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Since 1983, every year the classic International Eight Metre yachts race for what is by far the most prestigious Trophy in their class. Very few in the class know the story and the deed of gift of the Sira Cup.  With the help of Ralph Reimann I have gathered the available information. I hope that we will be able to continue to race for decades to come in the true spirit of our wonderful Eight Metre Class in and at all time the SIRA Cup will be granted to the winning yacht respecting the wishes of the late King of Norway Olav V and the late Erik Anker, son of the great Norwegian yacht designer Johan Anker.

The deed of gift
"It has been a pronounced wish that the change of rules resolved last year should not have a too destructing effect on the 8mR´s constructed according to the past rule. KNS have therefore in agreement with IEMA donated a cup to be named SIRA Cup, donated July 19, 1983 by his Majesty King Olav V to be raced for by all recognised 8mR yachts designed and built before 1960 and answering to the rule of the old 8mR requirements. The SIRA Cup shall be held by IEMA and raced for in accordance with above and detailed instructions from IEMA. if possible at the same time as the World Cup.
July 26, 1983."

The story behind the SIRA Cup
In 1939, the then Crown Prince of Norway Olav, was travelling in the U.S.A. with his wife, Crown Princess of Norway Martha. In his absence the great Norwegian yacht designer Johan Anker sailed the Crown Prince’s Eight Metre Sira in the Kattegat Cup for that year, which Sira had also won the year before in Marstand. Young Erik Anker was on board as a crew member. Subsequent to the Kattegat Cup in 1939, during the national Championships, Erik’s father had to go away to Oslo for a few days and young Erik Anker was allowed to Skipper Sira and won the series and the Cup, established by K.N.S.

When Crown Prince Olav returned from the USA he graciously allowed young Erik Anker to keep the Cup as a souvenir. For 44 years, from 1939 to 1983 the Cup was under the tender care of Eva, Erik´s wife. During the Eight Metre World Cup races at Hankø, Norway in 1983, His Majesty King Olav V and Erik Anker generously decided to donate the Cup to the best "vintage" Eight Metre yacht designed and built before 1960 as a sentimental gesture and to keep the "vintage" class yachts going.

As an aside, although not specifically stated in the letter of Erik Anker, the grapevine has it that the only one who did not wholeheartedly support the idea was Erik’s wife who, for 44 years, had polished the Cup and carefully tended to its prominent display in their living room.

Winners of the SIRA Cup

YearLocationYachtOwnerDesignerYear Built
1983Hankø - NorwayVisionRobin ClarkeC.E. Nicholson1930
1984RCYC - CanadaVisionRobin ClarkeC.E. Nicholson1930
1985Rochester - USAVisionRobin ClarkeC.E. Nicholson1930
1986Cannes - FranceAyanaWalter LatschaF. Camatte1947
1987Helsinki - FinlandWyeSigfrid SvenssonC.E. Nicholson1935
1988Sandham - SwedenWandaLasse BjörkTore Holm1937
1989RCYC - CanadaVenture IILorne CorleyE.A. Shuman1938
1990Rochester - USAVenture IILorne CorleyE.A. Shuman1938
1991PCYC - CanadaVenture IILorne CorleyE.A. Shuman1938
1992Sandham - SwedenIsabelBo PerssonGustav Estlander1928
1993Helsinki - FinlandAndromedaOla & Ulf NilssonArvid Laurin1947
1994Cannes - FranceVisionEric MalletC.E. Nicholsen1930
1995Medemblik - HollandVisionEric MalletC.E. Nicholsen1930
1996Sodus Bay - USAIskareenRalph ReimannOlin Stephens1939
1998Geneva - SwitzerlandVisionEric MalletC.E. Nicholson1930
1999Rochester - USANorsemanCedric G. E. GylesWilliam J. Roue1930
2000Porto St.Stefano ItalyVisionEric MalletC.E. Nicholson1930
2002NJK – HelsinkiBonaDr. Giovanni MognaBaglietto1934
2003SNT – FranceBonaDr. Giovanni MognaBaglietto1934
2004SNG – SwitzerlandCutty TouAlain & Gilles MinosC.E. Nicholson1930
2005RCYC  TorontoIskareenRalph ReimannOlin Stephens1939
2006Lindau, GermanyFroyaPeter GrohBjarne Aas1939
2007The Clyde, ScotlandSaskiaJohn & Micheal StephenWilliam Fife III1931
2008Hankö, NorwaySiraHis Majesty The King of Norway Harald VJohan Anker1938
2009Hyeres, FranceSevernFred MeyerWilliam Fife III2009
2010Toronto, CanadaRavenMark DeCelles and Richard SelfAlfred Mylne & Sir Thomas Glen-Coats1938






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