Aug 2017

2016 AGM minutes

Dear IEMA members, by an omission, the minutes of the 2016 AGM were not published in time. Please find them enclosed as a download below. 

Oct 2016

2016 8 Metre Worlds | Wrap-Up Report

From August 19th  – 27th , the Royal Canadian Yacht Club hosted the 2016 International Eight Metre Class World Championship. Competitors came together from North America and Europe including, of particular note, the participation of His Majesty King Harald, racing his yacht Sira  and representing Norway. The regatta was blessed with superior weather, which started with a great turnout for our opening ceremonies and reception followed by six days of racing. Commodore Fisher hosted the reception on behalf of the RCYC with a welcome toast and introduced John Lammerts van Bueren, President of the International Eight Metre Association to open and start the World Cup Regatta. The participants competed for the 8 Metre World Cup and the Sira  Cup. After nine races, the World Cup Trophy, awarded to the top overall yacht, was won by Hollandia  who swept the series. Eugene van Voorhis, the donor of the trophy in 1970, was on hand to present the award. The Sira  Cup was named after the yacht and donated by King Harald’s father, awarded to the best overall score amongst the classic yachts, was won byBangalore.

The top three results follow.

World Cup:
3rd  Place – Gefion,  Richard Self and Mark DeCelles, Canada
2nd  Place – Lafayette, Murdoch McKillop, Great Britain
1st  Place – Hollandia, Ruud van Hilst and Tim van Rootselaar, The Netherlands

Sira Cup:
3rd  Place – Iskareen, Ralph Riemann, Canada
2nd  Place – Sira, His Majesty King Harald V, Norway
1st  Place – Bangalore, Shannon Howard and Bart Meuring, Canada

As a memento of his visit, King Harald accepted a framed picture of the World Cup Regatta burgee and the RCYC burgee. The International Eight Metre Association flag was also formally passed into his care to hoist at the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club in Hankø, Norway at the start of the next World Cup in 2017, August 10th – 20th.

On behalf of the 2016 8 Metre World Championships organizing committee and the co-chairs, Cedric Gyles and Richard Self, I would like to thank the RCYC Management and Staff, Flag Officers, and Members for their contributions and support in helping to make this prestigious regatta a spectacular success. We also would like to thank the support of the International Eight Metre Association and were pleased to have Julia Ormio, the new incoming President of IEMA, attend and address the participants at the Awards Banquet. 

Vice Commodore Struthers generously hosted the Awards Banquet and in the list of contributors he thanked Food & Beverage, the Marine Yard, and Sailing Office including the Dockmasters and the Race Committee – phenomenal race courses led by the Principal Race Officer, Mike Milner – who received a standing ovation at the Awards Banquet. We also appreciate the many Members who gave up their Front Racing Lawn docks to accommodate the competing yachts so that the Eights could be showcased in one venue during the regatta. 

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank the members of the International Jury: Terence Brownrigg, Jury Chair and from the United Kingdom and Jury Members, Pat Healy from the United States, Amanda Karahanas from Canada and the RCYC, Robert Stewart from Canada, and Egil Wold from Norway.

Thank you to our partners who helped make the Regatta possible, specifically Infiniti Downtown, Steam Whistle Brewery, Karlo Estates Winery, the Canada’s Cup Committee under Commodore David Matheson, and the J105 Fleet and their captain, Doug Bullock. I would also like to thank our sail loft partners, North Sails, who provided amazing skippers bags, and Evolution. It was also very much appreciated that Ultimate Sailing could be part of our event with Sharon Green and Betsy Crowfoot providing fantastic pictorial coverage. 

Thanks also to all of the many unsung volunteers who helped make the event a success including measurement, registration, support boats providing tows and space for spectators and jury alike, and those helping at the information tent. 

It should also be noted that many compliments were received from the visitors who could not say enough about the Club’s hospitality, ambience, and facilities leading up to and during the World Cup event. By all accounts, competitors and their guests felt that they had received the royal treatment which contributed to the event being a success on the water and the shore.

Sarah Kennedy,
8 Metre World Cup Event Planning

Organizing Committee: Richard Self, Cedric Gyles, Wendy Anderson, Mary Baetz Martha Henderson, Marshall Wilde, Robin Wilson and Sarah Kennedy. Paul Henderson in advisory capacity.


Picture credits: Ultimate Sailing | Sharon Green's Photo

Sep 2016

Hollandia wins Canada's Cup 2016

After four days of exciting match races, Team Gooderham-Hollandia of the RCYC has triumphantly defended the Canada's Cup! This win marks the 11th time that Canada has won the prestigious trophy in 24 races over the past 120 years. Hollandia’s victory, for club and country, has ensured that the Cup stays in the RCYC until the next championship. Congratulations to Team Hollandia and Yquem on their exceptional show of good sportsmanship and excellence in sailing.

Sep 2016

No Racing Today - Canada'scup 2016

Toronto, ONT (September 12, 2016) – With Defender Royal Canadian Yacht Club just one win away from winning the 24th edition of the Canada’s Cup, the winds failed to deliver on the third day of the match race competition. Hollandia skipper Bryan Gooderham leads the Defense 3-1 over Challenger Team Yquem (Youngstown Yacht Club). 

After the PRO called the race today at 16:00, the teams will return to the race course to resume tomorrow at 10:30.

The 24th edition of the Canada’s Cup, first competed for in 1896, is a best of seven series in 8 Meter boats on September 10-14 between defender Royal Canadian Yacht Club (Toronto, ONT) and challenger of record Sodus Bay Yacht Club (Sodus Point, NY).

Aug 2016

IEMA Retirement letter John Lammerts van Bueren 2016

Dear 8-Metre sailors and friends,

As of August 26th I have retired as president and class officer of the International Eight Metre Association.

Back in 1993, just out of curiosity, I started building the class register and somehow over the following 23 years things ran slightly out of hand. I was fortunate to see the list of known Eights grow from 60 to well over 200, to see the number of rated boats grow from a mere 20 to over 120 while the membership of IEMA probably quadrupled.

What drove me was the wish to give something back to the sport, what drove me was the extraordinary passion and kindness of the people I met, what drove me was the beauty of the boats, the deep roots in yachting history, the stories of victory and defeat, of creativity and exploration, of pushing boundaries in an incredibly diverse class where the sole binding factor is a constant outcome of a mathematical formula floating on an infinite number of variables.

To most of our members this class is like the hotel California of the sea; “You can check in any time you like but you will never leave”. People hang on to their Eights, not just for a few years but for decades with families owning the same boat for 40 to 70 years being nothing out of the ordinary. I think that anyone will be hard pressed to find a better testimony of the qualities this class has to offer.

I was lucky that my work allowed me to travel and I feel privileged to have met and sailed with so many of you around the world.

I am deeply grateful and humbled by the support, confidence and friendship you as members and sailors have given me over so many years.

What a ride it has been, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world ! Wishing you all fair winds and following seas, 


John Lammerts van Bueren

Aug 2016

International Eight Metre ( 8mR) North American Championships August 12 -14, 2016 Hosted by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club

In a run-up regatta that gave us all a taste of the competition to come in the International Eight Metre World Cup  ( August 20-26 ) the 8mR North American Championships were held this past weekend on Lake Ontario off Toronto Island.

Eleven yachts, five moderns and six classics enjoyed perfect conditions on Friday and Sunday to get 2 long races in each day. Saturday started with a postponement ashore due to light air. By the time the delayed start got underway storm cells were moving in with gusts over 30 knots that forced the race to be abandoned.

Bryan Gooderham and TEAM Hollandia of the RCYC are the North American Champions with Ralph Reiman’s Iskareen of Etobicoke Yacht Club the winner of the Classic division.

King Harald of Norway and his 8mR Sira took second place overall in the classic fleet.


Pictures by John Golding

8_storm Photo John Golding.jpgallouette 3.jpgallouette3.jpgalouette.jpgalouette2.jpgbanglore.jpgBill Gooderham.jpgBrian Gooderham.jpgED Storm Photo John Golding.jpgHollandia.jpgiskareen team.jpgKing on Sira Photo John Golding.jpgKING Win Photo John Golding.jpgKings Super  Yacht  Photo John Golding.jpglafeyette.jpgRalph.jpgSira 33.jpgSira down wind Photo John Golding.jpgTeam Gooderham.jpgThe King and comm Photo John Golding.jpg
Aug 2016

2016 class rules published

Dear all,

Please find attached the 2016 Int. 8-Metre Class Rules.

The rules are now up to date and incorporate all AGM decisions of the past 10 years.
World Sailing (ISAF) will replace the old with the new rules on he World Sailing website on Monday.

Class rules


Jun 2016

Invitation and Agenda of the General Assembly 2016

Dear Members,


Please find attached the invitation to the IEMA 2016 General Assembly. The meeting will be held on Thursday 25th August at 10AM in conjuction with the World Championships at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto.

Please note that the membership fee must be paid prior to attending the General Assembly and the championships. Payment instructions are found at the IEMA website:

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto.


Best regards,


John Lammerts van Bueren


International Eight Metre Association (IEMA)


Julia Ormio 

Executive Secretary

International Eight Metre Association (IEMA)

Mar 2016

2016 8 Metre World Cup August 19 to 27, 2016

Join us at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in August 2016!

Please check the website for updates and information to help you planning your participation for the World Cup 2016.
If you are planning to come with family, friends and fans, take a look at accomodations if you haven't planned anything yet. There are a few selections of staying in Toronto. 


Who will be there in Toronto this time of the year? 


Feb 2016

Minutes of General Assembly 2015 held in Geneva, Switzerland




1. Opening of the Meeting

The Class President John Lammerts van Bueren thanked the Organizing Committee of SNG for hosting the World Championship.

John Lammerts van Bueren opened the General Assembly and was elected as the Chairman of the Meeting, and called the Class Executive Secretary Julia Ormio to act as the recording Secretary of the Meeting.

The invitation to the General Assembly had been posted 30 April 2015 on the IEMA website and emailed to the members in the Register 3 May 2015.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

It was noted that the minutes of the 2014 General Assembly had been posted on the IEMA website in September 2014 and that there had been no comments on the minutes. The minutes were seconded by Richard Self and approved.

3. Election of Officers

The slate for the 2014-15 Executive Committee was proposed by the Nominating Committee. In addition, the following persons were proposed to the Technical Committee to strengthen the owners’ representation: Chris Mitchele and Tan Raffray. The proposal seconded by Gilmour Manuel and approved as follows:

Executive Committee

President                                              John Lammerts van Bueren (NED)

Executive secretary                            Julia Ormio (FIN)

Treasurer                                             Jean Fabre (SUI)

                                                               David Vieira (POR)

                                                               Ronald Palm (USA)

                                                               Werner Deuring (AUT)

                                                               Richard Self (CAN)

                                                               Terence Brownrigg (GBR)

Technical Committee

Chairman                                            David Vieira (POR)

Class Measurer                                   Guy-Roland Perrin (SUI)

Scantling approval                             Ken McAlpine (AUS)       

                                                               Kjell Arne Myrann (NOR)

                                                               Juliane Hempel (GER)

                                                              Chris Mitchele (CAN)

                                                               Tan Raffray (FRA)

The President John Lammerts van Bueren presented the long-term Treasurer Chris Mitchele with an antique compass as a token of appreciation to Chris for the great work and dedication to the Association. Over the past twelve years he has served as the Class treasurer and executive commitee member. Chris Mitchele was applauded by the meeting.

In addition, the President John Lammerts van Bueren announced that he wished to retire at the next General Assembly in Toronto.

4. Treasurer’s Report 2014 –Chris Mitchele

The Treasurer Chris Mitchele presented the financial statement of 2014, which had been audited by the Class Auditor Mr. Terence Brownrigg. The financial statement was seconded by Fred Meyer and approved.

5. Technical Committee Report – John Lammerts van Bueren

In the absence of the President of the Technical Committee David Vieira, John Lammerts van Bueren presented the technical matters.

6. Class Rules

The changes to the Class Rules are currently under review and registration of the Rules in process with ISAF. This is essential taking into consideration the upcoming Canadian Cup and any new builds. This is informative. No further decisions are required.

List of Technical Matters


The use of hydraulics on the classic boats has been an ongoing topic of discussion and to some, concern. The Class Measurer Guy-Roland Perrin was asked to make an inventory of the current hydraulic systems used on classic and vintage boats. Once this inventory is made it can serve as a basis for future discussions on regulations (if any).


The prohibition to use carbon-fibre decided at the 2005 AGM in Toronto is to be included in the Sira Cup Deed of Gift.

Mainsail girth

Technical Committee to seek advice from the sail-makers and to consider extending the same approach as in Neptune to the Sira Cup deed of gift in order to lengthen the life of main sails.


The Technical Committee request the owners to pass their feed back to the newly introduced rule 3.3 for the Neptune Trophy to allow vangs. The key information requested if the current purchase of 4:1 is sufficient.

7. Future Programmes

The future programme was discussed.

2016 8mR World Championship, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto, Canada – Richard Self

Richard Self gave an update on behalf of RCYC and North American 8mR Association about the 2016 Worlds, which will be the premier event in 2016. Toronto offers good sailing conditions and RCYC is a great venue for the regatta. Currently 8-10 moderns, 3 Neptune boats, one First Rule and 8-10 Sira boats are expected.

Canada’s Cup – Toronto, Canada

Richard Self gave a presentation on the Canada Cup, which will be sailed again in 2016 on 8mR’s after a long pause. The regatta is sailed between US and Canadian boats in a match-race, which will guarantee exciting sailing.

2016 8mR European Championship, Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY), Copehagen, Denmark – Mads Ehrhardt

Mads Ehrhardt gave a presentation on behalf of the Royal Danish Yacht Club, which will be celebrating 150 years in 2016. The Royal Danish Yacht Club is excited about holding the 8mR Class Euat the Anniversary regatta. Also a good participation of12mR’s and 6mR’s are expected in the regatta. John Lammerts van Bueren noted that 2016 will also mark the 110 years of the Metre Rule in which KDY played a pivotal role.

2017 8mR World Championship, KNS, Hanko, Norway – Kjell Arne Myrann

Kjell Myrann gave a presentation about the 2017 World Championship in Hankö, which also marks and celebrates the 80th birthday of the H.M. King Harald of Norway. The regatta has already raised lots of interest and John Lammerts van Bueren challenged to break the record number of 39 boats in Helsinki.

Jim Kretzky gave a presentation of the NYYC Annual Regatta in Newport. The regatta is a week long and has begun to attract increasing number of Metre boats. Jim Kretzky invited the 8mR’s to join the regatta.

2018 and 2019: 8mR World Championship, Langenargen and Cowes

Roel van Merkesteyn, the President of the LangenargenYacht Club at Lake Constancee presented the bid made on behalf of his Club. There are twelve active 8-Metres at the Club and 17 in total on the lake, which guarantees a great number of boats for the regatta.

Terence Brownrigg gave a presentation on behalf of the Royal Yacht Squadron. As proven in 2012, Cowes offers great sailing and is a great venue for a regatta. The regatta would be scheduled in proximity of the other Classic regattas (Panerai, Cowes Classic) offering four weeks of racing.

John Lammerts van Bueren proposed that we take a vote for the events and the event that wins most votes will be elected to host the 2018 World Championship and the other the 2019 regatta. The vote went 11-14 for Langenargen.

As such, the venue for the coming World Championships was decided as follows:

2018 8mR World Championship: Yacht Club Langenargen, Lake Constance, Germany

2019 8mR World Championship: The Royal Yacht Squadron, Ilse of Wight, Cowes, England

8. Other Business

Werner Deuring asked John Lammerts van Bueren whether he was willing to reconsider       his retirement as the Class President. Lammerts van Bueren responded that the decision was firm.

Siggi Buss invited all sailors for a beer at Lucky Girl.

9.   Adjournment of the Meeting

John Lammerts van Bueren made a motion to thank the Societé Nautique de Geneva for their hospitality and the great regatta. Motion seconded by Terence Brownrigg and carried.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 11.00AM

John Lammerts van Bueren                                Julia Ormio

Chairman                                                               Secretary


Nov 2015

But first..... Toronto 2016

... Have you read all the regatta information already? 

... Is your team already registrated for this 8-Metre World Championship? 

... Already booked your accomodation in Toronto, if not..

Go see the website of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and read all the information about this World Cup and don't forget to read the notice of race which is placed on the website as well.


Jun 2015

Newsletter N°3 – JUNE 2015

Latest newsletter for the 8mR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – 29th June to 5th July 2015 - GENEVA

Jun 2015

Sailing Instructions - Geneve 2015

Please follow the link below for a copy of the World's Sailing Instructions.

The most recent information will be found on the official regatta site.


Jun 2015

AGM Invitation - Updated June 20 2015

Please find the updated agenda for the 2015 AGM which will be held at Société Nautique de Geneva on July 3, 2015.

Please follow the link for full details.

John Lammerts van Bueren
IEMA President

Jun 2015

2016 Int. 8-Metre European Championships


For the 2016 Europeans the 8-Metre Class will join the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Danish Yacht Club in Copenhagen.

The 5.5, 6 and 12-Metres are expected to join as well for the Anniversary Regatta.

It promises to be a wonderful event with great sailing and in the wonderful setting of Copenhagen.

The Eights will have their own start and course.

For more information on the Royal Danish Yacht Club please visit their website.

Royal Danish Yacht Club
Jun 2015

Eight Bells : Mike Hart


No one knew it was coming, no one expected it, but on May 31st Mike Hart sailed his final watch. 
We 8-Metre sailors all knew Mike as the inseparable mainsheet trimmer on GBR-27 “If”. 
I don’t think anyone knew exactly how old he was, I recall him claiming to be slightly younger than the boat, but then again Mike would seldom wreck a good story with the truth. The truth was that even a 1000 mile bash to windward to reach Hanko, Helsinki or La Trinité-sur-mer could not take the wide grin of his face. If only someday I could be half as tough as his old boots I would be pretty happy with myself. For Peter Wilson, hiring Mike was an easy call, as long as the boat was red he would join the crew and sure enough, all Peter’s boats were and are red. The red boat won’t bring him back this time but then I’m sure that even eight bells can’t take his spirit out of the boat.
With his passing, Mike leaves an empty spot under If’s cabin lamp, another on the main and a few more in the bar. The “If” family of friends lost their ‘Hartybeast.’  He gave his name to a tot of Linie Aquavit, which the crew toast the morning with, known as the ‘Hart Starter’
What a privilege it was to have him around in our class for so many years and what a privilege it was to know him as a friend. Sail on Mike, sail on, we raise a glass to you.
John Lammerts van Bueren
IEMA President

Jun 2015

New pictures in Fabulous 50

Take a look at our gallery Fabulous 50 for the latest images!

Jun 2015

Canada's Cup Bulletin

The importance of the Canada's Cup for the development of the Int. 8-Metres cannot be overstated. The event was huge in every way, and, I am confident that the RCYC will host a magnificent match race event again. In the thirties a race would bring 10,000 spectators out on the water and of course there was “The Canada's Cup Bulletin”.  There is a whole series which can be found on the web site of the Rochester Yacht Club. 
Please check this [LINK] and enjoy the stories of the Blue Ribbon of the Great Lakes.

John Lammerts van Bueren

Apr 2015

Canada's Cup

April 16, 2015


Challenge for the 2016 Canada Cup of Yacht Racing Called by Cup Defender – Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Modern 8 Metre yachts to compete while marking 120 years since 1896 launch of the competition for yacht clubs on the Great Lakes

TORONTO, CANADA, April 16, 2015 – The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) of Toronto, the custodian of the Canada’s Cup, has issued a Call for Challenge to all qualified Great Lakes yacht clubs for a 2016 Canada’s Cup International Championship Match Race Series (2016 Series) in modern 8 Metre yachts. The 2016 Series to be hosted at the RCYC’s Toronto Island clubhouse in September, 2016 will represent the pinnacle of nation-to-nation grand prix yacht challenges between Canada and the United States.

Yacht clubs situated on the Great Lakes, being members of either US Sailing, or Sail Canada, are eligible to compete in the 2016 Canada’s Cup International Championship Match Race Series. The RCYC is the current defender of the Canada’s Cup, since its win over the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club of Michigan in 2011.

This historic event will mark the 120th anniversary of the Canada’s Cup competition, which has been preserved since 1896 as a perpetual challenged cup for friendly competition between qualified yacht clubs of the two nations. There have been 23 Canada’s Cup Series with the United States winning 13 and Canada winning 10. The Canada’s Cup Series was raced in classic 8 Metre yachts multiple times from 1930 to 1954.

The 2016 Series in modern 8 Metre yachts will mark the first year since 1954 that 8 Metre yachts will compete for the Cup. Previously, 8 Metre yachts that were raced for the Canada’s Cup were the more classical designs of the time when raced in the 30sand 50s. Traditionally, Canada’s Cup competition encouraged design innovation and excellence in competitive sailing. It is particularly appropriate to now have modern 8 Metre yachts with their own distinctive design innovation to race for the Canada’s Cup.

The 2016 competition will be focused on amateur sailors of the yacht clubs, with the race course being windward and leeward legs. Each country will conduct elimination trials with the winner of each meeting in the Canada’s Cup finals.

Further information, please contact RCYC as noted below.

RELEASED BY: The Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Canada’s premiere dual location club in Toronto, promoting competitive and leisure sailing and related lifestyle activities for members.

CONTACT: Canada’s Cup Committee Chairman
Tel: 416-934-4402 – Country Code 1
Fax: 416-967-5710

Apr 2015

For Sale: 8m Ranja

Classic 8 Metre sloop, designed by Tore Holm and built in 1935 by Olsen and Rselund in Hagersten, Sweden.
She was first owned by Gustav Olsen , one of the builders. She was raced out of KNS from 1935 until the early 1960's, when the original owner died and she was sold to California. There she was converted to a cruising boat, where she sailed, with one owner, until 2005 when she was purchased and brought to Toronto, Canada.
Ranja was then converted back into racing mode. Since 2005, she has had new winches put on her, the deck has been resealed, and various planks have been replaced below the waterline. She had new electronics purchased in 2006. She is built of mahogany and has a beautiful varnished mahogany cabin. The interior of the cabin is fitted with berths and cushions, with many amenities for cruising.
Racing out of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, she has sailed well, winning the club season championship as well as the Lake Ontario championship and the prestigious Gooderham Trophy.
She has been on the hard since 2011. Ranja has a full set of sails (2 mains, #1, 2, 3 genoas, and 2 spinnakers).

CAD 65,000

Guy Jones
Tel: 416-369-9177-ext. 2022


Please see the following PDF for more information:

8m Ranja
Apr 2015

For Sale: 8m Osborne

FOR SALE! William Fife design (1928) OSBORNE

OSBORNE Designed by W. Fife III in 1928 , built by W. Fife & Sons, and in 1997 they realize the refit  in Fairlie Restoration,  Where They leave the boat in perfect condition , which is conserve until today, Notable not only for her royal commissioning OSBORNE was built in 1928 for HM Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain, spouse of Kíng Alfonso XIII and is practically the same design as Fife's SIRENA built at Cannes in the same year for General Sir Arthur Paget. OSBORNE is in good condition structurally and cosmetically. Stored ashore and indeed inside for the last 2 years, it would take very little to have her ready for the season.

Asking Price: 120.000€
Please write to

Apr 2015

8mR Worlds 2015 - Geneva

Dear 8mR sailors,

The Société Nautique de Genève (SNG) welcomes you to Geneva for the 8mR World Championships. The World Championships will be sailed 29th June to 5th July 2015. Also the boats are invited to the Classique Rothschild sailed 25th to 28th June 2015.

Please find below a links to the essential information about the regatta and the Notice of Race with the entry form. The entry form should be completed and returned to SNG as soon as possible but in no event later than 15th May 2015. You will find all the information on SNG’s website.

Also provided below is a link to information about special rates for accommodation offered to the 8mR sailors. It is advisable to book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Updated information will be posted in due course on the SNG’s website.

If you have any comments, please contact Axel Meyer ( / +41 79 651 43 78)

Best regards,

Axel Meyer
Société Nautique de Genève

Sep 2014

World Cup - results

Peacock Avenue - La Trinité-sur-mer

The 2014 Int. 8-Metre World Cup is over and what a great success it was! The regatta stood out through its Corinthian spirit with countless volunteers making us all feel welcome, proud of their Brittany, proud of their club and proud to host the 8-Metre Worlds.

29 boats competed in bright sunshine and near perfect sailing conditions. New comers to the class were welcomed, ranging from the 1911 William Fife III “Lucky Girl” to the brand new and spectacular 2014 Fauroux designed modern Miss Universal. From gaff rig to carbon sails, from galvanised wire to PBO, from deep rooted classics to a hyper innovative tandem keel. Champions raced their races, but without question one need not win a regatta to have a really great time !!

Thank you Societe Nautique de la Trinite-sur-mer for an outstanding championships, thank you to all the owners and crews for bringing the boats to compete in such good comradery and friendship.

Our class is 107 young and the end is not in sight. Lets keep the momentum and keep on racing in great places with these great boats.

The full results will be posted in the coming 24 hours and the full report will follow soonest.

John Lammerts van Bueren
 IEMA President

The picture shows part of the fleet, packed up and ready to drive home, what a sight!

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 5

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 4

Results to end of Day 4 (Updated with Race 6)

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 3

DAY #3: Better luck with the winds and excitement on the race course as last year's champion Hollandia takes the lead after winning both races of the day with Juanita second only two points away. Raven continues to build the gap between the other Sira Cup boats consistently. Changes were also in the Neptune Class after Nicolas Groux' Carron II took the lead followed by Jan Willem Ypma's Falcon and Catina third. Andi Lochbrunner maintains the lead in the First Rule with Elfe II.

The Daily results found here:

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 2

DAY #2: After the traditional family evening on Monday evening hosted by local La Trinité families at their homes, the racing continued on Tuesday in challenging weather conditions and one start was successfully completed. Australian Juanita continues to lead the World Cup with Hollandia and Yquem II close behind. On the fourth place rose Avia Willment's recently launched Miss U. Raven is leading the Sira Cup and Elfe the First Rule. Catina leads the Neptune Class within a record nine Neptune boat fleet racing this year in the Worlds.

The Daily results found here:

Sep 2014

World Cup Results - Day 1


After the first day of racing in La Trinité-sur-Mer Australian Juanita with Graeme Wood in the helm took the lead in the World Cup with last year champion Hollandia lying second and Yquem II of Switzerland third. The first boat in Sira Cup and 4th overall is the four time Sira Cup-champion Raven from Canada. First in the Neptune Class was Catina from Switzerland and in First Rule ( gaff-rigged) Elfe II from Germany. This will definitely be an exciting regatta. Stay tuned!