2021 World Cup update #2

Dear 8mR sailors.


This is World Cup update #2 where we inform you about the current state of affairs on COVID-19 in The Netherlands and the World Cup. As a reminder, please register and book your accommodation. This can be done risk free, as both will have a covid clause ensuring a full refund in case of cancellation. Word of advice: book your accommodation quickly, as this will be the bottleneck this summer. It will be a shame if you are allowed to race, that you cannot make it due to not having accommodation! We also ask you kindly to register as soon as possible, as we are planning several activities and to have a general idea on participation, makes planning easier!

1) Corona update and important dates


Dutch society plans on opening mid august.

The dutch government has published a plan to reopen the Dutch society. If it all goes to plan, 70% of the dutch population will be vaccinated mid august. Which means the Dutch society will be fully open and functional during the World Cup. Below you see the first steps laid out towards this direction. As of the 28th of April, terraces are opened again for small groups. We will work within the framework of possibilities at that moment. But based on the outlook we received, we are hopeful to host the 8mR World Cup and to make sure it will be a memorable event. In the coming time, we will also liaise with other countries to find out what is possible there to bring together the total possibilities for events during the World Cup.

We will keep you updated on the current COVID measures and possibilities. Please, also have a look on the World Cup website  where we’ve added a link to the official government website with regards to the current status.


Important dates

June 1st: official date regarding event permissions from the government

June 5th: Go/no go decision for the World Cup. 

August 28th-september 4th: Tune up regatta and 8mR World Cup



We are very pleased that already 12 yachts have signed up, but that is of course not enough. We are aiming for minimum 20 boats, so please register soon or mobilize your fellow 8 meter sailors in your fleet! We have Miss U and Yquem 2 in the modern division, Varg III, Wanda, Pandora, If and Starling Burgess in the Sira division, Carron 2, Catina VI, Falcon and Saskia in the Neptune division. But Njord of Cowes is still sailing alone for the first rule cup. 

We would like to draw special attention to Starling Burgess, which is the newest yacht to the class. Built to a never built Starling Burgess design with the utmost craftsmanship. She is beautiful and as we all know, beautiful boats are fast! Pictures of her are shared on the 8mR Facebook page if you have not yet seen them. She was commissioned 1,5 years ago with the specific deadline to compete in the 8mR World Cup. So if someone can dream a project, and have it built in 2 years time and register her, surely you’ll be able to register as well and make sure you are coming too!

If you need help with anything. The trailer of Falcon is available to transport your yacht if you need help.

Register through this link! And find more information on 


The weekend of 20 - 22nd of August (the weekend before the World Cup 2021), The Royal Netherlands Yacht Club hosts the Flevo race, which is an excellent opportunity to test the Dutch waters and windshifts and do some training. Let us know if you wish to participate. Registration for this race will open soon on 


3) Accommodation

We cannot stress enough: BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATION!!! Currently there is still plenty of good locations and accommodations available. But this summer, the city will be full. If you reach out to Judith Albers (link)  she will set you up with a great location, and include a Covid clause, ensuring full refund in case of cancellation to the event due to COVID. It will be a shame that you have to miss the event, due to accommodation issues!


4) Winterstorage deals at Contest Yachts

Contest yachts, our sponsor for launching and retrieving the yachts at the World Cup, is offering a special deal if you wish to keep your yacht in winterstorage in the Netherlands. This means she is nearby for the 8mr World Cup in Geneva next year. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.