2021 world cup : Invitation to sailors, accommodation and boat logistics!

Dear Sailors,


The outlook is positive in the Netherlands, and the news the organizing committee was looking to hear, finally came out.


Enclosed you will find the World Cup Invitation, Accommodation update and boat logistics update.

Dear all,

As stated in the previous World Cup organization update, we are still in unchartered waters. However, after consults with the municipality of Enkhuizen, The Royal Netherlands Yacht Club and all other involved parties.  Off course we will always have to follow the guidelines set out by the government, but the general concensus is that we will have a great regatta. 

Below you will find 3 documents:

1) Invitation to sailors for the 2021 World Cup

2) Accommodation update, where to stay and how to book risk free

3) Boat logistics: where to launch.

in the accommodation document, you will find the name of Judith Albers, she is our direct contact with the municipality of Enkhuizen en she can help you find your perfect place to stay! Any bookings made through her, can be cancelled without cost, in case the world cup cannot go through.

We also kindly ask you to register. This is also risk free. In case of cancellation, you will receive your entry fee back. registration can be done through this link!