Honorary President

His Majesty King Harald V of Norway_NOR


Our honorary president is unquestionably the most experienced Int. 8-Metre sailor in the world. Eighty years ago, back in 1939, his father King Olaf first took him on board his Int. 8-Metre Sira and so started a life time of deep passion for sailing and the sea. King Harald is a highly accomplished and competitive sailor who competed in three Olympic games (Int,. 5.5 in 1964 and 1968 and Soling in 1972). He won the One Ton Cup twice and won the Sira Cup during the 8-Metre Worlds in 2007. He has raced string of custom design IOR and IMS
racing yachts, a Farr 40 and aTP52 which he campaigned around the world. Always racing with a crew of friends, all world class sailors in their own right, all passionately competitive and all enjoy sailing as much as each other’s company. If not on other duties, the Royal Yacht Norge serves as mothership. Norge was built in 1937 as mothership for T.O.M. Sopwiths America’s Cup challenge with Endeavor. She’s lovingly maintained and her aft deck has space for the cradle which Sira is transported. It is an honor to have King Harald racing with us and a privilege to have him as honorary life president of IEMA

President of IEMA

Werner Deuring_AUT


+43 664 887 899 77

Werner is continueing his job and role in the executive committee. A fierce competitor at the World Champion who has won the World Cup, Coppa D'Italia, Sira Cup and competed for the Neptune Trophy. He has served on the Excom for some years now and has contributions to the class are many. An extraordinary bright leader and diplomat. When sparks fly he’s the 911 of the class, someone with a canning skill to put down fires before they get out of hand. To my mind he is the chief of the IEMA Fire brigade.

Executive Treasurer

Tom Knutsen_NOR


+47 951 45 920

Tom is taking over the role from Seraina as treasurer. He bought the famous red Eight from Peter Wilson, got hooked and set out to grow his fleet in Norway aiming for 10 boats in Oslo. He’s new to the class, in his own words, an old rookie, but he’s not new to making things happen. However hard he tried, there was no way he could hide his track record in sailing as member of the Olympic Sailing Committee at KNS, secretary of the Melges 24 and much more. A serious racing man with a team to match. A star at connecting people and building bridges.

Executive committee member

Axel Meyer_SUI

Axel Meyer has been introduced to sailing at a young age. Being the son of Honorary member Fred Meyer, it is easy to understand where his competitiveness, whitt, keen eye and love for boats come from. Axel is an active member in the Suisse fleet sailing from Geneva and is also a committee member of the 2022 Worldcup, which will be held in Geneva.

Executive committee member

John Mitchele_CAN


+1 647 607 3721

John continues on board IEMA as executive committee member. John is the current president of the North American Eight Metre Association. Racing the eights since 1974 from the RCYC in Toronto he has a tale or two to tell. Committed, experienced and passionate 8-Metre man. Tradition has it that the president of the North American Eight Metre Association has a seat on the Executive committee, the voice, the ears and eyes of the oldest 8-Metre fleet in the world.

Executive committee member

Robert Roy_CAN


Rob is a young old salt in our class and has joined the executive Committee. He is based in Toronto and has been around the Eights for a long time but has not played a role in IEMA before. He has bought a share in Norseman, securing the future of that iconic 8-Metre on Lake Ontario. (Of course, at 92, Ced sr. is going strong). Rob has an energetic drive, has been a key player in attracting & securing sponsors and has a record as strong hands on supporter of the North American fleet.
















Executive Secretary

Murdoch McKillop_GRB


+44 7831339936

Murdoch is the executive secretary of IEMA. In preparation of the 2007 centennial celebrations at the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, Murdoch bought Lafayette with the aim to defend the honor of the home club on the Clyde. The one boat, two year campaign ended up as a 2 boat 14 year addiction. We all knew that would happen, now he knows it too. Murdoch has become a main stay in the class, competing at just about any World Cup on both sides of the pond. He brings in a wealth of experience and expertise. A man with a canning ability to connect and promote, a man who builds bridges, always with his eye on the ball and the bigger picture in sight.

Chairman Technical Committe

John Lammerts van Bueren_NED


Phone Canada: +1 250 641 4599
Phone Holland: +31 6 53 19 53 53

John is your new Technical Committee Chairman and oops that’s me .. well, I started sailing before I was born and 8-Metres in 1989. Back in 1994 I started the 8-Metre Register and over a period of 23 years served as secretary and later president of IEMA. Lucky to have been part of it all, lucky to have raced and cruised moderns, classics, vintage and gaff Eights. I was lucky to work with Fred Meyer from 1998 onwards and witness a magic
renaissance of the class. After a 3 year holiday from IEMA Im back as TC Chair and I will try to do my bit to help the class racing as one.

Executive committee member

Guy Roland Perrin

Guy Roland Perrin has been actively involved as class measurer in our class for years. But he is also measurer of many other classes and is easily one of the most experienced measurers who sail this globe. Guy knows all intricacies and details and is active in propelling the rating rules and making sure not to alienate the older boats. 

Executive committee member

Max Nordlund_FIN

Max represents the Finnish fleet, but also the rest of the Nordic 8mR sailors, where there are some very active and big fleets in Finland and Norway. Max is an active sailor on many metre class yachts, from 6mR to 12mR. It is great to have max on board and be the liaison  and gateway to all north european activities.