th  – 27th , the Royal Canadian Yacht Club hosted the 2016 International Eight Metre Class World Championship. Competitors came together from North America and Europe including, of particular note, the participation of His Majesty King Harald, racing his yacht Sira  and representing Norway. The regatta was blessed with superior weather, which started with a great turnout for our opening ceremonies and reception followed by six days of racing. Commodore Fisher hosted the reception on behalf of the RCYC with a welcome toast and introduced John Lammerts van Bueren, President of the International Eight Metre Association to open and start the World Cup Regatta. The participants competed for the 8 Metre World Cup and the Sira  Cup. After nine races, the World Cup Trophy, awarded to the top overall yacht, was won by Hollandia  who swept the series. Eugene van Voorhis, the donor of the trophy in 1970, was on hand to present the award. The Sira  Cup was named after the yacht and donated by King Harald’s father, awarded to the best overall score amongst the classic yachts, was won byBangalore.

The top three results follow.

World Cup:
3rd  Place – Gefion,  Richard Self and Mark DeCelles, Canada
2nd  Place – Lafayette, Murdoch McKillop, Great Britain
1st  Place – Hollandia, Ruud van Hilst and Tim van Rootselaar, The Netherlands

Sira Cup:
3rd  Place – Iskareen, Ralph Riemann, Canada
2nd  Place – Sira, His Majesty King Harald V, Norway
1st  Place – Bangalore, Shannon Howard and Bart Meuring, Canada

As a memento of his visit, King Harald accepted a framed picture of the World Cup Regatta burgee and the RCYC burgee. The International Eight Metre Association flag was also formally passed into his care to hoist at the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club in Hankø, Norway at the start of the next World Cup in 2017, August 10th – 20th.

On behalf of the 2016 8 Metre World Championships organizing committee and the co-chairs, Cedric Gyles and Richard Self, I would like to thank the RCYC Management and Staff, Flag Officers, and Members for their contributions and support in helping to make this prestigious regatta a spectacular success. We also would like to thank the support of the International Eight Metre Association and were pleased to have Julia Ormio, the new incoming President of IEMA, attend and address the participants at the Awards Banquet. 

Vice Commodore Struthers generously hosted the Awards Banquet and in the list of contributors he thanked Food & Beverage, the Marine Yard, and Sailing Office including the Dockmasters and the Race Committee – phenomenal race courses led by the Principal Race Officer, Mike Milner – who received a standing ovation at the Awards Banquet. We also appreciate the many Members who gave up their Front Racing Lawn docks to accommodate the competing yachts so that the Eights could be showcased in one venue during the regatta. 

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank the members of the International Jury: Terence Brownrigg, Jury Chair and from the United Kingdom and Jury Members, Pat Healy from the United States, Amanda Karahanas from Canada and the RCYC, Robert Stewart from Canada, and Egil Wold from Norway.

Thank you to our partners who helped make the Regatta possible, specifically Infiniti Downtown, Steam Whistle Brewery, Karlo Estates Winery, the Canada’s Cup Committee under Commodore David Matheson, and the J105 Fleet and their captain, Doug Bullock. I would also like to thank our sail loft partners, North Sails, who provided amazing skippers bags, and Evolution. It was also very much appreciated that Ultimate Sailing could be part of our event with Sharon Green and Betsy Crowfoot providing fantastic pictorial coverage. 

Thanks also to all of the many unsung volunteers who helped make the event a success including measurement, registration, support boats providing tows and space for spectators and jury alike, and those helping at the information tent. 

It should also be noted that many compliments were received from the visitors who could not say enough about the Club’s hospitality, ambience, and facilities leading up to and during the World Cup event. By all accounts, competitors and their guests felt that they had received the royal treatment which contributed to the event being a success on the water and the shore.

Sarah Kennedy,
8 Metre World Cup Event Planning

Organizing Committee: Richard Self, Cedric Gyles, Wendy Anderson, Mary Baetz Martha Henderson, Marshall Wilde, Robin Wilson and Sarah Kennedy. Paul Henderson in advisory capacity.


Picture credits: Ultimate Sailing | Sharon Green's Photo

Sep 2016

Hollandia wins Canada's Cup 2016

After four days of exciting match races, Team Gooderham-Hollandia of the RCYC has triumphantly defended the Canada's Cup! This win marks the 11th time that Canada has won the prestigious trophy in 24 races over the past 120 years. Hollandia’s victory, for club and country, has ensured that the Cup stays in the RCYC until the next championship. Congratulations to Team Hollandia and Yquem on their exceptional show of good sportsmanship and excellence in sailing.

Sep 2016

No Racing Today - Canada'scup 2016

Toronto, ONT (September 12, 2016) – With Defender Royal Canadian Yacht Club just one win away from winning the 24th edition of the Canada’s Cup, the winds failed to deliver on the third day of the match race competition. Hollandia skipper Bryan Gooderham leads the Defense 3-1 over Challenger Team Yquem (Youngstown Yacht Club). 

After the PRO called the race today at 16:00, the teams will return to the race course to resume tomorrow at 10:30.

The 24th edition of the Canada’s Cup, first competed for in 1896, is a best of seven series in 8 Meter boats on September 10-14 between defender Royal Canadian Yacht Club (Toronto, ONT) and challenger of record Sodus Bay Yacht Club (Sodus Point, NY).

Aug 2016

IEMA Retirement letter John Lammerts van Bueren 2016

Dear 8-Metre sailors and friends,

As of August 26th I have retired as president and class officer of the International Eight Metre Association.

Back in 1993, just out of curiosity, I started building the class register and somehow over the following 23 years things ran slightly out of hand. I was fortunate to see the list of known Eights grow from 60 to well over 200, to see the number of rated boats grow from a mere 20 to over 120 while the membership of IEMA probably quadrupled.

What drove me was the wish to give something back to the sport, what drove me was the extraordinary passion and kindness of the people I met, what drove me was the beauty of the boats, the deep roots in yachting history, the stories of victory and defeat, of creativity and exploration, of pushing boundaries in an incredibly diverse class where the sole binding factor is a constant outcome of a mathematical formula floating on an infinite number of variables.

To most of our members this class is like the hotel California of the sea; “You can check in any time you like but you will never leave”. People hang on to their Eights, not just for a few years but for decades with families owning the same boat for 40 to 70 years being nothing out of the ordinary. I think that anyone will be hard pressed to find a better testimony of the qualities this class has to offer.

I was lucky that my work allowed me to travel and I feel privileged to have met and sailed with so many of you around the world.

I am deeply grateful and humbled by the support, confidence and friendship you as members and sailors have given me over so many years.

What a ride it has been, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world ! Wishing you all fair winds and following seas, 


John Lammerts van Bueren

Aug 2016

International Eight Metre ( 8mR) North American Championships August 12 -14, 2016 Hosted by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club

In a run-up regatta that gave us all a taste of the competition to come in the International Eight Metre World Cup  ( August 20-26 ) the 8mR North American Championships were held this past weekend on Lake Ontario off Toronto Island.

Eleven yachts, five moderns and six classics enjoyed perfect conditions on Friday and Sunday to get 2 long races in each day. Saturday started with a postponement ashore due to light air. By the time the delayed start got underway storm cells were moving in with gusts over 30 knots that forced the race to be abandoned.

Bryan Gooderham and TEAM Hollandia of the RCYC are the North American Champions with Ralph Reiman’s Iskareen of Etobicoke Yacht Club the winner of the Classic division.

King Harald of Norway and his 8mR Sira took second place overall in the classic fleet.


Pictures by John Golding

8_storm Photo John Golding.jpgallouette 3.jpgallouette3.jpgalouette.jpgalouette2.jpgbanglore.jpgBill Gooderham.jpgBrian Gooderham.jpgED Storm Photo John Golding.jpgHollandia.jpgiskareen team.jpgKing on Sira Photo John Golding.jpgKING Win Photo John Golding.jpgKings Super  Yacht  Photo John Golding.jpglafeyette.jpgRalph.jpgSira 33.jpgSira down wind Photo John Golding.jpgTeam Gooderham.jpgThe King and comm Photo John Golding.jpg
Aug 2016

2016 class rules published

Dear all,

Please find attached the 2016 Int. 8-Metre Class Rules.

The rules are now up to date and incorporate all AGM decisions of the past 10 years.
World Sailing (ISAF) will replace the old with the new rules on he World Sailing website on Monday.

Class rules


Jun 2016

Invitation and Agenda of the General Assembly 2016

Dear Members,


Please find attached the invitation to the IEMA 2016 General Assembly. The meeting will be held on Thursday 25th August at 10AM in conjuction with the World Championships at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto.

Please note that the membership fee must be paid prior to attending the General Assembly and the championships. Payment instructions are found at the IEMA website:

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto.


Best regards,


John Lammerts van Bueren


International Eight Metre Association (IEMA)


Julia Ormio 

Executive Secretary

International Eight Metre Association (IEMA)

Mar 2016

2016 8 Metre World Cup August 19 to 27, 2016

Join us at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in August 2016!

Please check the website for updates and information to help you planning your participation for the World Cup 2016.
If you are planning to come with family, friends and fans, take a look at accomodations if you haven't planned anything yet. There are a few selections of staying in Toronto. 


Who will be there in Toronto this time of the year? 


Feb 2016

Minutes of General Assembly 2015 held in Geneva, Switzerland




1. Opening of the Meeting

The Class President John Lammerts van Bueren thanked the Organizing Committee of SNG for hosting the World Championship.

John Lammerts van Bueren opened the General Assembly and was elected as the Chairman of the Meeting, and called the Class Executive Secretary Julia Ormio to act as the recording Secretary of the Meeting.

The invitation to the General Assembly had been posted 30 April 2015 on the IEMA website and emailed to the members in the Register 3 May 2015.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

It was noted that the minutes of the 2014 General Assembly had been posted on the IEMA website in September 2014 and that there had been no comments on the minutes. The minutes were seconded by Richard Self and approved.

3. Election of Officers

The slate for the 2014-15 Executive Committee was proposed by the Nominating Committee. In addition, the following persons were proposed to the Technical Committee to strengthen the owners’ representation: Chris Mitchele and Tan Raffray. The proposal seconded by Gilmour Manuel and approved as follows:

Executive Committee

President                                              John Lammerts van Bueren (NED)

Executive secretary                            Julia Ormio (FIN)

Treasurer                                             Jean Fabre (SUI)

                                                               David Vieira (POR)

                                                               Ronald Palm (USA)

                                                               Werner Deuring (AUT)

                                                               Richard Self (CAN)

                                                               Terence Brownrigg (GBR)

Technical Committee

Chairman                                            David Vieira (POR)

Class Measurer                                   Guy-Roland Perrin (SUI)

Scantling approval                             Ken McAlpine (AUS)       

                                                               Kjell Arne Myrann (NOR)

                                                               Juliane Hempel (GER)

                                                              Chris Mitchele (CAN)

                                                               Tan Raffray (FRA)

The President John Lammerts van Bueren presented the long-term Treasurer Chris Mitchele with an antique compass as a token of appreciation to Chris for the great work and dedication to the Association. Over the past twelve years he has served as the Class treasurer and executive commitee member. Chris Mitchele was applauded by the meeting.

In addition, the President John Lammerts van Bueren announced that he wished to retire at the next General Assembly in Toronto.

4. Treasurer’s Report 2014 –Chris Mitchele

The Treasurer Chris Mitchele presented the financial statement of 2014, which had been audited by the Class Auditor Mr. Terence Brownrigg. The financial statement was seconded by Fred Meyer and approved.

5. Technical Committee Report – John Lammerts van Bueren

In the absence of the President of the Technical Committee David Vieira, John Lammerts van Bueren presented the technical matters.

6. Class Rules

The changes to the Class Rules are currently under review and registration of the Rules in process with ISAF. This is essential taking into consideration the upcoming Canadian Cup and any new builds. This is informative. No further decisions are required.

List of Technical Matters


The use of hydraulics on the classic boats has been an ongoing topic of discussion and to some, concern. The Class Measurer Guy-Roland Perrin was asked to make an inventory of the current hydraulic systems used on classic and vintage boats. Once this inventory is made it can serve as a basis for future discussions on regulations (if any).


The prohibition to use carbon-fibre decided at the 2005 AGM in Toronto is to be included in the Sira Cup Deed of Gift.

Mainsail girth

Technical Committee to seek advice from the sail-makers and to consider extending the same approach as in Neptune to the Sira Cup deed of gift in order to lengthen the life of main sails.


The Technical Committee request the owners to pass their feed back to the newly introduced rule 3.3 for the Neptune Trophy to allow vangs. The key information requested if the current purchase of 4:1 is sufficient.

7. Future Programmes

The future programme was discussed.

2016 8mR World Championship, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto, Canada – Richard Self

Richard Self gave an update on behalf of RCYC and North American 8mR Association about the 2016 Worlds, which will be the premier event in 2016. Toronto offers good sailing conditions and RCYC is a great venue for the regatta. Currently 8-10 moderns, 3 Neptune boats, one First Rule and 8-10 Sira boats are expected.

Canada’s Cup – Toronto, Canada

Richard Self gave a presentation on the Canada Cup, which will be sailed again in 2016 on 8mR’s after a long pause. The regatta is sailed between US and Canadian boats in a match-race, which will guarantee exciting sailing.

2016 8mR European Championship, Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY), Copehagen, Denmark – Mads Ehrhardt

Mads Ehrhardt gave a presentation on behalf of the Royal Danish Yacht Club, which will be celebrating 150 years in 2016. The Royal Danish Yacht Club is excited about holding the 8mR Class Euat the Anniversary regatta. Also a good participation of12mR’s and 6mR’s are expected in the regatta. John Lammerts van Bueren noted that 2016 will also mark the 110 years of the Metre Rule in which KDY played a pivotal role.

2017 8mR World Championship, KNS, Hanko, Norway – Kjell Arne Myrann

Kjell Myrann gave a presentation about the 2017 World Championship in Hankö, which also marks and celebrates the 80th birthday of the H.M. King Harald of Norway. The regatta has already raised lots of interest and John Lammerts van Bueren challenged to break the record number of 39 boats in Helsinki.

Jim Kretzky gave a presentation of the NYYC Annual Regatta in Newport. The regatta is a week long and has begun to attract increasing number of Metre boats. Jim Kretzky invited the 8mR’s to join the regatta.

2018 and 2019: 8mR World Championship, Langenargen and Cowes

Roel van Merkesteyn, the President of the LangenargenYacht Club at Lake Constancee presented the bid made on behalf of his Club. There are twelve active 8-Metres at the Club and 17 in total on the lake, which guarantees a great number of boats for the regatta.

Terence Brownrigg gave a presentation on behalf of the Royal Yacht Squadron. As proven in 2012, Cowes offers great sailing and is a great venue for a regatta. The regatta would be scheduled in proximity of the other Classic regattas (Panerai, Cowes Classic) offering four weeks of racing.

John Lammerts van Bueren proposed that we take a vote for the events and the event that wins most votes will be elected to host the 2018 World Championship and the other the 2019 regatta. The vote went 11-14 for Langenargen.

As such, the venue for the coming World Championships was decided as follows:

2018 8mR World Championship: Yacht Club Langenargen, Lake Constance, Germany

2019 8mR World Championship: The Royal Yacht Squadron, Ilse of Wight, Cowes, England

8. Other Business

Werner Deuring asked John Lammerts van Bueren whether he was willing to reconsider       his retirement as the Class President. Lammerts van Bueren responded that the decision was firm.

Siggi Buss invited all sailors for a beer at Lucky Girl.

9.   Adjournment of the Meeting

John Lammerts van Bueren made a motion to thank the Societé Nautique de Geneva for their hospitality and the great regatta. Motion seconded by Terence Brownrigg and carried.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 11.00AM

John Lammerts van Bueren                                Julia Ormio

Chairman                                                               Secretary


Nov 2015

But first..... Toronto 2016

... Have you read all the regatta information already? 

... Is your team already registrated for this 8-Metre World Championship? 

... Already booked your accomodation in Toronto, if not..

Go see the website of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and read all the information about this World Cup and don't forget to read the notice of race which is placed on the website as well.


Jun 2015

Newsletter N°3 – JUNE 2015

Latest newsletter for the 8mR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – 29th June to 5th July 2015 - GENEVA

Jun 2015

Sailing Instructions - Geneve 2015

Please follow the link below for a copy of the World's Sailing Instructions.

The most recent information will be found on the official regatta site.


Jun 2015

AGM Invitation - Updated June 20 2015

Please find the updated agenda for the 2015 AGM which will be held at Société Nautique de Geneva on July 3, 2015.

Please follow the link for full details.

John Lammerts van Bueren
IEMA President

Jun 2015

2016 Int. 8-Metre European Championships


For the 2016 Europeans the 8-Metre Class will join the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Danish Yacht Club in Copenhagen.

The 5.5, 6 and 12-Metres are expected to join as well for the Anniversary Regatta.

It promises to be a wonderful event with great sailing and in the wonderful setting of Copenhagen.

The Eights will have their own start and course.

For more information on the Royal Danish Yacht Club please visit their website.

Royal Danish Yacht Club
Jun 2015

Eight Bells : Mike Hart


No one knew it was coming, no one expected it, but on May 31st Mike Hart sailed his final watch. 
We 8-Metre sailors all knew Mike as the inseparable mainsheet trimmer on GBR-27 “If”. 
I don’t think anyone knew exactly how old he was, I recall him claiming to be slightly younger than the boat, but then again Mike would seldom wreck a good story with the truth. The truth was that even a 1000 mile bash to windward to reach Hanko, Helsinki or La Trinité-sur-mer could not take the wide grin of his face. If only someday I could be half as tough as his old boots I would be pretty happy with myself. For Peter Wilson, hiring Mike was an easy call, as long as the boat was red he would join the crew and sure enough, all Peter’s boats were and are red. The red boat won’t bring him back this time but then I’m sure that even eight bells can’t take his spirit out of the boat.
With his passing, Mike leaves an empty spot under If’s cabin lamp, another on the main and a few more in the bar. The “If” family of friends lost their ‘Hartybeast.’  He gave his name to a tot of Linie Aquavit, which the crew toast the morning with, known as the ‘Hart Starter’
What a privilege it was to have him around in our class for so many years and what a privilege it was to know him as a friend. Sail on Mike, sail on, we raise a glass to you.
John Lammerts van Bueren
IEMA President

Jun 2015

New pictures in Fabulous 50

Take a look at our gallery Fabulous 50 for the latest images!

Jun 2015

Canada's Cup Bulletin

The importance of the Canada's Cup for the development of the Int. 8-Metres cannot be overstated. The event was huge in every way, and, I am confident that the RCYC will host a magnificent match race event again. In the thirties a race would bring 10,000 spectators out on the water and of course there was “The Canada's Cup Bulletin”.  There is a whole series which can be found on the web site of the Rochester Yacht Club. 
Please check this [LINK] and enjoy the stories of the Blue Ribbon of the Great Lakes.

John Lammerts van Bueren

Apr 2015

Canada's Cup

April 16, 2015


Challenge for the 2016 Canada Cup of Yacht Racing Called by Cup Defender – Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Modern 8 Metre yachts to compete while marking 120 years since 1896 launch of the competition for yacht clubs on the Great Lakes

TORONTO, CANADA, April 16, 2015 – The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) of Toronto, the custodian of the Canada’s Cup, has issued a Call for Challenge to all qualified Great Lakes yacht clubs for a 2016 Canada’s Cup International Championship Match Race Series (2016 Series) in modern 8 Metre yachts. The 2016 Series to be hosted at the RCYC’s Toronto Island clubhouse in September, 2016 will represent the pinnacle of nation-to-nation grand prix yacht challenges between Canada and the United States.

Yacht clubs situated on the Great Lakes, being members of either US Sailing, or Sail Canada, are eligible to compete in the 2016 Canada’s Cup International Championship Match Race Series. The RCYC is the current defender of the Canada’s Cup, since its win over the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club of Michigan in 2011.

This historic event will mark the 120th anniversary of the Canada’s Cup competition, which has been preserved since 1896 as a perpetual challenged cup for friendly competition between qualified yacht clubs of the two nations. There have been 23 Canada’s Cup Series with the United States winning 13 and Canada winning 10. The Canada’s Cup Series was raced in classic 8 Metre yachts multiple times from 1930 to 1954.

The 2016 Series in modern 8 Metre yachts will mark the first year since 1954 that 8 Metre yachts will compete for the Cup. Previously, 8 Metre yachts that were raced for the Canada’s Cup were the more classical designs of the time when raced in the 30sand 50s. Traditionally, Canada’s Cup competition encouraged design innovation and excellence in competitive sailing. It is particularly appropriate to now have modern 8 Metre yachts with their own distinctive design innovation to race for the Canada’s Cup.

The 2016 competition will be focused on amateur sailors of the yacht clubs, with the race course being windward and leeward legs. Each country will conduct elimination trials with the winner of each meeting in the Canada’s Cup finals.

Further information, please contact RCYC as noted below.

RELEASED BY: The Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Canada’s premiere dual location club in Toronto, promoting competitive and leisure sailing and related lifestyle activities for members.

CONTACT: Canada’s Cup Committee Chairman
Tel: 416-934-4402 – Country Code 1
Fax: 416-967-5710

Apr 2015

For Sale: 8m Ranja

Classic 8 Metre sloop, designed by Tore Holm and built in 1935 by Olsen and Rselund in Hagersten, Sweden.
She was first owned by Gustav Olsen , one of the builders. She was raced out of KNS from 1935 until the early 1960's, when the original owner died and she was sold to California. There she was converted to a cruising boat, where she sailed, with one owner, until 2005 when she was purchased and brought to Toronto, Canada.
Ranja was then converted back into racing mode. Since 2005, she has had new winches put on her, the deck has been resealed, and various planks have been replaced below the waterline. She had new electronics purchased in 2006. She is built of mahogany and has a beautiful varnished mahogany cabin. The interior of the cabin is fitted with berths and cushions, with many amenities for cruising.
Racing out of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, she has sailed well, winning the club season championship as well as the Lake Ontario championship and the prestigious Gooderham Trophy.
She has been on the hard since 2011. Ranja has a full set of sails (2 mains, #1, 2, 3 genoas, and 2 spinnakers).

CAD 65,000

Guy Jones
Tel: 416-369-9177-ext. 2022


Please see the following PDF for more information:

8m Ranja
Apr 2015

For Sale: 8m Osborne

FOR SALE! William Fife design (1928) OSBORNE

OSBORNE Designed by W. Fife III in 1928 , built by W. Fife & Sons, and in 1997 they realize the refit  in Fairlie Restoration,  Where They leave the boat in perfect condition , which is conserve until today, Notable not only for her royal commissioning OSBORNE was built in 1928 for HM Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain, spouse of Kíng Alfonso XIII and is practically the same design as Fife's SIRENA built at Cannes in the same year for General Sir Arthur Paget. OSBORNE is in good condition structurally and cosmetically. Stored ashore and indeed inside for the last 2 years, it would take very little to have her ready for the season.

Asking Price: 120.000€
Please write to

Apr 2015

8mR Worlds 2015 - Geneva

Dear 8mR sailors,

The Société Nautique de Genève (SNG) welcomes you to Geneva for the 8mR World Championships. The World Championships will be sailed 29th June to 5th July 2015. Also the boats are invited to the Classique Rothschild sailed 25th to 28th June 2015.

Please find below a links to the essential information about the regatta and the Notice of Race with the entry form. The entry form should be completed and returned to SNG as soon as possible but in no event later than 15th May 2015. You will find all the information on SNG’s website.

Also provided below is a link to information about special rates for accommodation offered to the 8mR sailors. It is advisable to book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Updated information will be posted in due course on the SNG’s website.

If you have any comments, please contact Axel Meyer ( / +41 79 651 43 78)

Best regards,

Axel Meyer
Société Nautique de Genève

Sep 2014

World Cup - results

Peacock Avenue - La Trinité-sur-mer

The 2014 Int. 8-Metre World Cup is over and what a great success it was! The regatta stood out through its Corinthian spirit with countless volunteers making us all feel welcome, proud of their Brittany, proud of their club and proud to host the 8-Metre Worlds.

29 boats competed in bright sunshine and near perfect sailing conditions. New comers to the class were welcomed, ranging from the 1911 William Fife III “Lucky Girl” to the brand new and spectacular 2014 Fauroux designed modern Miss Universal. From gaff rig to carbon sails, from galvanised wire to PBO, from deep rooted classics to a hyper innovative tandem keel. Champions raced their races, but without question one need not win a regatta to have a really great time !!

Thank you Societe Nautique de la Trinite-sur-mer for an outstanding championships, thank you to all the owners and crews for bringing the boats to compete in such good comradery and friendship.

Our class is 107 young and the end is not in sight. Lets keep the momentum and keep on racing in great places with these great boats.

The full results will be posted in the coming 24 hours and the full report will follow soonest.

John Lammerts van Bueren
 IEMA President

The picture shows part of the fleet, packed up and ready to drive home, what a sight!

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 5

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 4

Results to end of Day 4 (Updated with Race 6)

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 3

DAY #3: Better luck with the winds and excitement on the race course as last year's champion Hollandia takes the lead after winning both races of the day with Juanita second only two points away. Raven continues to build the gap between the other Sira Cup boats consistently. Changes were also in the Neptune Class after Nicolas Groux' Carron II took the lead followed by Jan Willem Ypma's Falcon and Catina third. Andi Lochbrunner maintains the lead in the First Rule with Elfe II.

The Daily results found here:

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 2

DAY #2: After the traditional family evening on Monday evening hosted by local La Trinité families at their homes, the racing continued on Tuesday in challenging weather conditions and one start was successfully completed. Australian Juanita continues to lead the World Cup with Hollandia and Yquem II close behind. On the fourth place rose Avia Willment's recently launched Miss U. Raven is leading the Sira Cup and Elfe the First Rule. Catina leads the Neptune Class within a record nine Neptune boat fleet racing this year in the Worlds.

The Daily results found here:

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 1


After the first day of racing in La Trinité-sur-Mer Australian Juanita with Graeme Wood in the helm took the lead in the World Cup with last year champion Hollandia lying second and Yquem II of Switzerland third. The first boat in Sira Cup and 4th overall is the four time Sira Cup-champion Raven from Canada. First in the Neptune Class was Catina from Switzerland and in First Rule ( gaff-rigged) Elfe II from Germany. This will definitely be an exciting regatta. Stay tuned!