#3 Update 2021 World Cup Enkhuizen 28/8 - 4/9

Dear 8mR sailors.


This is World Cup update #3 where we inform you about the current state of affairs on COVID-19 in The Netherlands and the World Cup. Next newsletter will include the official go/no go decision. But the lookout is very promising, as you can read below!

As a reminder, please register and book your accommodation with Judith.(Email: Mobile: +31 6 46 578 602)  This can be done risk free, as both will have a covid clause ensuring a full refund in case of cancellation. Word of advice: book your accommodation quickly, as this will be the bottleneck this summer. It will be a shame if you are allowed to race, that you cannot make it due to not having accommodation! We also ask you kindly to register as soon as possible, as we are planning several activities and to have a general idea on participation, makes planning easier!

Also keep an eye on for the latest updates and off course, TO REGISTER! 

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COVID-19 update as of 19th of may
The Netherlands is plowing forward with the vaccinations. Every minute, 198 are receiving their vaccines on average and currently, 8.5 million doses have been administered.  As the summer holidays are approaching, there are talks of a European vaccin passport, giving free travel to people who have had at least 1 shot of vaccin. This means travel will be made possible this summer.

As of the 19th of may, terraces are open from morning until the evening, and the curfew is lifted. Also outdoor locations, like theme-parks are open and outdoor training for sports is allowed (still under restriction). 


BREAKING:Today(26th of may, the news came out that as of the 5th of June, the next step, as laid out in the opening schedule below will be in effect. 

The government will constantly review what steps can responsibly be taken. And what is most important for society. This means:
• restrictions on outdoor activities will be relaxed before those on indoor activities;
• more sport and cultural activities will first be allowed without spectators, and later with spectators;
• the number of people allowed to gather will gradually be increased.

As our go/no-go date is closing in, we are optimistic that with the lifting of travel restrictions, the vaccin program and our flexibility in the social program, it will be a great event in every aspect.

We will keep you updated on the current COVID measures and possibilities. Please, also have a look on the World Cup website  where we’ve added a link to the official government website with regards to the current status and covid measures.
Important dates
June 1st: official date regarding event permissions from the government
June 5th: Go/no go decision for the World Cup. 
June 15th: Final date accommodation cancellation
August 28th-september 4th: Tune up regatta and 8mR World Cup

The Royal Netherlands Yacht Club (KNZ&RV) was founded on December 16, 1847. It looks back on an eventful history and is still a very active water sports club with over 1,100 members - including around 110 young people up to the age of 18. There is also an active rowing department, as the name in dutch also includes rowing.

The yacht register lists 556 ships that belong to the members. The clubhouse marina in Muiden offers berths for 270 boats and yachts. Incidentally, with over 20 ships, the KNZ & RV provides the largest fleet of Dragons in the Netherlands. There are also 6 club owned  J / 70’s  and various other boats. The marina in Enkhuizen (our regatta location) has another 380 berths for mostly larger ships and, depending on availability, also for guests.

The KNZ&RV has an active role in stimulating sailing on all levels, with both hosting and attending many international regatta’s.  She is also the home club for many olympians, the Youth America’s Cup team  on the 69F foiler and for the offshore sailing team Team Childhood in  The Ocean Race. 

Enkhuizen was one of the most prosperous cities in the Netherlands in the 17th century. It gained power and influence – together with the city of Hoorn - as a member of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). Today, you can remind yourself of Enkhuizen's rich history with a walk through the old city, with its many villas, channels, churches, city walls and harbors.

During the Golden Age, Enkhuizen recorded even more residents than today. The city defense gate, known as Drommedaris (from 1540), the Waag building (1559), the Zuiderkerk and the classical town hall are testimonies to the prosperity of the past. In addition to this, there's also an idyllic old city with historic buildings, where pretty shops and cozy restaurants have set up home today.


• The most remarkable sight in Enkhuizen is the city defense tower known as Drommedaris, which watches over the harbor as part of the city walls. Today, cultural events are held in the defense tower. 

• The town hall (Stadhuis in Dutch) is a lovely building in the classical style, which was built when the heyday of Enkhuizen in the Golden Age was already over (Breedstraat).

• The Waag of Enkhuizen: goods were previously weighed in this Renaissance building, and it acted as a meeting point and auditorium for the barbers' guild from 1636 onwards. The Waag building can be visited on Saturday in the summer months.

• The Westerkerk is one of the Netherlands' 100 loveliest monuments. It is famous for its richly decorated choir screen, the magnificent organ and pulpit (accessible daily in the summer months).
The Zuiderkerk watches over the town with its high elegant church tower. In this tower, you'll find a carillon (chime) by the Hemony brothers, which is still played today (Wednesday 11-12 am, Friday 6:30-7:30 pm).

• From the Zuiderkerk to the Zuiderzeemuseum, which - as already stated - is the most important museum in the city. The outdoor area with its historic houses, shops and workshops is open from March to October, and the indoor area, with the largest collection of wooden ships from all over Holland, is open all year round.

For more information on Enkhuizen, please follow this link.




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