2021 World Cup is a GO!

The 2021 WorldCup in Enkhuizen is officially a GO. Almost all of the Covid restrictions have been lifted and bars and restaurants opened.

The Royal Netherlands Yacht Club (RNYC) and the Organization Committee, is very pleased to confirm that all obstacles are eliminated to obtain the official permits to hold the 8mR World Championship in Enkhuizen from 28 August until 4 September 2021. We have a “GO”.

Last week, the Dutch government has announced further relaxation of almost all Covid related restrictions (please see attached). Moreover, we have received confirmation from the Mayor of Enkhuizen that the required permits for our 8mR WC event will be granted, not later than 30 June 2021.


So now, let us hope that all our fellow “8mR countries” will also lift most of the restrictions to be able to enjoy free travel again, and make the necessary logistics and crew arrangements. We expect all of you are highly motivated to bring your boats to Holland to the start line of a fantastic championship!


As for the Entry Fee of €2700.-, please be advised:


1)      The 100% refund guarantee will be extended to 15 July 2021

2)      The complete Launching, Lifting & Parking fees are INCLUDED in this Entry Fee.


This ‘Launching Package’ is fully sponsored by Contest Yachts in Medemblik, which is obviously a very important and dearly needed financial support to the organization.

Besides, we can consider a fee of €750.- all inclusive very reasonable and market conform.

3)      Some of you have paid the original Entry Fee of €1950.- in 2020. In that case, please be so kind to pay the additional €750.- as well, to:


Account name:  Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeil- en Roeivereeniging

                IBAN:                    NL93 ABNA 0540264539

                BIC:                        ABNANL2A

                Reference:         Boat name and Sail number


Please get mobilized and make arrangements as soon as possible!



1) Go to, click on “Entry Form” and fill out the registration form

2) Inform and arrange your crew. If needed, we can try to help you find extra crew members


3) For any accommodation needs in Enkhuizen, please contact Mrs. Judith Alders (


4) Book your transportation for your 8 Meter yacht 

5) Please contact Contest Yachts ( and inform when your 8mR will arrive for optimal planning (please see enclosed Boat Launching Notice “BLN” for details). 

6) If required, the people from Rake Rigging are onsite to help with any rigging questions and materials you may need. 


Quantum Sails will provide service to your sails before, during and after the event.


CODE-ZERO will provide an attractive clothing outfit designed for the 8mR World Cup. You will soon receive their offers. 



We will have an opening reception hosted by the mayor and the municipality of Enkhuizen. Various social events are planned, including crew parties, private dining, walking dinners and off course, the price giving dinner. There will be simple sailor meals available in the Regatta Centre, at the end of the day, and the possibility to order daily Lunches to bring onboard, through our onsite caterers. 


For any further questions and assistance, please contact the Organization Committee:

Jan Willem Ypma                   +31 6 55 813470               

Michiel Insinger              +31 6 55 186 345

Jelle Dingemans              +31 6 19 878 701

We are looking forward to a fantastic event with beautiful competitive sailing, and hope to welcome you all in August of 2021 at Enkhuizen.


Yours sincerely,

 Royal Netherlands Yacht Club                                            Organization Committee


Marc van Bemmel                                                                      Jan Willem Ypma

Vice-Commodore Sailing                                                             Michiel Insinger

                                                                                                    Jelle Dingemans