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AGM Invitation PDF Print E-mail

The 2015 AGM will be held at Société Nautique de Geneva on July 3, 2015.

Please follow the link for full details.


John Lammerts van Bueren
IEMA President

Neptune Trophy Update PDF Print E-mail

Dear all,

Please find [HERE] the rule changes for the Neptune Trophy which have been approved by The Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club and will be in effect for the 2015 season. The rule changes reflect the wishes of the owners of the boats sailing for the Neptune Trophy. In the attached version these changes have been highlighted.

The highlighted version is posted here on the news page of the IEMA Website as well as the IEMA FB page. The clean version will be posted under the rules section of the IEMA Website.

Best regards,
 John Lammerts van Bueren
 IEMA President

Canada's Cup Bulletin PDF Print E-mail

The importance of the Canada's Cup for the development of the Int. 8-Metres cannot be overstated. The event was huge in every way, and, I am confident that the RCYC will host a magnificent match race event again. In the thirties a race would bring 10,000 spectators out on the water and of course there was “The Canada's Cup Bulletin”.  There is a whole series which can be found on the web site of the Rochester Yacht Club.
Please check this [LINK] and enjoy the stories of the Blue Ribbon of the Great Lakes.

John Lammerts van Bueren


Canada's Cup PDF Print E-mail

April 16, 2015


Challenge for the 2016 Canada Cup of Yacht Racing Called by Cup Defender – Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Modern 8 Metre yachts to compete while marking 120 years since 1896 launch of the competition for yacht clubs on the Great Lakes

TORONTO, CANADA, April 16, 2015 – The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) of Toronto, the custodian of the Canada’s Cup, has issued a Call for Challenge to all qualified Great Lakes yacht clubs for a 2016 Canada’s Cup International Championship Match Race Series (2016 Series) in modern 8 Metre yachts. The 2016 Series to be hosted at the RCYC’s Toronto Island clubhouse in September, 2016 will represent the pinnacle of nation-to-nation grand prix yacht challenges between Canada and the United States.

Yacht clubs situated on the Great Lakes, being members of either US Sailing, or Sail Canada, are eligible to compete in the 2016 Canada’s Cup International Championship Match Race Series. The RCYC is the current defender of the Canada’s Cup, since its win over the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club of Michigan in 2011.

This historic event will mark the 120th anniversary of the Canada’s Cup competition, which has been preserved since 1896 as a perpetual challenged cup for friendly competition between qualified yacht clubs of the two nations. There have been 23 Canada’s Cup Series with the United States winning 13 and Canada winning 10. The Canada’s Cup Series was raced in classic 8 Metre yachts multiple times from 1930 to 1954.

The 2016 Series in modern 8 Metre yachts will mark the first year since 1954 that 8 Metre yachts will compete for the Cup. Previously, 8 Metre yachts that were raced for the Canada’s Cup were the more classical designs of the time when raced in the 30sand 50s. Traditionally, Canada’s Cup competition encouraged design innovation and excellence in competitive sailing. It is particularly appropriate to now have modern 8 Metre yachts with their own distinctive design innovation to race for the Canada’s Cup.

The 2016 competition will be focused on amateur sailors of the yacht clubs, with the race course being windward and leeward legs. Each country will conduct elimination trials with the winner of each meeting in the Canada’s Cup finals.

Further information, please contact RCYC as noted below.

RELEASED BY: The Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Canada’s premiere dual location club in Toronto, promoting competitive and leisure sailing and related lifestyle activities for members.

CONTACT: Canada’s Cup Committee Chairman
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: 416-934-4402 – Country Code 1
Fax: 416-967-5710


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